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Unit 1 BTEC HND in Technology Evolution Regent College Level 5


Technology evolution has changed the world faster as compare to before. New technologies have put significant impact on the companies and the way marketing their products. Due to change in the trend from traditional marketing to modern marketing digital technologies are plays significant role (Hsiao, Chang and Tang, 2016). With the changes of time at present mobile marketing has took great place in the market. There are many companies who focusing implementing mobile app, so that customers can easily make purchase of products and services. The current research is based investigating the importance of mobile marketing i.e. mobile app on the sales of Tesco. It become important for the firm to understand the impact of new technologies on the sales of the firm and focus on using it within the frim. Mobile marketing help customers in getting information related to the new products on their mobile phone. Along with, these customers can also make easily purchase and carry out work in an effective manner. The present research will provide the aspect that are impacting the mobile marketing. Further ways through which company can increase its sales with the use of mobile marketing will be discussed.

Aims and objectives

Aims: To explore the importance of mobile marketing i.e. mobile app on the sales of the retail companies- A study of Tesco


  • To understand the significance of mobile marketing
  • To analyse the link between mobile marketing and sales of the Tesco
  • To evaluate the impact of mobile marketing on the sales of the Tesco
  • To recommend strategies to enhance the sales through mobile application.

Research questions

  1. What is the significance of mobile marketing?
  2. What is the link between mobile marketing and sales of the Tesco?
  3. What is the impact of mobile marketing on the sales of the Tesco?
  4. To recommend strategies to enhance the sales through mobile application ?

Rationale of the research

The present research is conducted in order to develop deep understanding related to the selected topic that is mobile marketing. This investigation will provide effectiveness of the mobile marketing and the way it can enhance sales. Mobile marketing is become important in present time as most of the people are using it for purchasing purpose. Hence making its effective use assist in increasing sales and profit of the firm.

Literature review

According to the view of Verhoef, Kannan and Inman, (2015) mobile marketing has taken place in the competitive market and with the use of it there are many companies who are advertising and promoting their products and services. . Liang, Li and Wang,(2015) state that, mobile marketing is known as the multi channel, digital marketing strategy which aimed at reaching a target audience through their smartphone, mobile device, Email, SMS etc. Mobile is troublesome the way people are engaged with brands. At present people can get each and everything on their mobile phone which can be provided on desktop. From opening the mail till visiting any website these all can be easily accessible on smartphone. Mobile marketing can be called as technique that emphasise on marketing a product of the business. Shankar, Kleijnen and Morrissey, (2016)explained that mobile is one of the used technology in all over the world as people regularly use it as compare to another device. Due to this this, reason mobile marketing is increases in present time. There are various types of mobile marketing which lead to use of mobile phone technology for reaching the target audience. There are many people who are associated with the SMS campaigns. There are some of the effective type mobile marketing are known as SMS marketing, Mobile internet marketing etc. For an organisation it is essential to understand the way of using mobile marketing in respect to target large number of customers. Apart from this Taylo and Levin, (2014) state that mobile app marketing is known as the way of doing advertisement which can complement a brand offline experience, drive e-commerce and simply assist to connect a company with its loyal customers. Grewal, Bart and Zubcsek, (2016), argued that mobile app is a software program for hand held communication device for instance mobile phone etc. There are many companies who have developed app through the help of which customers can easily make purchase. It leads to make easily for the firm to easily make purchase of the products and services. There are wide range of factors which are available on the mobile phones which can be support in comparing the products of different companies on the basis of price, product, quality etc. Mobile marketing lead to put impact significant impact on the sales of the firm. Through attractive marketing activities companies can easily grab the attention of large number of customers. However mobile marketing is user controlled as because customer can easily accept, deny or block the ads of companies. There are wide range of mobile marketing strategies which can be used by the company for selling the products and services. App based marketing which is mobile advertising that involve mobile apps. It is investigated that there are 70% of mobile time is spent on the apps. Along with this Facebook also permit company to advertisers to create ads which can be incorporated into Facebook’s. Hsiao, Chang and Tang, (2016) point that in game mobile marketing is known as the ads which appear within the mobile games such as game ads which can appear as banner pop. Mobile marketing has made easier for the customers to receive any notification related to the company’s ads. The can easily get information related to the any product and offer provided on it. Apart from this it also makes easier to make payment through debit or credit card. Therefore, implementation of new technology has provided lots of facilities to customers as they can make purchase from any place at anytime. Kotler and Brennan, (2015) state that main goal of the app is to enhance sales and for this reason they need to highly active and focus on regular sending SMS or email that can easily grab the attention of customers. Contradict to this there are some reason due to this customer make purchase such as social factor, cultural factor etc. Therefore, at the time of advertising products through focusing these all needs so that sales can be enhanced.


3.1 Introduction

Research methodology is the part which consist of various tools and techniques that can help assist research carry to research in systematic manner and in right direction. It includes research design, approach, data collection method etc. Here below are provided some of the methods that are as follows:

3.2 Research philosophy

Research philosophy is stated as the set of belief of the researcher toward the study and way of collection of the information. Along with this, it helps in developing understanding related to the selected topic investigator (Creswell and Poth, 2017). It is divided into 2 types that are interpretivism and positivism. For the current investigation interpretivism will be used by the scholar. It assists the researcher to focus on the subjective part of the study. Along with this aim and objective can be accomplished in an effective manner.

3.3 Research design

Research design is known as the method through which the collected information is presented in an effective manner (Bailly and Comino, 2017).. The researcher can easily have solved out research problem without affecting the results. It can be classified into three types descriptive, exploratory, case study etc. The present research is based on exploring the importance of mobile marketing i.e. mobile app on the sales of the retail companies therefore descriptive research design will be consider by the research which help in describing the population covered in the study. It is effective method that help in presenting the research in an effective manner.

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3.4 Research approach

Research approach is known as the way that help in gathering specific as well general information related to the selected topic (WinitWatjana, 2016).. There are two kinds of research approach inductive and deductive. For the present research, inductive approach will be used in which generalisation of the information is done first, then move toward the specific one. The reason for selecting this research design is that it helps in developing understanding related to the selected topic through collecting specific information.

3.6 Data collection methods

Data collection is the important part of the research which assist researcher in collecting information that is relevant to the selected topic. There are various sources from where scholar can gather data that are primary and secondary (Mebius, Kennedy and Howick, 2016. ).. Primary information is that which is new and collected at the time of conducting a research. Sources of gathering primary information is survey, questionnaire and interview etc. On the other side secondary is the information which presented by authors in their books and journals. To carry out the present research and to reach the valid outcome both primary and secondary method will be used by the researcher. In primary information will be collected through survey. In this question will be asked from 15 sales managers of the Tesco company. On the other side, secondary information will be collected through books, journals and internet.

3.7 Sampling

For the research it is not easy to gather information from entire population. Due to this reason sampling method is considered by the researcher which help in selecting the sample population from the large number of people (Kerr, Eckert and Wandwabwa, 2016).. For the present research purposive sampling method will be considered by the investigator. In this specific group of people were selected for the survey. Here 15 sales managers of Tesco will be selected who can provide detail information related to selected topic

3.8 Data analysis

At the time when all the information is gathered it is essential to analyse them with the use techniques. There are two techniques that can be consider that are qualitative and quantitative. For the present research qualitative techniques will be used by the investigator. It is effective techniques which is based on non-numeric form. In these different themes are prepared on the basis of results and interoperation will be done (Wright, Wahoush. and Jack, 2016). . Along with this charts and tables will be prepared by the researcher so that all the results can be presented in systematic manner. On the other side quantitative method, it is based on numeric form. At the time of considering this method it is essential to undertake statistical investigation.

Ethical consideration: At the time of carrying out the research it is important for investigator to undertake ethical consideration. While carrying out primary research permission need to be taken from the company (Bailly and Comino, 2017).. Along with this no respondent should be forced to take participate in the research and reason for carrying out investigation need to be made clear in front of them. Apart from this all the secondary information need to be cited properly from authentic sources.

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