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Importance of Social Media in the Digital Age

University: University of Suffolk

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CFPBUS006
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In current era, social media highly considered as ultimate tool of marketing. This connects the entire world and assist to spread the information of products and services (Jones and Glynn, 2020). There are number of the people who highly depends on social media sites to share their views and opinion. Therefore, the usage of social media has been growing rapidly. With use of this advancement, people can get easily socialise with others.

The present research study is based on to review the current scenario of social media  and its impact over internet. Furthermore, report will lay emphasise on compare and contrast between positive and negative aspect of social media over internet, Moreover, challenges and measures of security and privacy will be discussed.  Lastly, two platform of social media will be selected and their features will be explained.

Description on compare and contrast between positive and negative aspect of social media on internet.

From the last few years, social media has grown tremendously. Therefore, the growth rate is very high. Social media can be termed out as the website that allows to have social interactions (Agnihotri, Dingus and Krush, 2016).  It is advancement that has changed the world in many ways. In the fast moving world, this can be used to changed the life of an individual but at the same time this also has some conflicts that creates the negativity. Prior to the introduction of social media, there were no much conflicts relate to internet crimes. Currently, rapid advancement being made in technology and internet. Herein, the advantage and disadvantage of social media over internet as are-:

Positive impacts

  • Enhancement in use of internet and network- social media can be termed out as the platform that has increase the use of internet. In current era, there are number of people who uses network facilities just to turn over social media and they also has lot of net usage on social media (Allcott and Gentzkow, 2017).  Thus, number of the entities are also using net facilities to promote their product and services via social media platform. Therefore, social media networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has created Buzz and also enhance the usage of internet. So, this can be one of the positive sign of social media over internet. There are number of people who are using social media platforms and this has enhance the opportunity for business to reach large pool of people that are interested in commodities and services. Henceforth, social media can be considered as one of the best catalyst that support to drive traffic to business. Get assignment help from our experts!
  • Increase in communication- The use of internet has also improved the way people used to connect with each other. It has become easy due to social media platforms. Herein, number of the application are avail that aids to people to remain update with latest information (Allcott, Gentzkow and Yu,  2019). In order to get connects with world via social media, the internet plays the huge role. Without the use of internet there is no use of social media. Also, usage of social media enhance the medium of communication and usage of internet. Therefore, it can be stated that internet has become the significant tool of social media communication. Thus, usage of social media mainly for conversation, community, connecting with audience and building relation with people. Thus, it can only be happen with use of internet facilities. In addition to this, it can be stated that the use of social media has few marketing strategies that allow to connect with large number of audience. There all things has enhanced the usage of internet.
  • Online education- In the current era, student do not need to technically go to school to receive education. There are number of courses that are avail on social media platforms as YouTube, learning tutors apps etc. Internet facilities has created various social media networks that ease the lives many individuals. Thus, schools, universities, coaching institutes has enhanced the use of internet so that they can get connect with people via social media networks (Chae, McHaney and Sheu, 2020). Thus, internet allows the connectivity of social media platforms and aids to facilitate better advancement for people. In the field of education the usage of internet is continually enhanced because sites like YouTube have thousands of educational videos that provides chance to each individual to sharper their skills. Also provides new ways to express their creativity and individuality.

Information Services Management

Negative impacts

  • Security issues- It leads to raise in issues as security. In current era, the number of security agencies have their access to people personal account (Dekker, van den Brink and Meijer, 2020). Thus, endless amount of information online led individuals spreading rumours via use of social media. This creates negative perception of users towards internet instead of the different flaws of social media.
  • Hacking- The number of the cases are increasing of hacking through social media. This has provided number of opportunities for hacker to steal some sensitive information. In the present scenario, there are number of the cases that has been identified of hacking data. Due to the high usage of social media the issue as hacking has been continually increasing. This results in decrement in the usage of internet.
  • Cybercrimes- It is another negative aspect of social media on internet. With rise in hacking, cyber crimes are also rapidly enhancing. Additionally, crimes such as bank fraud, unethical issues and privacy issues are continually rising (Hiltz,  Hughes and Turoff, 2020). These all are happening due to widespread usage of internet facilities. It can be stated that the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have given the rise to vast global cyber criminal network. Thus, it can be stated that people have decrease use of social media and internet as they get to know various types of cyber crimes.

Discussion on challenges and measure of security and privacy taken when social media service used online.

Online social media have become extremely popular in the recent years. This has widespread the information that led to presence huge volume of users and also creates personal information on the internet ( Chae, McHaney and Sheu, 2020). In addition to this, the advent of the social media has transformed the ways of people in both aspect negative as well positive. Therefore, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Snap-chat and LinkedIn are termed out as social media tools. Thus, following measures has been outlined to prevent the challenges of social media services as-:


This involves creating the fake social media accounts that looks much similar to the actual profile. This done by the hackers with aim to attract customers towards themselves and they do it on purpose to steal confidential information about the consumer (Hosseini, Jostova and Savickas, 2020). It can be serious threat to third party that imposes the high risk of losing confidential information. Most of the individuals also shares their confidential banking details with these kind of fraudulent people. This is mainly done gaining financial profit. This is termed out as crime such as credit card details, PIN, account number etc. In order to get rid from it, the anti virus software needs to be installed.


This is quite similar to phishing. In this, the hacker try to steal data and damage the system or server (Hiltz,  Hughes and Turoff, 2020). This happens due to access to sensitive information of client as details of debit card, banking information and password to undertake any financial theft etc. With the use of updating OS can be one of the effective way to secure the system from crime as spyware.

Cyber crime

This can be defined as the crime that involves of computer and network.  It is kind of criminal activity that is continually rising due to the usage of internet facilities. Thus, main purpose behind committing the cyber crime is to access to confidential information and to steal some personal information (Hiltz,  Hughes and Turoff, 2020). This has became the major problem today due to continuous advancement in technologies everyday. However, the security measures to protect the theft of data are not yet advanced and this allows cyber crime to more occur happen. Thus, usage of social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube has enhance the internet crimes such as cyber bullying etc. In current era, cyber crime is uncontrollable, people and business are suffering significant financial loss.  Thus, hackers uses the several tactics to get personal information.

Malware attack

This is defined as an issue and kind of cyber crime. In this, data and information steals and hackers tries to access it with help of entering into computer system. In order to do it, they downloads malware software devices or applications. This application has turned the all this easy for the hackers to get effective access to data and information.In order to get rid of it, the system needs to be regularly monitored. This can be one of the effective way to identify the issue relates with Malware and remove it from system.


This is involving the wide range of the malicious software that can block the access to the system until the time hackers gets certain amount of money. It is the act that can bring threat of data loss or any confidential information that can cause damage to sensitive information(Hiltz, Hughes and Turoff,  2020). This has high chance that hackers will contact the people and also try to blackmail them for money.

Risk management and prevention

The measures must be framed out that assist to control risk of internet crimes. However, the risk management prevention are outlined as-:

Two factor authentication

The two factor authentication termed out as TFA and this can be defined as additional level of the security. This can be termed out as the multi-factor authentication. TFA is very effective tool as this is just two step verification in which user of social media needs to provide additional information along with the user name and password (Type of Social media and how each can benefit your business, 2020). For example- in order to login Google mail, the user has to first long in with user name and their particular passwords, thereafter a screen reflects to get linked with mobile number on which OTP sent to verify user. This process called out as Two factor verification.

Proper privacy setting for the social profiles

In relation to Facebook, the user personal information like name, gender, mail id and other things seems visible to other Facebook users to certain extent. Facebook provides the user the information that who can see their personal information (Hiltz, Hughes and Turoff,  2020). These are the options that is inclusive in the privacy setting of Facebook. These are setting that provided by other social media websites that aids to maintaining the personal information in safer manner.

Perform frequent audits

Each day, hackers are taking initiatives to develop the innovative techniques to hack the firm social media accounts and this must be well prepared to handled it. This is recommended to conduct the regular audit of social media accounts. This also modify the social media policy that provides right to get access to accounts.

Data backup

The another measures that can be taken is to undertake regular backups of all the files that are very important. In case, if any security attack happens then firm do not need to suffer from any financial loss. Thus, it is crucial to maintain everyday backup schedule and also restore the all files in hard drive. Thus, storing all information in single drive cannot be completely safe as there is high risk of hard drive in getting corrupted.Get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Define compare and contrast features, application and discuss the suitability for business with selection of two social media examples.

In the present era, there are number of social media application that used by people. Henceforth, number of innovative websites are continually emerging to rise the use of social media platforms. Each application are different in features from each other. This is network that utilize the user information in terms to serve the high relevant advertisement that is based on interaction via specific platform. Therefore, two social media examples that is highly suitable for business are outlined in following context as are-:

Basis for comparison




This is defined as social networking site that makes easy to connect with people world-widely ( Hiltz,  Hughes and Turoff, 2020).

This is application that can be used to take free photo and videos from smartphones. 


  • The main features of Facebook is that it allows to people to get connected with whole world.
  • It uses to upload photos and maintain album of photos that can be shared with anyone who is connected to profile.
  • This is application that mainly supports interactive online chats and also has the ability to comment on friends profile to stay in touch.
  • The recent updates of the Facebook allows to undertake business promotion as publishers can use networks of audience to upload their ads and aware targeted people about the latest brand updates.
  • The great feature of Facebook is to generate the awareness via newsfeed, notifications, social channels etc.
  • The main features of this application is that people can use this to view and share photos etc. Henceforth, the news feed cannot be shared.
  • It is mainly a fun app and there is various pages with lot of filters and features.
  • This is widely used by marketers as this allows to upload and take regular photos.
  • This is application that allows to add filter, caption and tag location before sharing the post. 
  • Thus, it can be stated that Instagram has become new home for brands at where the engagement of audience is high and followers are brand loyal. This can aids to accomplish business goals.
  • Herein, event features aids to create the awarenesses about the event. So, people are sent notification about it.
  • Also, Instagram business profiles are a new feature that provides various brands to make their account to be identified as business. It has more unique attributes as get reach to analytics, ad targeting and contact button.



  • This is termed out as interactive software application that can be developed to create extensive social media framework for app.
  • This is the application that aids to large people to become the entrepreneur by connecting the world and aware them about the product and services.
  • Instagram can be termed out as online photo sharing application and this is also a social media platform that allows users to edit and upload photos via smartphone.
  • Thus, users of this application can also make their profile private so that only followers can able to view the post.


  • Social platform as Facebook is continually looking over the sustainability. For businesses, this is termed out as sustainable advertising model that aids to aware the public about product and services.
  • It has sustainability as long as entity has a user base to spread  significant information to targeted audience.
  • The use of Instagram application can be sustainable as this allows to make business profile to get connected with targeted audience. Also, it has to be noted that this application is not as effective as Facebook because this only offers sharing of videos and photos.
  • Thus, the products and services will only be seen by the people who are follower to that particular page. Also, there are very low number of people who are using Instagram.

Hereby, it can be concluded that social media has become effective and efficient tool that allows to connect people world-widely. Thus, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and many other kind of social media platforms allows users to share online information and connect with new people. Over the last few years, usage of social media has changed the lives of many individuals. Therefore, this can be stated that digital channels has changes the way business operates today. In the present era, social media has became the core competent of any successful online marketing strategy. This is defined as collection of online communication channels that has rise the interaction level of individuals (Hiltz,  Hughes and Turoff, 2020). Thus, photos, videos and other things can be shared at a single platform. Henceforth, it has been proved that social media has become the central facilitator and has enhanced the medium of communication to people. Order Cheap Assignment Help Now!


From the above report this can be summarized that technology is growing the use of social media and this has become the routine for each and every person. In addition to this, social networking has became one of the major trend in internet use. Thus, online social networks are becoming the foremost reason that has enhanced the use of connectivity of internet.

However, result of the study has showed the both positive and negative affects of social media platforms over internet. Also, report has covered the challenges and measure of security  such as phishing, spyware, malware attack to have better use of social media services. Furthermore, assignment has undertaken comparison with selection of two social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to discuss the suitability for business.

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