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Research Methodology and Techniques

University: University of East London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Rationale of Research.
  • Discuss about the research methodology.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton hotel


Leadership and management play a crucial role in leading as well as managing entire activities of workers to amend their performance. In this regards, leadership is all about getting people to believe in the organizational vision encourage them to perform accordingly, while management is refers to making sure about day to day activities with the aim of managing the same and enhance involvement of employees (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014). This study is supported on Hilton hotel, is global brand of full service hotels and resorts. Mainly, it is American multinational hospitality industry that serves their services in over the world with the aim of generating large profitability. The primary focal point of this company is to effectively manage and lead their employees for making them more engaged towards its set goals and targets.

Research question

Q: What is the effect of authority styles on employeesŸ fulfillment and inspiration?

Q: How do you evaluate the leadership and management in enhancing employee engagement at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane?

Research aim:

Q: An investigation of the effect that management and leadership styles have on employee engagement?

Q: How do you recognize employee engagement, what does the term mean?

Q: How do you quantify effective and ineffective employee engagement at the Hilton Hotel London?

Research objectives

To identify the prevalent management and leadership styles at Hilton Hotel London?

To determine the influence of decision taken by leaders and manager on business organization.

To identify the challenges which Hilton hotel face due to ineffective leadership and management.

To ascertain the different leadership and management strategies which Hilton hotel can imply to improve employee engagement?

Rationale of Research

The primary aim of carry out current study is to explore the value of leading and management within the company in order to enhance workers engagement about the set targets. It gives vast information that assist researcher in rising the possibilities to accomplishing optimistic and reliable outcomes. Along with this, this topic is beneficial for investigator in their personal and professional career (Anitha, 2014).Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!


Research Questions

Effect of authority styles on employeesŸ fulfillment and inspiration

On the basis of Nicky LaMarco (2020) Authority leadership style is characterized through individual control over all the decisions and less input from the group members. The authority leaders mainly make choices on the basis of their judgements and ideas and in rare cases they accept advice from the followers. The impact of authority leadership style is negative on the employee fulfilment and inspiration because the leader does not involved employee in any decision making process. This kind of Style tends to have towards which they were minimum productive and the subordinate shows high degree of job dissatisfaction. In context to this, authority leaders take decisions without consulting with team members and it is a main cause of job dissatisfactions and inspiration of employees.

Leadership and management in enhancing employee engagement at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane

On the basis of (2020) Leaders improve the engagement through explaining as well as communicating powerful vision for company. They recruit as well as develop managers which are invested emotionally in vision and mission of company and also provide them resources to develop better teams with right people in the right roles. From the employee engagement, the workers will focus on completing the given activities and attain the set objectives within given time period. In Hilton hotel, leader guides the employees regarding doing their work in right direction and also enhance their engagement at workplace in giving them different activities and tasks. On the other hand, managers of Hilton Hotel conduct the meetings on regular basis help the team members and also establish objectives to enhance the employee engagement.

Research Aim

Effect that management and leadership styles have on employee engagement

On the basis of (2018) Hilton hotel adopted the Laissez-faire management style. It develops the positive impact on employee engagement because in this manager includes team members while taking any important decisions for company. Laissez-faire management style has hands off the approach to the management and also leaves the staff members in decision making.

As Hilton hotel uses the transformational leadership style and it develops the positive effect on the employee engagement in Hilton hotel. The transformational leaders can develop the positive impact on engaging the staff members within company. The transformational leadership contains mainly four dimensions such as inspirational motivation, idealised influence that deals with developing confidence, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.

Employee engagement

As per opinion of Alison Robin (2020)Employees engagement refers to an extent to which staff members feel passionate regarding their jobs, committed to company and put their efforts to complete their work. It is regarded as emotional investment staff members make in company. This is involvement of motivation and patient they bring to work and find out their work. The engaged staff members determine with their objectives of company and also align their goals with company objectives.The motivated and engaged employees have high employee satisfaction that leads to enthusiasm in overall productivity of Hilton hotel in form of more retention and less employee turnover, maximised profitability and also increased the loyalty of employees towards company.

Quantify effective and ineffective employee engagement at the Hilton Hotel London

On the basis of (2012) Employee engagement is workplace approach that resulting in right situations for all employees of company to perform in better manner, committed to values and objectives of objectives, motivated for contributing to success of company with increased sense of own well being. This is about being involved fully as member of team, empowered, focused on getting objectives, recognized for attainment and developing the new capabilities. In an ineffective employee engagement, employees are demotivated as managers do not treat the employees and not able to motivate them.

Research Objectives

Management and leadership styles at Hilton Hotel London

As per opinion of Glynnis Purcell (2019) Management style of Hilton hotel is that it believes everyone in company can be manager. There are different management and leadership styles given below:

Management styles


In this, managers make their decisions unilaterally without consulting with subordinates. It drives away the staff members which are mainly looking for decisions ownership and autonomy.


Under this management style, staff members are permit to make majority of the decisions with the management giving the proper guidance when required.

Leadership styles


In this leadership style, leader is someone that asks for the input and also includes feedback from team before taking any decisions. Its mainly focus on innovation as well as creativity.


The leaders work with the teams to determine the required change, developing vision to guide change by inspiration and also implementing change with committed group members.

From the above mention management styles, Hilton hotel uses the Laissez-faire management style because this hotel hired the capable managers and give them permission to take the better decision related to hotel policies. Other than this, Hilton hotel uses the transformational leadership style because in this leader gives the individual examination and stimulation.

According to George., (2020), a leader and a manager play a critical part in administration as both are aid in leading or managing workers activities at working area with the aim of making them more productive.

Building morale:

The main focus of manager and leader to motivate their workers in order to build their morale. By this, they can easily make them more confidence and at the same time also successful their holding.

Build positive working environment

Management is all about managing of getting things done from people at workplace. As it also helps in creating positive working environment wherein employees easily execute task and also improve their motivation. By this, employees can share and communicate their reviews and persuasion with their manager and leader to resolve all the issues faced by them.

Better coordination

In business organisation, leadership and management are effective because it focus on maintaining better coordination among all the workers so they execute their job responsibilities. By developing proper coordination, growth and success can be easily attained.

According to Bailey and et. al., (2017), In business organisation, being a leader does not fill the job title as it all about leading and motivating employees to deliver their task in effective and timely manner. Furthermore, if company fail in implementing effective leadership and management then organisation face various challenges which can understood by following points:

Low motivation:

Poor leadership and management are also reducing employee motivation towards the set goals and objectives. Lack of leadership decrease employees morale and encouragement at working area due to which they fails in delivering their task activities on allotted period of time.

Communication issues:

Ineffective management and leadership also create communication issues because of workers are not feel comfortable in interacting with others. Due to which they fail in sharing their views with their manager of leader. It also reduces workers performance at working area. Ineffective communication can increase conflicts between workforce that put negative impact on the company and its employees as well.

Reduce employee engagement:Poor leadership and management is reduce employee engagement because of less motivation in workers. It put negative impact on the employee’s productiveness and increase employee turnover of company.According to Cherry., (2019), leadership and management refers to the aspect that assist workforce in managing their entire activities by which they can execute their best to accomplishing their set targets in stipulated time frame. In this regards, there are different theories of leadership and management implement by business organisation to improve their engagement towards the allocate job and responsibilities.

Situational theories: Under this theory, leader select best course of action that is based on the specific situational variables. In this, leader thinks that different style of leadership may be effective for certain type of decision making. Therefore, it is crucial for leader to investigating the certain situation with the aim of implementing appropriate theory.

Behavioural theories: Mainly, it is focus on behaviour and actions of leader that assist in handling entire activities at workplace. In this regards, leader take action on the basis of different situation and employees behave that support in improving the overall performance at workplace.

Management theories: In business organisation, this type of theory is known by transactional theories as it focuses on the overall role of leader, business organisation and group performance. Mainly, it is based on leadership over a reward and punishments at workplace. In this, when employees are perform best and successful then they are rewarded and on the other side, when they fail then they will get punished within the company. As it is based on the workers performance within the company. Order assignment help from our experts!


Research philosophy:

This part of research method has two philosophies such as interpretivisim and positivism. For this research, interpretivisim research philosophy will be appropriate. It helps specialist in driving of suitable and meaningful conclusion (Sheehan, Ellinger and Ellinger, 2014). This provide support research specialist to assemble data in exact way.

Research approach:

There are two methodology of research i.e. deductive and inductive. So as to lead this research, inductive approach will be utilized as it supports researcher to gather suitable and substantial data with respect to the particular study. This type of research approach support researcher to drive proper end effectively.

Qualitative and quantitative research:

These are recognizing best decision for investigator to utilize and gather subjective data from respondents. This is the reason that, subjective research will be going to applied by investigator within the current study as it support in gathering quality and reliable data. On the opposite side, quantitative is another method of examination but it isn't useful for current investigation as it required more time and cost to implement the same.

Research Design:

This factor of research procedure is a successful structure which includes the detail of each exploration activities that used to monitoring and evaluating specific research project in order to gaining better result (Chughtai, Byrne and Flood, 2015). Mainly, it is characterized into three types such as descriptive, exploratory, and experimental. Consequently, in respect of this undertaking research activities descriptive research design will be applied. The main advantage of using this method is that it provides data that is based on realistic aspects and on the other hand some time it is not measurable because of lack of authenticity.

Sources of data:

There are two types of data collection sources such as primary and secondary. Both are crucial for gathering relevant data and information on the basis of selected research topic. For current research, both sort of information sources are helpful for doing this examination in precise and viable manner.

In addition of this, for collecting secondary method of data collection will be used. It includes different sources like books, journals, articles and many more to gather depth information on the basis of selected topic. With the assistance of this, investigator can draw a valid conclusion within the study.

Data Collection techniques:

There are different instruments of research, for example, observation, case study survey, focus group, questionnaire etc. For collecting primary data questionnaire will be applied as it helps in attaining reliable results. On the other side, the major drawback of this method is unethical behaviour of selected respondents.

Research Sampling:

It is also considered as an crucial aspect of research methodology for selecting sample size which have two techniques, for example, probability and non-probability. For undertaking this research probability method of sampling will be used by investigator. As it support researcher to choose appropriate sample size from whole population as per random basis. By utilizing this method, 40 respondents will be selected randomly.

Data presentation technique:

There are various techniques of presenting collected data and information (Carter and Baghurst, 2014). It includes pie charts, tables, diagrams, bar graphs which help in reduction the possibilities of eliminating any kind of chaos and negative aspects within the conclusion.

Research Ethics:

In this research project, there are three primary standards under these determinants for example anonymity, confidentiality and informed consent (Mann and Harter, 2016). Related to this study, investigator applies informed consent which help research analyst to render precise data to focused respondents that lead them to complete the exploration exercises in an effective and systematic manner. 

Research Limitation:

At the time carry out the research activities, researcher confronted different issues or challenges in creating research objective, aim, execution of information assortment techniques, not containing enough past investigations and some more. Furthermore, all these hindrance impact over researcher in achieving the pre-determined task and activities in an effective manner. Ask for Academic Writing Service from our experts!

Research reliability and validity:

Researcher use questionnaire as it is one of the effective parts that provide valid and authentic information on the basis of selected respondents. By this, researcher easily maintains reliability within the study that contributes in improving the chances of accomplishing optimistic and valid outcomes.

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