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Important Role of Equality and Diversity

University: Nelson College London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the importance of maintaining a good workplace environment.
  • How to maintain positive workplace environment?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury

Equality and diversity is a broad concept that helps to leads overall business towards success. Further, the current research also main aim is to explore the importance of equality and diversity at workplace. The chosen firm for this research is Sainsbury which is a top retail company in UK. Current study uses literature review through which researcher will presents different authors view point and using data analysis, researcher find out the results that helps to meet the defined aim and objectives.

Research proposal

Aim: The aim of this research is “To determine the importance of managing cultural diversity and gender pay gap on staff performance: A study on Sainsbury”


  • To explore the meaning of managing cultural diversity and gender pay.
  • To determine the relationship between managing cultural diversity and gender pay gap upon performance of employees.
  • To examine the challenges faced by company while managing cultural diversity and gender pay gap.
  • To recommend the ways through which company improve cultural diversity and gender pay gap at workplace.

Research questions

  • What do you understand by managing cultural diversity and gender pay?
  • What is the relationship between managing cultural diversity and reducing gender pay gap upon employee performance?
  • What are the challenges faced by company while managing cultural diversity and gender pay gap?


Equality and diversity is all about to ensure that every individual has an equal opportunities to present their views and respect each others at workplace. The reason behind choosing the specific topic is to enhance knowledge related to equality and diversity. Researcher have their own interest to choose the topic because it will assist to learn new things and determine the importance of equality and diversity. Further, another rationale of choosing this topic is such that the study provides variety of ways through which the company may implement in order to manage cultural diversity and reducing gender pay gap.Struggling with your assignments? Order assignment help from our experts! 

Literature review

According to Klarsfeld and et.al., (2016) equality and diversity is the term that related to equal opportunities and it is also defined as promoting equal opportunities to all employees by giving them chance to attain their potential and free from prejudice as well as discrimination. Further, it is a broad term which involves racism, gender inequality, gender differences and sexual harassment. So, managing cultural diversity is all about recruit people who belongs to different culture in order to cope up challenges within a business  Klein (2016) stated that cultural diversity is that group of diverse individuals who belongs to different culture and societies and have differences in their language, religion, gender and age. On the other side, gender pay gap is another category of quality and diversity which is the average difference between remuneration for men and women at single workplace.

Foster (2019) present their views in their study that there is a positive relationship between managing cultural diversity and employee performance such that when there is a diverse workforce, then it leads to brings range of ideas and creativity, which in turn helps to improve financial performance. Further, it is also stated by Fine-Davis and Faas (2018) that top multinational companies did not discriminate people on the basis of gender and as per their working abilities and competencies, company have to provide equal pay whether they are men or women. It will further help to creates positive impact upon the staff performance such that it leads to increase productivity and sustain the brand image of company. Cobb, Newsinger and Nwonka (2020) also state that managing cultural diversity and treating employees same will help to increase employee engagement and also leads to retain range of employees towards it.

Takeda (2020) stated that company faces different challenges while managing equality and diversity at workplace. As communication barrier is consider one of the most effective challenge that affect the overall working environment. Such that when a business have diverse workforce then the chances of miss-communication increases and it decreases the productivity. Further, Hancock (2020) explain that workplace diversity benefit an organization as a whole and some employees and manager do not react positively. Further employees who oppose workforce diversity usually reject new ideas and also make work environment more difficult. As a result, it consider as a challenge. 

Significance of the study

Equality and diversity is the broad topic in which all types of employees working in the business and then it will help to meet the defined goals and objectives. Thus, significance of this study is such that it will help other readers and retail companies to examine range of methods through which company manage cultural diversity. Or else, this study will also assist other scholars to read and use the information from this study as a secondary data in order to conduct the research in better manner. Further, the study also provide a criteria to other companies with regards to equality and diversity which make sure that everyone has access to the same opportunities and fir treatment at workplace.Need example assignments, Talk to our experts! 

Research methodology

Research type: Qualitative research type will be used by researcher in which it provides deep understanding about the ways through which people come to manage their view related to topic.

Research Approach & philosophy: For this current study, researcher will choose Interpretivism research philosophy that helps to involve researcher to interpret the element of a study. This will assist to conduct the research In better manner and also attain defined aim and o

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