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MGMT2718 Roles and Benefits of Human Resource Management - Hotel Hilton

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 12 / Words 3020
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MGMT2718
  • Downloads: 875

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Task 2
Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

  • Introduction of Human Resource Management
  • Comparison of the selection process of Airline and Hilton hotel
  • Job description and person specification of Hotel Hilton
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hotel Hilton


Human resource management is providing the best human resource to the organization. It is the process of recruitment, selection, and staffing and determination of roles and benefits of staff with the details of expectations from them to perform. In the hospitality industry such as hotels, HRM is an arrangement of personnel which the potential to satisfy customers with communication and service skills.

The Company chosen for this assignment is Hotel Hilton which is a popular multinational Company spread all around the world. This assignment will specifically focus on the Hilton hotel in Stratford city which is containing 50 rooms right now. This hotel in Stratford city aims at catering to the needs of business and providing travelers with services that can offer maximum comfort all over the stay. The assignment aims to discuss the human resource duties, roles, human resource plan, current employment relations, employment laws, and management process in the hotel industry. The assignment will discuss the recruitment and selection process and its comparison with other industries. The importance of training and development will also be discussed in the report with reference to the Hilton hotel.

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Task 2


Every organization has a different kind of jobs which requires different job design and specification. For this, there is required to perform a job analysis. Job analysis includes the gathering of information and understanding about the responsibility of job, requirements, and condition of the job (Niazi, 2011). After collection of information of the job, detailed descriptions are prepared and get converted into the job description. Job description and person specification of Hotel Hilton is here described below:-

  • Recruitment and Selection- Recruitment is the creation of the pool of employees which are feasible for Hilton hotel which is done through recognition of factors affecting labor market, identification of needs of the organization and conducting of job analysis. Selection is done after the process of recruitment under which the suitable candidate is finalized from the pool of recruited employees (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Hilton aims at attracting, selecting and retaining the high caliber person which has potential and developing the organization potential also reduction of cost.
  • Job analysis- Job analysis is done by the human resource department of Hilton in order to know about the specifications and job requirements of person need for organization. The process involves analyzing, gathering, synthesizing, and finally reporting of the information about roles and responsibilities and also the condition under which job is performed. Due to better recruitment techniques such as posting on online job boards, pre-employment test, and seeking referral of employee via applicant tracking system are giving the great opportunity to Company to select the best employees. This is the reason that Hilton has been known for exceptional workplace cultures.

The staffs of the hotel are responsible for the rewards and achievements achieved by the hotel. Employees of Hilton are working together extraordinary and also with professionalism making the hotel a great place for working. This is also becoming an inspiration for new employees in building their rewarding career.

Description of the job of directors of HR
  • Director of HR of Hilton is responsible for management of operations and head all other departments in achieving and exceeding the target in relation to the generation of revenue and satisfaction of the guest (Lengnick-Hall, et. al., 2011).
  • Director of Hilton coordinates with the general manager for the handling of major issues in relation to the budgets, capital goals, service of customer and active reimbursement.
  • Director of Hilton is also responsible for providing assistance in hotel budget and short term and long term strategic goals. The directors also ensure that the target is accomplished on time and provide their effective leadership to the team of hotel management and members. Directors also timely respond to the audit completed for constant improvement.
  • Director also ensures regular planning, direction, and coordination with the aim of providing services by the operations department and also in accordance with the expectation of guest.Directors of Hilton are also complying with the standards given to them time to time. Regular analysis of the department results and highlighting the problem, correcting them with proper actions and making a succession plan within the hotel is also the important role of a director.
  • Management and development of different department heads and providing them career progression is also a responsibility of the director (Vinesh, 2014). They also respond to the feedback in order to achieve the proper outcomes especially getting satisfaction from the customer. Hold and conducting regular meetings with the team of the hotel is also the regular activity of a director.

Specification of director at Hilton hotel includes the following:-

  • Degree or Diploma in management or any other equivalent qualification.
  • Acumen with strong commercial, exposure with experience in F&B and also the management of rooms.
  • Good experience in management of cost budgets, the proposal for revenue, forecasting of results and profits.
  • In-depth knowledge of service and hotel sector or leisure.
  • Strong and effective leadership skills in management and motivation of team members and staff for the purpose of performing at a high level.
  • Accountability and resilient against the job and work.
  • Capability in the handling of work pressure and willing to demonstrate distinction in extreme circumstances.
  • Knowledge in property of hotel and management system.


The selection process can be different as per the need and requirement of different services industry. Selection process generally starts with the interview process which also includes filling of application form (Sainaghi, 2010). The application form includes the information in relation to the candidate, background, past professional experiences, weakness, and strength etc. After this application forms are undergoing for screening. Further many tests such as technical, aptitude, psychological, group discussion and personal interview are common takes place in the firm. The other test also takes place such as psychometric and situation based test etc. The selection process in different services Companies are here discussed below:-

Hilton hotel selection process- The hotel adopts the simple process of selection. Online application form once received is screened by representatives of the hotel and eligible applicants are contacted for the interview. Firstly the HR contact the person on the phone which involves on the spot interview process and then face to face to interview is performed. The interview session conducted by the hotel are ranging from single to five interviews. The straightforward interview and deliberate questions involved under the interview process and representative are hired in order to judge the ability of candidate which can also demonstrate professionalism.

British Airways selection process- The recruitment of pilot is made after inviting of applications for submission of the form online. Screening of applications is done by the recruitment team of British Airways and further, the shortlisted candidates are invited for selection (Vinesh, 2014). The selection process is conducted for two or more days at the recruitment centre of British airways situated at waterside mar London Heathrow airport. The work check is performed at very first day of the selection process and then followed by aptitude test which includes reasoning and verbal test and two computer capacity based assessment. Selected candidates appear on the second day of interview at the British Airway pilot and associate of HR. After this simulator assessment is performed at British Airways flight training centre which is near in Heathrow. After qualification of all stages by candidates is placed at DEP hold pool for 12 months till they are offered first officer position in Airline.

Comparison of the selection process of Airline and Hilton hotel

Hotel and airline industry are part of service and aviation industry but their recruitment and selection process appear different due to the evaluation of the suitability of the applicant for the job (Armstrong, 2011). The airline industry involves the evaluation of hard skills and technical aspects which is not in the hotel selection process. Hotel industry involves soft and communication skills evaluation. Airlines also include technical evaluation such as aptitude test and simulation assessment under which selection in the hotel industry is more based on the personal interview either on phone or face to face. The inviting of applications is the same in both airline and hotel but the selection and interview process is different. Hence due to the nature of services offered by organization, the recruitment, and selection process is different of both the organisations.

Task 3



Human resources are one of the significant and inevitable parts of the organization. Human resources need to be nurtured and trained in order to provide their best to the organization. Hilton has a regular practice and coaching for providing their human resources training and learning (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). Training and development play an effective role in the development and advancement of skills in human. Training also helps in high productivity, safety at work and emergencies management etc. Hilton staffs are directed by seniors and thus the work gets completed with assured quality and effectiveness.

Hilton provides its employees both on the job and off the job training. Hilton has also appointed experts in providing training to their employees. Hilton gives training with the use of the following methods as discussed below:-

Off the job training

This training is given by Hilton Hotel off the location of the workplace. There is no role of active participation likewise in on the job training (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The type of training is carried out by professionals appointed by the high-level managers of Hilton. Off the job training includes role plays, case studies, lectures etc.

Figure: Off the Job training

Source: (Mok, et. al., 2013)

On the job training

This training takes place at the workplace and also during the job. This kind of training is provided by experienced person which is mostly inexpensive and time saving On the job training includes job rotation, coaching, etc.

Figure: On the Job training

Source: (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013)

Training has been useful for Hilton in the reduction of overall cost of production and stimulation of the operations. Training and development is the completely different concept in the sense that training enhances the effectiveness of employee and allows them to fulfil the short-term goals and development assists the employee in their overall growth including personal growth (Mok, et. al., 2013). Development of employee helps in long-term achievement of goals of an organization. Training also assists employees to understand their roles and responsibilities in performing the duties efficiently and comfortably. Development of employees helps in the enhancement of the overall personality of employees which help them in developing their career. We provide the best online essay help to the students for transforming their dream of getting top grades into reality. The in-house team of highly experienced and qualified academic writers aims to deliver a well-researched and creatively written assignment at budget-friendly prices before the deadline. If you want to get the authentic paper as per the prescribed deadline, then consider seeking help from our assignment writers.

Hilton hotel has just set up a new Hilton in Stratford and employees under this unit need training which can groom them (Kusluvan, et. al., 2010). Hence training is the valuable contribution for the Hilton not in existing but also for the new units. Training is important to the Hilton Hotel in the following ways:-

Development of productivity- Employees in the hotel are hired to perform the duties and training makes them capable of doing their work confidently which helps in gaining competitive advantage over the rivals in the industry.

The culture of the organization- Training is also creating a positive environment in Hilton which is further establishing learning culture and also helps in motivating employees to work willingly and happily for the Company.

Improvement in the quality of products and services- Proper training and development ensure and improves the quality of goods and services of Hilton which satisfies the customer and creates a good image in the eyes of the public.

Profitability increment- With high performance of employees the profitability of the Hotel increases which also increases the chances of growth of the Company.

Motivation of employees- when training is provided to employees of the Hilton, this will help in improving their motivation level. The morale of employees increases after giving them proper training.

Decrease in error and accidents- In hotels, errors and accidents can ruin the image of Company as the customer will never prefer a service which is associated with accidents and errors. Hilton is popular due to its high quality in services. Employees of Hilton are more proactive and expert in understanding each situation and correctly facing them due to their training and development part.

Uncover potential of employee- One of the wonderful advantages of providing training by Hilton hotel to its employees is revealing of hidden talents of employees. The company has been successful in getting copyright and trademark of its name due to its efforts of employees (Rafiei and Davari, 2015). Employees become more open and capable of sharing their ideas with management. Hilton has been successful in spotting the leaders among the trained employees.

Job satisfaction- Trained employees of Hilton hotel are satisfied with the role they play and also helpful in driving their ability.

Increase consistency- Organized training and development program is also ensuring the constant knowledge and experience to employees. Employees of Hilton are able to update themselves with new ideas and market demand. This also helps in the completion of task timely and without any issue.

Reduction of absenteeism and turnover- Turnaround of employees results in high cost and money. Training leads to the feeling of confidence in the mind of employees and giving them proper security at the workplace (Mok Sparks and Kadampully, 2013). This decreases the rate of labour turnover and absenteeism.

Reduction in learning time- The learning time of employees reduces with the systematic training and also through trained instructors. Hilton takes the compact manner instead of trial and error method in order to reduce the time frame of self-learning of employees. Trial and error method wastes time and cost.

Team spirit- Sense of teamwork is developed with the help of proper training. There are kind of inter-team collaborations which inculcate the zeal in all employees to learn and grow together.

Optimum utilization of resource- Training and development process in Hilton is also ensuring optimum utilization of resources providing the opportunity for having proper board structure and involving human resources which is also leading in better savings for an organization. The savings can be further utilized by a firm in other noteworthy activities.

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Training is thus a wonderful tool for employees to tackle hardships and deal with any kind of situation. Employees are able to utilize their strength recognized via training in their performance and show better in their working(Vinesh, 2014). Employees of Hilton are also able to grab the opportunities which are providing them growth and promotion and helping the organization to have a competitive edge in the industry. This is also indirectly supporting in gaining the loyalty of the customer. Overall development is becoming possible with the help of the training procedure and also retaining the employees for a long time in the firm. Employee's longer durability is essential for the stability and sustainability of any organization.

Hence, Employees of Hilton are motivated and satisfied with their constant training and learning which is also demonstrating the growth of the Company and sustainability in the competitive market.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Hence, the human resource department plays an effective role in getting the right human to Hilton hotel at the right time. Right employees satisfy customers at a high level. All operations of Hilton hotel are labour based and human resource department is responsible for the selection, recruitment, training, and development of employees. Human resource department has to maintain good employee relations. Training and development is an inevitable part of any organization which needs to be constant for moving ahead of rival firms. The report has provided the presentation which included different employment laws in the current state building positive relations with employees of Hilton hotel. The selection and recruitment process of different services completely depends on the nature and goals of an organization.

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Hence, Hotel Hilton which is quite new in the city of Stratford needs to focus on its human resource management activities which can assist in the development of business and employees as well.

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