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Digital Technology in Business

University: Business Institute of Australia

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2326
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSBMGT407
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the procedure of digital application in business.
  • Discuss about the role of team leaders and the key element in Red Bull company.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Red Bull company


Present report is based upon the topic relating to digital technology and its impact upon carrying the intellectual property rights. In this report, the study is undertaken for the Red Bull company which was specialized in providing the energy drinks to the customer and also carrying various intellectual rights regarding managing its trade mark and design to secure the secrecy from infringing such rights (Antons and Logan, 2018). The products was introduced in 1987 and carrying the highest market share in world.

In this report, it covers the matters relating to the examining the key elements which is considered while evaluating the digital technology and information options for the present case scenario. It also includes the matters relating to determining the legislation, regulation and organizational policies and procedure relevant the intellectual property. It further examines the risk register which is identified through intellectual property rights.


As the role of team leaders in Red Bull company, it is examined that in context of evaluating the key elements, it is stated that by adapting the firstly:

1) Digital technology: In the Red bull company, it helps in building the strong connectivity with the customer through social media platform. As it is stated that through carrying the unique quotation regarding promoting the usefulness of the products, red bull is crossing the world record of marketing (Bhat, 2017). The main aspects which they choose is relating to innovative concept regarding providing the energy drinks with high quality products which is approved by doctors.

The another elements which is essential in considering the impact of digital technology is relating to the artificial intelligence. This is mainly undertaken through examining the data and information regarding the availability of the products and its usefulness in attaining such products for longer way (Depoorter and Meurer, 2018). For e.g. In the Red Bull, AI procedure is undertaken through carrying the bar codes in Red Bull cans which helps the users to gain information regarding the products and also its procedure to prepare the products. Through this manner, they can gain information regarding the company integrity and procedure to manage its procedure through manufacturing stage to finished goods products.  Take Assignment samples Now!

Secondly it is related to the information options:

In these aspects, the information is to be undertaken regarding the creation of the products to the customer. As nowadays customer are more anxiety about knowing the concept of the products and also its usefulness after availing it (Dutfield, 2017). For e.g. Red bull cans mainly carry the ingredient's information in their cans regarding carrying adequate information about the sugar used or carbohydrate water or citric acid, caffeine, vitamin B12 and many more.

The another things which covers the information is relating to resolving the issues of customer once availing the products of the red bull. In respect of retaining customer towards the products, it is necessary that their queries must be resolved and also live drinks procedure is to be published. For e.g. In case of red bull company they apply the strategies regarding attracting customer is personally verifying the procedure of making the energy drink and the quality of products which they used in producing such products.

2) Legislation or regulation:

In terms of legislation, it refers to the norms or standards which is imposed by government regarding managing the business or also imposing rules for staff to work according to the set directions. Mainly government form laws regarding securing the right of the person or companies in respect of bringing any innovation in business. In respect of digital technology, laws are mainly needed regarding securing the company information or also imposing the laws such as data protection act and privacy act,1988 (Fang, Lerner and Wu, 2017). It results in securing the rights of the staff regarding sharing any information or also helping the team to be managed in right way. For. e.g. In case of employees sharing any of the information which is crucial and relevant to any other employees than the managers had to carry the privacy act, regarding not disclosing any person information without the employee consent.

3) Organizational polices and procedures:

It is necessary for companies to carry some policies to secure the right of the employees and also manages their working in better way. Thus, policies are designed in respect of taking care of the company vision and mission and then accordingly it is imposed to secure the employees or customer who are engaged in business activities to gain profits. In respect of digital technology, the organization policies is to be secure the company information and also carry privacy through not disclosing any customer information (Lyman, 2017). For. e.g. in respect of carrying any planning regarding the company expansion, organization policies is to be involved upon every person and making them familiar with the company plan. But they also sign the deal regarding not disclosing any detail without their prior permission. This raises positive impact upon the team through getting appreciation regarding the work committed and also getting extra monetary benefits in respect of task accomplished within the set time period. By working under the set policies, it also helps in scheduling the work in right manner and also motivating staff to bring innovative ideas at work place.

Both these legislation affects the team work regarding securing their company information and also their working criteria to achieve gaols. As team are motivated to bring more innovative ideas in business and also to secure the right of creators from bringing any new concept in market. 

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4) Legislation or regulation:

Digital technology

By examining the above situation, it is stated that by applying the legislation or regulation in digital technology and information it is affected through carrying the copyrights and patents laws in respect of products which is designed by the Red bull company. Under the copyright act, 1968 it mainly protects and cover the right of the creators regarding bringing innovative ideas in business (Meurer and Depoorter, 2019). Thus, copyright laws are imposed regarding securing the rights of the persons for the period of 70 years. In case of red bull the copyright is undertaken regarding carrying the innovative drinks which is authorized by authors and also new in concept. For e.g. In case of red bull, they are protected under 203 countries carrying the copyright rights regarding carrying the innovative concept of energy drinks.

In this, regulation is to be undertaken through enjoying various rights which are mentioned under the copyright laws and thus, it controls business to work under the set norms which not violated the right of any persons. Once the Red bull carry the copyright laws, they can secure their reputation through facing any illegal crime. If you want to get the authentic paper as per the prescribed deadline, then consider seeking help from our Management Assignment Help at the best price.

5) Information:

The another legislation is examined through carrying the trade mark act, 1995 and trade secrets act, in which the slogans, colour and logos is secured from any illegal activity. For e.g. In case of Red Bull, they are securing the business under the design and slogans who they used to promote the products in market. As slogan such as “Red Bull gives you wing” is one of the most motivational quotes which attracts the customer interest towards the business (Moore, 2017). In respect of colour, they carry the unique colour named as amber which reflects the usage of Red Bull products. Thus, the red bull company in terms of securing the information, carry the trade mark and trade secret act to protect the right of the company from any infringement activity.

6) Organizational polices and procedures:

In context of setting the organization polices, it is mainly imposed on companies, employees and customer regarding carrying the brand image of the company. Thus, procedure is mainly undertaken regarding managing the day to day operation and also assign task to complete it within the set time period. In respect of attaining at the post of manger, the duty is to provide eco friendly products with setting the high quality products to be provided to customer. The target is set for the employees and also rewards are to be given in respect of performing extra professional work. In respect of intellectual property, it is to be maintained through carrying the trade mark act regarding securing the innovation concept of the company.

Digital process refers to such process which is mainly adapted by company in respect of managing the continuous flow of products in market. As every department had different perspective of using this process like sales, marketing, inventory management and IT department (Pavis and Wallace, 2019). For e.g. in case of Red Bull company, the granule packaging systems is undertaken regarding carrying the completes procedure of preparing the energy drink to putting such drinks in cans and then carrying the seal pack for such cans.

As red Bull carry the trade mark act regarding carrying the unique logos, slogans and colour of the cans which is unique and differentiate from the other products. Thus, through digital process, it is necessary that their products are secured under the Trade mark act, 1995 and the company enjoy the rights for the period of 10 years (Rimmer, 2017). As there are more chances of infringement of any mark and if the person is registered under the trade mark, they carry the rights regarding imposing penalties upon the parties who commit such illegal activity.

7) Protection of trade mark:

The power of trade mark is that it enhances the business of the company through carrying the innovative trade concept to promote the company. Thus, companies are protected under the trade mark Act, 1995 for the time period of 10 years which may extend to 10 more years addition to this time period (Protection of Trademarks in Australia, 2020).


Intellectual property risk and description


Impact on organization

Controls to be implemented

Trade mark risk: In these, risks is to be identified through carrying the unique logo, colour and slogan to represent the Red Bull company products. The main reason of carrying this risk is that it is easily copied by any person and also the taste of the drink and colour of the cans can be easily copied with the competitors company to distract the customer interest towards the red bull energy drink products.



The control is to be undertaken through carrying the rights of the trade mark act, 1995 and in this the information which is to be provided to customer are to be firstly secured and registered under this act. So, that the chances of infringement can be controlled through carrying the trade mark right of the products. The another aspects of controlling risk is relevant to checking the trade mark official sites registration and also verifying it security through checking the competitor's strategy in availing it (Skowronski and Benton Jr, 2018).

Copyright risk: In this product, risk is undertaken regarding providing the energy drink to customer with carrying the quality check from doctors report. Red bull carry the copyright risk regarding the products which they are promoting in market is relating to energy drink. As lot of competitors already extend their business by dealing in producing the energy drink products. Thus, it necessary to secure the rights of the company through this innovative concept.



This can be controlled through enrolling the innovative concept under the copyright act, 1968 in which their rights are secured for the time period of 70 years. As this is mainly designed for the usefulness of the customer and thus are sanctioned by the doctors regarding using such products. Thus, it is controlled through carrying the rights and also file suit in case of facing breach in violation of any terms of rights.


From the above study, the report concludes the matters relating to examining the procedure of digital application in business. It is mainly undertaken through providing the online services to the customer and helping them to secure their information which they share with the company in larger way. This report is based upon the red bull company and also carrying various intellectual property right regarding its innovative concepts, logos, slogan, and colour of the cans which they promote in market to gain profits or sustain in market for longer way. It also carries various risk and also its procedure to control such risk to secure business from such infringement activities.

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