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Analytical Critique of Empirical Research

University: Harrods of London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the importance of art therapy in psychological development.
  • Explain the role of social aspects.
Answer :
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Psychological development contains several aspects including social, emotional and cognitive development. Social development includes process of preparing sense of identity, role and purpose in societal environment. Basically, emotional development involves the way of thinking and feeling of an individual in regards to others or themselves (Harold and Leve, 2018). Meanwhile, cognitive development consist procedure of involving thought, rationale and perception. In context of this assignment, it will focus on the aspect of improving social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder. It will also include the utilisation of art therapy for teaching social skills for autistic individuals.

What is the social, emotional and cognitive aspect of development focused in the articles?

The Effectiveness of Art Therapy for Teaching Social Skills to Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This state that autistic children face number of social difficulties such as use of non-verbal behaviour  for interpreting emotions & thoughts others and developing age appropriate peer relationships along with inability to understand the same. It includes the fact that individuals with autisms has a deficiency of social skills which is responsible for separating them from their batch mates as well as peers (D'Amico, and Lalonde, 2017). However, emotional aspect includes that given art therapy is helpful to emotional well-being of an individual along with improving communication. Moreover, cognitive aspects consist that social skills issue remain a field of vulnerability for even those who were most capable cognitively on the spectrum. 

Use of a Behavioural Art Program to Improve Social Skills of Two Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

As per the given article, social prospect includes that social impairments can develop with age and they can improve through natural interaction with other people. Meanwhile, the art therapy is much capable to solve social and emotional needs of autistic children. Moreover, cognitive aspect includes that autistic individuals with social deficiency also have delayed cognitive development accordingly. Order assignment help from our experts!

What is the objective of the study?

In context of article 1, it has a specific objective of study i.e., To investigate the effectiveness of Art Therapy for teaching social skills to children with autism spectrum disorder.

It has a purpose of studying the effectiveness of art therapy in respect of teaching social skills to individuals having the problem of autism spectrum disorder. It includes that social abilities are required to be improve for improving autistic condition. However, the method of quasi experimental research study was prefer regarding investigation of social abilities of children with autism. Meanwhile, it includes the criterion of carry out test for evaluating the therapeutic program in setting for children to determine number of problem faced of autistic individuals in their social interactions.

The second article has objective of “To examine the use of a behavioural art program to improve social skills of two children with autism spectrum disorder”.

This article has a purpose to carry out proper investigation regarding effectiveness of a behavioural art programs in terms of enhancing the social skill of two children suffering from the problem of autism in group settings (Chou, Lee and Feng, 2016). Basically, this research has been focussed on an appropriate technique of multiple probe design across the behaviours to gain better results.

What is the theory which guided the studies?

This includes the utilisation of SSIS–RS ASSIST software program which can be consider as a type of scoring system based on computer which facilitate to provide a model framework. The individual and group therapeutic goals are based on this framework model. Meanwhile, it consist used of SSIS-RS (social skills improvement system- rating scales) which mi much efficient to study regarding treatment programs related to social emotional interventions, social skill interventions along with a therapy of art, it is also favourable to evaluate the social skills training in relation to teach theory of mind to children with a health problem of autism spectrum disorder accordingly.

Considering the second article, it has been identified that video modelling plays an important role in respect of promoting social responses to peers.  It contains the utilisation of an effective as well as efficient method of applied behaviour analysis which is known to be suitable regarding achievement of appropriate strategies in different field of individuals who were suffered from the issue of autism. However, it contains other strategies like arrangement of motivating operations for teaching spontaneous verbal communication in terms of natural as well as contrived atmosphere. Moreover, it is observed that more effective strategies and techniques were preferred to evaluate accurate results about the study objective. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

How the data collection was conducted?

The sample size includes group of 6 participants including 5 boys and 1 girls whose age is between 10 to 12 years. They are diagnosed with ASD and selected from socio-economic background of middle class attending their adopted or regular educational programs. Basically, the primary method of data collection was used by carried out an interview to gather relevant information (McCall, 2017). The ethical approval was taken form university and families of children by providing consent forms prior to participation by explaining about the study.

The sample size include two boys named Eng & Cheng with age of 6 years selected from university affiliated autism treatment centre. Eng was diagnosed with ASD & ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) whereas Cheng has a problem of ASD. The method of multiple design probe was used to identify the effects of behavioural art program. It includes number of art activities like free creative work, my family tree, happy zoo, my dream, magic bubbles etc.

What is the result of the study?

The results of first article includes the intervention of art therapy is much effective for significantly decreasing in attentive behaviour, hyperactivity an enhance assertion along with several social abilities including communication, cooperation etc. Meanwhile, it is also suitable to manage certain problem behaviours. It has been founded that art therapy is beneficial for improving capability of autistic children fir involving and asserting themselves within social interaction which facilitate to reduce inattention as well as hyperactivity.

It consist results of both kids in terms of enhancing their communications, presentation of artwork and an eye contact in spontaneous manner. Both the children are capable to maintain greater performance in regards to set target of social capabilities after process of treatment. Basically, it has been founded that the art program is more effective in order to boost up the social skills of selected tow children.

What is your major conclusion?

From this study, it has been summarised that purpose of this investigation was to conduct test of art therapy by considering it an intervention for improving particular social skills among autistic kids. It includes to decrease problem behaviours in group of children with ASD. However, the study revealed that technique of art therapy is beneficial for autistic children as they can reduce the problematic behaviours along with increasing their communication and social interactions within society.

Considering the given article, it has been concluded that art therapy is applied on two children having a problem of autistic disorder in respect of increasing their social skills. It includes to consider ethical approval and consent for from parents of selected individuals by explaining the about purpose of the research. However, it includes the positive outcomes of implementing the method of art therapy for these children which helps to improve their abilities like eye contact, communication, presentation of work etc.

What is the implication you could draw from these two studies?

This implicated that art therapy is proved to be an appropriate intervention which helps tin teaching social skills to those kids who were suffering from the problem of ASD. It includes the fact that professionals with autistic children should use this intervention or enhancing their condition.

The article has been implicated about utilisation of behavioural art therapy program which facilitate to boost up the social skills of autistic individuals. It is helpful to improve their social involvement which impact positively on their health.Ask for dissertation writing services from our experts!!

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the studies?

Article 1 and Article 2 has a strength of focussing on way of improving social skills which is essential for eliminating difficulties of autistic children. This is a similarity on both of the studies to investigate an effective intervention which is suitable for health of kids with ASD. In contrary. These articles has similar weakness i.e. it do not study about impact of art therapy on entire health condition of autistic kids which can be consider as a discrepancy.


From the above assignment, it has been concluded that social, emotional and cognitive aspects are known to be relevant aspects of psychological development. It includes analysis of two research articles based on art therapy which is an effective approach in regards to children with ASD. However, the studies revealed that the intervention of art therapy is beneficial in terms of improving social skills including communication, eye contact, presentation of artwork etc. which facilitate their appropriate involvement with society.

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