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A/508/0487 Human Resource Management

University: London Bridge Business Academy

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3240
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: A/508/0487
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Question :

 This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Generate the purpose and scope of Human Resource Management in terms of resourcing an organization with talent and skills appropriate to fulfill business objectives.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the important elements of Human Resource Management in Marks & Spencer.
  • Marks & Spencer is a brand selling clothes and accessories. Evaluate internal and external factors that influence Human Resource Management decision-making, including employment legislation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks & Spencer


Human resource management is regarded as a set of organisational practices which is directed to attract, develop as well as maintain an efficacious personnel (Cascio, 2015). Moreover, this is a series of decisions which impact the relation among employer and staff which effects various constituencies as well as in well-intentioned to influence efficaciousness of employer and workers. The main intent of this is to assure the availability of willing as well as competent personnel to firm. The organisation undertaken for this report is Marks & Spencer, which is a well known retailer in UK. It specialises in selling standard quality products such as home, food and clothes as well as having headquarters is in London, United Kingdom. This report covers, overview of organisation, functions and purpose of HRM, Its key roles and responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses of several approaches to recruitment and selection, effectualness and advantage of several HRM practices. Moreover, significance of staff relation and key elements of employment legislation are explained. Apart from this, application of HRM practices in a work related context with the help of certain example are also discussed in this report.


Purpose of human resource management

  • Staffing-This is regarded as the one of vital purpose of HRM. This is considered as the procedures in which organisations hire as well as choose competent talent for strengthening its human resource effectualness and maximise its performance of business. With retail sector, efficacious HRM will permit their entities such as Marks & Spencer for selecting most effectual personnel for its business. It will aids them in gaining keen position within marketplace and effectual consumer management.
  • Staff relationship an legislationHuman resource management also consider the development of optimistic as well as efficacious conception of company into the eye of their staff. This will permit Marks & Spencer to formed healthy relationship with its staff. This involves developing its contacts as well as managing its problems related to company, their practices or with subordinates. Moreover, this undertakes several employee legislation within account to assists organisation within retail sector for creating ethical work structure.

Functions of human resource management

  • Develop efficacious workers relationship-It is associated with developing harmonious relations at work place in order to reduce conflicts and allowed open conversation between workers. The vital purpose of Marks & Spencer HR manager is to decrease conflicts and enable staff to accomplish its work with full efforts towards attainment of its goals. Also, by this they can feel comfy as well as work their for long duration.

  • Human resource planning-Within this function of human resource management, the types as well as number of staff required to attain the firms objective which is ascertained. Moreover, research is an essential part of this particular function, information is accumulated as well as examined for identifying recent and futuristic requirements of humans and to predict modifying attitudes, behaviors, and values of staff and its effects upon the firm. So, by performing this function Marks & Spencer managers can able to know about their personnel requirements and changing behaviors.
  • Internal and external recruitment-internal recruitment refers to the method of recruiting employees from within the organization whereas when recruitment is done from outside the company premises, it is referred to as external recruitment. External recruitment can be costly whereas internal recruitment can prove to be a limitation for more productive people getting hired.

  • Job analysis- Job analysis refers to a method that is used for the collection of information relating to the roles and responsibilities, and skills needed to carry out various activities. It involves a lot of time and a lot of human effort to be put into it.

  • Job description- A written account of all the tasks, responsibilities, and duties that will be required to perform the job is referred to as a JD. A job description is majorly based on the findings of a job analysis. There can be cases when the structure of the JD is too rigid and outdated.
  • Application forms and CVs - The first step in the selection process is of filling up of the application form. Although very lengthy to fill up earlier, now the forms are tailored in such a manner so as to only address the most important details of candidates and same information is gained from all the candidates
  • Interviews- They are basically formal conversations between an employer and a candidate who aspires to get a job from the employer and has the relevant experience. Interviews provide a judgement for the behaviour of the candidate whether it is verbal or non verbal. Interviews can be conducted for a particular sample size.
  • Aptitude tests- Both ability and aptitude tests help in knowing about the general intelligence, spatial and numerical ability of the candidates etc. Besides having various strengths, the aptitude tests are costly to develop and involve a lot of time and effort.
  • Presentations- Presentations are also used as a part of selection process, mainly when selecting candidates for senior positions. The candidate is generally provided with a topic and a time-frame in which he/ she has to deliver the presentation. Presentations help in evaluating the communication as well as various other skills of the candidate. The evaluation process involves a lot of time.


P3 Explain the benefits of different HRM practices within an organization for both employer and employee.

An organization should follow various HRM practices that can be beneficial for both the employer and the employee. Some HRM practices are explained below-

  • Happy and healthy workplace – The employees of a company spent their whole day everyday at the workplace which makes it necessary for it to have a healthy and happy environment (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Mark and Spencers promotes a healthy and a safe environment for the employees at the workplace making them feel comfortable and at home thereby increasing the overall productivity.
  • Bonuses linked with performances – Bonuses should be linked with the kind of performance that is being delivered by the employees. Marks and Spencers follows a practice of linking it with the employees' performance. This not only helps in keeping them motivated but also in reducing the costs by the employers.Worried for assignment help? Take Experts Help Now!
  • Performance management feedback system – The company has implemented a 360 degree performance management system wherein communication at cross functional level is possible (Cascio, 2015). Employees receive feedback from their peers, subordinates and seniors and this acts as bridging the gap between the top level management and the employees. Having a performance management feedback system has not only helped the firm in spotting employees who tend to be weak but also retain the ones who deliver excellent work and are highly motivated.
  • Knowledge sharing – There is a flow of knowledge between the employers and the employees through various informal sessions organized by the company. This enables the employees to share their inputs with the employers and in turn the employers also share their experiences. Knowledge sharing with the organization makes the decision making process easy since ideas from both employers, employees and management are considered which stimulate growth and innovation.
  • Rewards and open house discussions – An organization like Mark and Spensers, identifies and puts new ideas to execution and considers its employees to be the greatest source of innovative ideas. Open house discussions motivate employees to share their ideas and that he ideas would be considered (DeCenzo and et.al., 2016). Maintaining a suggestion box within the premises can help the company to communicate with the employees indirectly if not directly.
  • Hiring the right people – Marks and Spencers does not hire anybody and everybody, but candidates that the company thinks will add value. This is helpful for the employer as the cost involved is less and for employees in the way that right candidates are hired. A new hire will not only come with new skills and experience but also maximise the overall productivity of the team. This will also save employer's time as well as energy by saving time in reviewing the application and conducting interviews again and again. This will also save the good employees from quitting and leaving the company.
  • Providing training at regular times – The company organizes training and development sessions for the employees as well as employers regularly that leads to their overall development and hence resulting in improved productivity and developing new skills.

P4 Evaluate the effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity

Employees are the backbone of any organization and this makes their retention in the company very important (Dries, 2013). Various practices can be evaluated for their effectiveness and how can they help in raising the profits and the overall productivity of the employees. Marks and Spencers follows a policy of following the practices that help it in raising its profits and overall productivity. Evaluation of the same has been described below-

  • Learning, development and training – Training refers to the process in which either the new hires or existing employees get to know about the different processes within the company or polish their skills. While development is an ongoing process which results in creating growth and positive changes in the company. This helps in the overall development of the employees. Marks and Spencers focuses on providing training to its employees in a timely manner which results in an overall increase in the productivity of the employees and raising profits. Various kinds of training can be provided like induction training, job instruction training, quality and skills training etc. Evaluation of the employees is done by a team specially dedicated to carry out this task. This helps in knowing the progress of the employees and the areas in which they still lack.
  • Job and workplace design – Employees can be offered various extrinsic and intrinsic rewards in order to motivate the employees that can have impact on the overall productivity of the company (Jackson and et.al., 2014). Extrinsic rewards are usually financial rewards such as rise in the pay of the employees, bonuses etc. Whereas intrinsic rewards are psychological rewards that the employees receive when they perform a task well. Marks and Spencers constantly works for the betterment of the workplace by offering bonuses when someone performs a task well.
  • Flexibility – The Handy's model of organisational culture is a 4 variable model explaining the 4 types of cultures that organizations follow namely- Power, Task, Persona and Role culture. Since Marks and Spencers follows this model, the organization is able to respond quickly to unexpected events and it is tolerant. Being a flexible organization, the company has been able to cut down unnecessary costs with an ease of management and being able to retain its staff.
  • Performance and reward – Marks and Spencers ensures that the activities in the company are carried out effectively and efficiently. The company has also given access of self monitoring tools to its employees which can help them in tracking their progress (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). Employees are provided with various kinds of extrinsic and extrinsic rewards and bonuses which make the employees more motivated towards their work which in turn will help the organization increase its overall profits. By encouraging friendly and healthy competition, positive communication and rewarding the employees will not only create a career path for the but also help them grow and result in overall increase in their productivity.

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P5 Analyse the importance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision making.

Marks and Spensers attempts to look after the relationship between the employer and the employees is known as employee relationship to ensure that all the employees are committed towards their work as well as the company. Having healthy employee relations in a company are important as this will help the company in making sound decisions.

Healthy employee relations improves the overall workplace relationships with the employees feeling involved in the decision making process since their inputs and suggestions are considered by the management. It also serves as a way to get a better understanding of the employees regarding how do they work in a team and all of this leads to the overall increase in the productivity and effectiveness of the employees.

Work when shared among the employees becomes easy to complete and there is a sense of togetherness among the employees (Kramar, 2014). The company has committed employees who put in their efforts in order to get the tasks done as there is active participation and willingness to work and learn. This in turn enlarges their learning and skill sets and preparing them to handle tasks that involve more responsibility in the future. Need online essay help? Take experts Help Now!

Having good employee relations is beneficial in increasing the overall morale of the company and has reduced the gap between the workers and the management. There is no problem of absenteeism as the employees are committed to their work and enjoy their work. People are willing to help and guide new hires and the subordinates whenever there is a need.

P6 Identify the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision making

  • Equal employmentEqual employment opportunities should be provided to everyone and this helps in attracting new employees and retaining the best quality ones (Mondy and Martocchio, 2016). This not only helps in creating positive work relationships but also increased performance and greater productivity among the employees.
  • Actions and decisions favouring everyone – Implementing laws of employment has not only helped Marks and Spencers to build a brand image it has today, but also take actions and make decision that favour everyone in the company and are not bias. These decisions help in creating a path that is not hampered by discrimination or disadvantages.
  • Working time regulations – Marks and Spencers has set its working hours keeping in mind the amount of effort the employees can put in. The employees are even given chance to work from their homes when a sudden situation pops up or when the employee is not well. The management works with various rules and regulations in mind and try to avoid expensive lawsuits.
  • Working conditions – The company has a hygienic, safe and healthy environment wherein the employees are provided with a lot of benefits. The workload unlike many other companies is not too much and the work schedule is flexible, predictable and easy and the intensity of working hours is less.
  • Ethical and social responsibilitiesThe company follows a policy of social responsibility towards the environment as well as the society and carries out various CSR activities from time to time in order to be sustainable and have a positive brand image in the minds of people (Paillé and et.al., 2014).


P7 Illustrate the application of HRM practices in a work related context, using specific examples

All companies make sure that they follow and implement the best HRM practices within the organization so as to promote a healthy environment and maintain a healthy relationship among the employees. Application of some practices is explained below-

  • Promotion of positive behaviour – Any organization that wants to be successful should create a work environment that is positive and favourable towards the employees and there are no undesirable behaviours followed. This way the employees are willing to put in extra efforts in order to earn different rewards and bonuses that are beneficial to them as well as the company through increased profits and an improved brand name.
  • Motivation – Motivation forms an important role in maximizing the employee performance and hence those candidates should be hired who are willing to learn and work and are highly motivated (Purce, 2014).
  • Flexible workplace – In order to retain employees, organisations these days provide work environment that is flexible which includes work assignments, schedules, meetings , location of the workplace etc. Employees in these organizations can work accordingly to give maximum output.
  • Developing Employees – In context of Marks and Spencers, the company creates a positive environment in order to increase the overall competitive advantage of the company, generate profits as well as provide resources for its employees' education and overall development for maximizing the performance and productivity (Shaw and et.al., 2013). This helps in their improvement also and making them able to share valuable inputs and suggestions during the decision making process of the company.
  • Technology – Companies are gradually implementing modern and latest technologies to make the work of the employees easier and to generate more and valuable output in a short duration of time (Thunnissen, 2013). These new technologies ave helped in improving the overall process of recruitment and selection easy and simple.

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As per the above report, it can be concluded that human resource management plays vital role in any organization as it is helps in maintaining the employees in their overall improvement and increasing their productivity as well as performance. There are various ways and approaches that can be implemented in order to build and maintain the brand's image and that the company works in favour of the employees and vice versa. Effectiveness of these approaches can be seen when they are carefully evaluated and observed. And there are various types of recruitment and selection processes that the human resource department of a company can opt for in order for the proper functioning of the company. Also, the culture of the organization should be employee friendly as this helps both the employees as well as the organization to grow equally. Different HRM approaches can be implemented- either hard HRM or soft HRM depending on the type of culture that the organisation has. Human resource management in a company serves various functions from hiring the right candidates to ensuring that a positive and healthy environment and employee relations are maintained within the premises. Therefore, it can be concluded that human resource serves as an important part for the proper functioning of the company.

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