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Impact of Social Media on Business: Pros and Cons

University: University of Suffolk

  • Unit No: 49
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CFPBUS006
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Table of Content

Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Explain Positive aspects of social media.
  • What is Challenges and measures of security and privacy with social media?
  • Discuss Compare and contrast features and various thinks between two social media.
Answer :
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In the modern era, technology is more advanced popularity with use of social media is at peak. Social media is the combination of the different application and websites which is facilitated the sharing of ideas, views and thinks from people to another one through that many of the people are connected to each other. Now, business units are placing high level of emphasis on using social media sites with the motive to develop awareness among the customers about products or services offered. In respect of that, present report will reflect the negative and positive aspects of social media on the internet. Furthermore, this will discuss the challenges and measures of security and privacy which are take place when using social media online. At the end of the report, will highlight the comparison of two different social media websites and their sustainability for business. Also, discussed the social media take place on the fact which can use as communication tool or not.

Compare and contrast between positive and negative aspects of social media on internet.

By doing assessment, it has identified that now people from both business and non-business segment access social media sites such as Facebook, twitter etc for meeting their own purpose (Anderson and Jiang, 2018). However, there are several aspects which in turn associated with the usage of social media sites in terms of both positive and negative. The explanation of those positive and negative aspects are as follows: Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Positive aspects of social media:

The application of the social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. no longer remains constrained to their original purpose of connecting people which has ventured much farther where the brand are using this to measures their product, different social organization are use this platform to inform other people about the various playing activities. Siddiqui and Singh, (2016) illustrated that the social networking sites have brought people from remote and distant location on the single platform for connect and interact together. With the help of this, geographical distance between people are reduced by increasing number of users of such social media tools. Through that they share and convey their information and feeling with their own groups.

The positive aspect of social media on internet has increase the use of internet by people to be connected with each other. This help to increase knowledge by using internet and get updated (13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media, 2019). It is the wonderful combination of technology and high touch for the group and internet. Social media has created positive impact on internet which is search results for people. Qadir, Safder and Sumra, (2019) stated the positive impact of social media on internet is easily shared information with others. Additionally, Subramanian, (2017), stated that social media is covers various posts and businesses videos which are help to increase profit for business. Through that businesses are more use internet. This increase uses of internet for business purpose.

Negative aspects of social media:

In respect of positive aspects have so many negative aspects of social media sites on internet. One of the most negative aspect of social media on internet is reduced use of social media due to cause of addiction, many of the studies shows that. Throughout the days, they feel to post something on their page and check others posts which become an important part of the life. This creates negative impact on the people eye and create various health issues and reduce the use of internet (Alalwan and et.al., 2017). This gives the negative impact on internet because people are not use and decrease internet uses. This puts various negative impact on the people life with this use of internet is decrease. The another negative impact is lack of human interaction. This is negative impact on internet which is created with use of social media.

The social sites affect use of internet due to fraud and hackers or misuse of information. This reduces trust of people from internet and this is not good for internet (Jiang, Luo and Kulemeka, 2017). Misuse of information is creates negative impact because through that people will suffers and faces various problems. The internet has forced us to redefine our definition of privacy and more of people or users are depends on internet for information support. Lack of reliable information is also negative impact on internet which is generated through use of social media (Raut and Patil, 2016). Another one is many of the personal informations are stored at websites. Through that have so any threats of the theft data and misuse of this. This gives negative impact on internet.

Challenges and measures of security and privacy with social media.

There are various challenges attached with new concepts. In the same ways, the use of social media also has many of the challenging which are attached with the uses of social media (Boateng and Amankwaa, 2016). The major and main challenges which is faced by people when using social sites and websites are discussed below in the points are as follows:

Misuse of information:

Lack of confidentiality is recognized as the main challenge which is faced by user at the time of use social media sites. This is major challenge because at the time of operating social media some personal information are posted by the users on the websites. Thus, there is a possibility that hackers use such information for the purpose of undesirable activities. That is the main challenge which is faced by people when using social media and online sites for complete working. This creates the chance which all this information can be misused by people who not interested in this information. Further, leaked location of users. The leakage of location is creates various problems form people (Bouwman and et.al., 2018). This is the possible because many of the time user operations social media with help of their mobile devices and used by hackers can access the data which is stored on mobile.

Spam attacks:

This is another challenge which is faced by user of social media may face while operating websites. The spam is the unwanted massage which occurs as well post that are danger. These spam message contain advertisement and links which is clicked by user which may leads to publishing sites. These are the spam message come with the advertisement sites are creates various problems and issues for people who are used social media sites.

These are the issues and challenges which are faced by user of social media are used online. These create various problems for people like leak personal information and used by others (Appelbaum and et.al., 2017). On the other side, it is very important to measures the security and privacy with that uses. For that below is discussed measures techniques are as follows:

Measures for maintaining security and privacy with use of social media:

There are various challenges attached with the use of social media websites. In respect of that, there has mentioned various solutions and measures which can be helpful and undertaken by user for overcome those challenges.

Create strong password:

This is very important and effective for people to create very strong password for using social media sites. This is the measures which can helped to use in order to overcome the challenges of social media and their security and privacy aspects. Many of the time there are cases when the users reuse the password for the several sites and for mail id. Thus, there are changed the tracking passwords easily (Song and Yoo, 2016). This is the important aspects which is help to overcome major issues the step is to set strong password every time of uses. On the other side, strong password is help to protect data which is stored on social sites. With the help of this, peoples are able to protect their data with any misuses with hackers. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Gathered data and be updated:

This is another and most effective way to meet and remove challenges which are generated with use of social media online. This is very important because changes taking place into the technical environment. Thus, it is necessary for users to be gathered important information for using social media and what are the latest changes are going into the competitive market (He and et.al., 2017). This will help to people to have proper and effective knowledge with the latest trends about the social media as well as protect to people with any fraud and other factors.

Taking decision related to storing data:

This is very important and effective for taking better and effective decision for store data which is personal on the social sites. This help to protect data on the social sites. This stored data creates problem for individual people by hacking and misusing data. In order to protect that, people have to take better decision for storing data on social sites. For that, people have to take decision to store data and stead on the browser and websites. This creates more effectiveness for those people who have needs to protect data which is stored at social sites in effective manner.

Do not click on links from emails:

In the day, there are various emails and message are come with links. In order to remove and avoid challenge of spam attack, do not click those links or operates. This help to resolve challenges which is created through spam attack. For example: if receive a message containing web links from bank, shopping sites and from other social sites. The instead of clicking on the links in the email go directly to websites and wed browser to perform the actions the email is requisitioning. This is the way which is help to protect from spam attack to people.

Those are the measures of security and privacy which have to take at the time of use social sites and online work. This is an important to protect data and overcome challenges which are generated with social sites in effective manner (Zayer, Beran and Alcaide-Pulido, 2017). With the help of this people able to protect data with hackers who are try to damage image and data of people.

Compare and contrast features and various thinks between two social media.

There are various types of social media apps which are used by people. All the people are used social sites but as per their needs. The different types of social media apps and examples are Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, You Tube etc. those all are plays an important into the people life. This creates more effectiveness for people. For that completing this section here is select Facebook and You Tube apps of social sites. The comparison of both are underneath: Order Thesis Help from our experts! 

You Tube:

You Tube is the video sharing services where users upload, watch, like, share, comment on other people videos. In this video services can be accessed on the mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other functions (Mangan and Gillies, 2017). In this users can search for and watch videos, create their personal videos in effective manner. There are discussed features, application and suitability for businesses are as follows:

  • Features: In the context of You Tube app, features mainly include its speed as well as creator studios apps for people which enables them to upload their videos. This provides various lectures which are related to study material for the students. This is new ranking system which is designed to lower visibility of junk comment for the clear layout. This has most wonderful feature which is new type of cards. This promoting the content is one way of ensuring which will keep the current users and increase the number of new viewers for the work.
  • Application: The application of You tube contains video wall application which is connected with the API with other functions. Another is simple player view and player fragment. The application of YouTube includes creation and sharing of videos (Alalwan and et.al., 2017). This help to promote products and services for the business for create more effectiveness.
  • Suitability: In the current times, usage of You Tube has increased with the very high pace. Now, for resolving queries and learn different aspects individuals take resort of you Tube channel. In this regard, by uploading videos about the usage and benefits of products business unit can persuade as well as attract people significantly.

Facebook: This is an American social site and media company. This a largest social site and has more than a million and billions users. This is connected with the people with others friends and family (Anderson and Jiang, 2018). Also, this is a site which enables people to stay connected with others by sharing views and information. This is the best place where they can promote business can be done for buying and selling of various things and the promotion of the business by promoting pictures of businesses for working in better manner.

  • Features: the main and best feature of Facebook which provides a timeline of all the activities are posted on the Facebook. This provides a written record order of all the activities that have been posted on the apps. Another is the messaging option which is provided to users, this is the best option with the help of this user can message to any of person within their friend list to be created at the time of talking people (Appelbaum and et.al., 2017).
  • Application: application of Facebook is for communicating with the people added in the friend list of Facebook by sharing photos, videos, events and other visibility to each and every people. This provides posted items application through video and photos. With the Gift application, people can send another member a virtual gift in the form small icon.
  • Suitability: the use of Facebook is much suitable for the businesses as they are able to communicate with customers with minimum time (Boateng and Amankwaa, 2016). So, the cost of using is lower. This creates wonderful profits margin for businesses by connecting with customers who are ready to buy products and services with sites by commenting in comment box.

Comparison of both:

In the comparison from both You Tube and Facebook, Facebook is better because as its cost is lower. There various and larger range of people at the single time use. Also, there have different pages that can be used for sharing and advertising their business products and services.

Social media sites as a communication tool:

Social media sites are the better communication tool and network which can be used as a communication tool for the business because most of the people are used social sites like Facebook and You Tube help for communicating with consumers. This is very important and effective which is help through using those websites all this information which are relating to the business like product and services of business (Bouwman and et.al., 2018). With the help of this, business and management can upload those and some information because present days' various people are use social sites and take updates about the business.

At this having one better option which is messaging option. At their business and customers are directly communicate about products and services like price, quality of product. This is more important and safe for promoting business in better manner. This creates most effective think to create more effective for success of business (He and et.al., 2017). YouTube is the another site which is created effectiveness for people to working in better manner by uploading videos. In the similar way another sites are more important which are creates communication between business and customers for managing business in effective manner.


From the above study, it had been concluded that the social media plays an important role into the human life. This created more effectiveness for the business and people for maintain business and communication factors. There has mentioned various negative and positive aspects of social media. The positive has promoting business or negative aspect have addiction. On the other side, there has various challenges which has faced by people and measures of security i.e. creating strong password. In the end, report mention the comparison between Facebook and You Tube, both social sites best for promoting business. But comparison Facebook has much better because of easier for communicating business. Social media has the great business communication tool.

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