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LD0668 Understanding the Interactions Between Computers and Society

University: Northumbria University

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :
Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:
  • Discussion and Differing perspectives of Big Data.
  • Background and introduction of Big data in computer science.
  • National and international implications of Big data in computer science.
  • Different perspectives on using Big data online.
  • Advantage and Disadvantage Big data.
  • Describe SWOT analysis.
Answer :
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Big Data is the concept that is one of the most popular technologies which is entertained by most people including big organizations and government agencies. We have discussed the tools and techniques which is used in implementing Big Data technology easily and understanding its consequences in storing huge database over the internet. This technology has also increased many perspectives of supporting the data and its security so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. Traditional establishments in Big data technology have been replaced with most of the advanced characteristics of Big data such as volume, velocity, a variety that is associated with innovation, and time data analytics. There are many big issues with big data in accessing the quality assessment methods. This research will throw some light on the present state of quality issues related to Big data.


Managing Big Data in computers helps in the provisioning pertinent to the social implications of the technology that help in understanding the highly dynamic interactions between computers and society. The research will also concentrate on evaluating the social and ethical development using the appropriate technique in the implication of Big Data in industries. It will also provide understanding about the development of information literacy using an appropriate language.

Discussion and Differing perspectives of Big Data

Big Data in Computer science is one of the rapid growing ideas which help the people in managing their huge data and information of the organization. Computational thinking have already influenced various research agenda in order to analyze the massive amounts of data and information quickly (Ghiringhelli and et.al., 2015). This has also begun to influence the discipline and professions beyond computer science and engineering. Although computers are used as tools that helps in spreading the appropriate awareness about the problems of the society. Different types of environmental problems are related with the managing the Big data and its implications because nowadays it is can be considered as the major need of companies and it also helps in performing the work efficiently and this positively impacts on the growth and sustainability of the organization. There are various impacts of computing issues that are experienced in order to adopt the Big Data technology in enterprise:

  • Improved communication: Emergence of Big Data in this modernized world have increased the competition among the industries in order to provide better goods and services proving superior with others. In the other hand, Earlier this was the major concern that management of the huge database of the company can be considered as time consuming activity and therefore this delays the working procedure of the enterprise. Emergence of Big Data have increased the data retrieval and manipulating facilities faster. As it has promoted the better communications within the working environment that has resulted in improved productivity (Kong 2014 ). On the other hand Big data helped people in storing the huge information with the use of Cloud computing which have negatively impacted as it have increased the chances of data loses and data security in this IT computing world.
  • Better customer experience: This have improved the communication of the customers in order to store their booking information etc. because, it is less cost effective technology therefore large number of vendors are easily adopting such technology and this have increased sale of the company and helps them to reach the stated organizational objectives. On the other hand it have negatively impacted as people tries to gain access of different web sites which is intentionally done in order to attempt fraudulent activities.
  • Predicting trends and Tackle inventory: Various companies have improved their product based on demand of secure transmission of huge amount of data (Cai and Zhu, 2015). in the other hand, Its negative impacts includes reduced the human efforts and therefore staff members focus towards the invitational concepts of producing the goods and services which can attract the large number of customers.
  • Huge Data processing: Big Data technology have transformed the way of storing and processing the data and this have significantly impacted on the storage companies of the world. It has improved the traditional method of replaced with this Big Data technology which have provided the data processing facilities with the minimum cost. In the other hand, huge data base at internet may be affected by fraudulent activities.

Background and introduction of Big data in computer science

Big Data brings various computing issues that impacts on wider community. It was completely based on advancement of technology that had provides the better and easy access to the consumer in order to store huge data and information in on internet (Schmarzo, 2013). This concept is established to provide online data storing facilities to people and this confidential data is saved in the virtual memory that can be easily retrieved whenever in use. This concept was originated since 1990s which includes the large data sets in order to capture, manage and process the data within the tolerable elapsed time.

National and international implications of Big data in computer science

Nowadays data are defining the feature of this technological world. Every day with this increased computer science Big data technology allows the interaction of 2.5 trillion megabytes of data with human and machines. This ensures the availability of data more prominently and readily. This can be helpful effectively for the national security as it has largely relay on the multiple data sources in order to produce Artificially intelligence report for the organisations. National security relies more on Big data as expert often raise issues regarding the Big brother.

Moreover, advances in computing have derive the international trade that have increased over 50% in past many years. Every company in the global supply chain needs to understand the role of Big data in order to improve their logics which helps them in developing a model which helps them to perform the logics in performing the business operations. Following are the national and international implications of Big data such as:

Predictive analytics for forecasting demand

In order to forecast the national demand any product can be termed as the significant challenge for every brands who sell their products in multiple regions (De Mauro, Greco and Grimaldi, 2016). Big data is therefore simplifying the equation of international brands which can be possible by using sophisticated predictive analytics model to predict changes in every market.

Open new doors for innovation

Globalisation has driven the competitiveness in unprecedented ways which have raising the bar for higher quality solutions for the national and international business. Global brands need to embrace Big data trends in order to become more innovative which helps the business in finding the new solutions for the company (Big Data Analytics, 2018).

Big data is changing Global trade every year

When the international marketing research can be considered over the national market then it helps resolving the social issues of computer science in order to expand the business opportunities. Few ways of Big data analytics that that supports the national security decision-making such as Anomaly detection, Association, Classification and clustering etc.

The implication of Big data for the society

The social implications of the Big data technology have been with us since the introduction of technology in this world. For instance earlier tools and techniques were used to kill the games (Yadav, 2017). On the other hand, national security agency which includes Spying, hacking and all those security breaches that may imp-act upon the society up to the grate extent. Social implications of Big data security may arrive from two different backgrounds where automation and use of algorithm have replaced the efforts of humans. As the Big data already supports the core intelligence functions so it have also reduced employment opportunities for society.

Implications for the IT industry

It can be considered as one of the important aspect of big data as it discovers the richer and broader data set. There is a lot of scope in the It companies for the Banking and security industries as Big data is itself a wider concept that stores the data and highly secured information on cloud whereas this huge online data bank needs to be secured and protected agaist the malpractices. So large number of IT industries are providing the services to people in order to ensure the big organisations for their secured database online.

Different perspectives on using Big data online

Big database is the wider concept that help the society in providing the bigger scope and opportunities in order to store their secured and private information online. The global economy have undergone various changes over the last decades. Implications of Big Data in companies helps them to deliver more cost effective solutions to meet the demands of the consumers (Krief, 2013). Furthermore, a different perspective can be the demands of the particular region are consider in order to develop a new product and services then it will be called as the national implication of Big data technology that help in attracting more local customers.

Use of literature

Big data can be referred as the big set that not only stores huge information but also protects high variety and velocity based data which is earlier difficult to handle. Earlier organisations uses paper or more human efforts in order to manage the large information of the company which is time consuming and ineffective method. With the evolution of computers companies decided to store the information on the system that helps them to efficiently feed the data and retrieve the data. But instead of this data is stored in the computer memory which is being lost various times. So this can be impacted on the business negatively for the longer time. With the increasing technology and networking based world have finally provided the solution to support the huge data base (Zhang and et.al., 2015). This is the more important aspect as this concept is initially derived with the invention of cloud data storing facilities which have provided easily data storing facilities over a network.  If you need cheap essay help from experts that can help you score good grades and impress your professor easily, then we are your one-stop solution. Our experts can deliver the best work before the deadline right to your mail.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Following are the Advantages of Big data which are as follows:

  • It helps in deriving various innovative solutions which easily helps in identifying the targeted customers.
  • In big Data, data tools are not able to handle real-time analysis.
  • This is the future of businesses which have larger opportunities that help the business in expanding more.
  • It carry unlimited information through one platform and this also helps in improving the science and research.

Various disadvantages or drawbacks of using Big data technology are described below:

  • Lot of data and information is unstructured.
  • It cant be interpreted by traditional data process and model.
  • This brings mandatory changes for small business even those who cannot afford it.
  • In Big data Speedy updates can sometimes cannot give the actual figure which means it cannot proved to be useful in short run.

Three most important strategies for big data

Various Big Data strategies includes the following:

  1. Performance Management: This can be referred as understanding the meaning of Databases in company using pre determined queries and automated transactions. It can be implemented to measure performance of software. This will help in improving it by making changes in it.
  2. Data exploration: This approach helps in predicting the answers of those problems which managers cannot identify that is based on the behaviour of the customer. It can be implemented to segregate data. this will help in reducing in duplicity of data.
  3. Social Analytics: It helps in measuring the vast amount of data base which is generally non transactional data which is popularly exists in social media (Ford and Spicer, 2012). This includes the conversations and reviews of customers on social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. it can be implemented to track data and analyse it. moreover, by generating results it can be easy to find solution of problems.

Implementation of three strategies

These strategies of Big data can be implemented by creating a Big data policy ion an organisations. Performance management can be implemented through integrating the Big data strategies. This can be improved by leveraging both social analytics and business transactions using transactional data etc. Such strategies may also be implemented through CRM and web analytical tools . Various Big Data strategies are followed as:

  • Data exploration: Implementation of this strategy in business helps to enhance the performance of the organisation.
  • Social analytics: This strategy helps in understanding ore concepts various concepts of enterprises such as OLAP technology and BI.
  • Decision Science: this provides the process for storing the data through crowdfunding.

Advantages and disadvantages of Big data

Companies need to Keep up with the policies and guidelines related to the use of Big data. They need to consider various Social media policies and various certificate programs that helps in adopting the Big data technologies in future trends.

The advantages and disadvantages of these Big data strategies are as follows:

Use of three most important big data strategies can help the organisation in sustaining its company for the longer run in market (Cui, Yu and Yan, 2016). On the other hand its negative drawback includes the social security of keeping this huge amount of data base which can prove to be a major drawback for the company.

  • Implementing such Big data technologies in business also helps in saving the cost and energy of human resource in the company. If these big data software are not properly tested then these programs may be a great disadvantage for the company and it can also effect the performance management of the organisation.

SWOT analysis


Big Data helps in research oriented in order to make an enquiry about the science, medical history etc. Big data technology supports the industries all over the world. As earlier huge investment cost was needed by the business to implement Big data but now this can be readily available in the form of Cloud computing.


Lack Of proper structure to store the data and there is a lack of technology that supports complex logics. This is currently unpredictable and Hard to process.


Many businessman and customers are looking towards Big data service as a probable opportunities in future. There are lot of opportunities for online retailers, storage companies, software product companies.


There are lot of cyber security threats and one of the most common threats of the Big Data is incorrect prediction due to the collection of Garbage in Social analytics.

Opportunities for big data

There are vast number of opportunities that are available in big data. businesses can use for storing data in segregating way (Hilbert, 2016). this will be helpful in making things easier for them. moreover, by doing complex processing in quickly real time solutions can be provided to them.

Best goal for big data

Big data can be highly used in storing big data sets. The large MNC can use it to collect large data and information of customers. they will not have to store separately. More systems can be developed to process complex data.

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From the above study it has been concluded that Big Data have provided great data protecting capabilities to the people. This is done to completely transform the society into digital world considering various aspects of customers. This study had provide the understanding about impact of Big Data from the viewpoints of national and international world. It had also created an complete understanding about the implications of big data on Society and It industry.

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