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Digital Strategy Development And Implementation

University: Barony College

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3474
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Organization Selected : Victoria

Introduction to Digital Strategy Development And Implementation

Digital marketing strategy can be defined as the process of promoting products using the various digital techniques such as the internet, display advertising and other digital media of promotion. It is an important aspect regarding the communication between the business and its customers. Further, the implementation of different digital marketing strategies which provides the platform and easy access for the customers. The present report is based on Victoria-based take away food shop which is Fish on fire engaged in providing food products as per the requirements of customers (Tiago and Veríssimo, 2014). This report covers the various digital marketing strategies on the resources and capabilities of the stated business. It includes the online micro and macro environmental factors which affecting the business. Further, it also covers the strategic analysis by integration between the online and offline activities of marketing by the cited organisation. Moreover, to create digital marketing strategies and different significant elements including customer experience, communication with the help of media channels.

Assess digital marketing strategies with regards to the resources and capabilities of the organisation

Digital marketing strategies help to the wide range of customers so that they can reach the products and brands which are advertised by Fish on fire. There are various resources are implemented by the organisation such as financial resources and human resources which help in the growth of business. Financial resources are maintained by the company to expand and development as per the requirements of the business. Further, the management of business consider the needs and desires of customers and according to that they produce the various products (Royle and Laing, 2014). The business also uses the online platform for advertising their company and their various products to the wide range of customers. Nowadays people are mostly using the internet, and they are also active on the different platforms. It is beneficial for the business to use the digital marketing strategies to provide their services. So that it helps in ensuring the various types of techniques use by business for the purpose of advertising of products. There are various online micro and macro environmental factors which are analysed by the business. The online micro factors which are identified by the business are described below:


  • The main strength of the stated business is it is easily accessible for the customers.
  • There is the low cost of advertising and the business can attract a large number of customers (Kotler and et.al. 2015).


  • The weakness of business is that most of the customers are not familiar with this platform.
  • The digital marketing strategies for business are quite a time consuming for customers, and it also includes that they cannot try the products before use.


  • The main opportunity for business is to promote their products with the help of digital marketing strategies and to attract the wide range of customers.  
  • Expansion of business with the use of the website and selling products(Stone and Woodcock, 2014).


  • One of the main threat for business is the entry of competitors and change in the taste of buyer.
  • Another threat is limited use of technology in the promotion of products.

In addition to this, there are some of the online macro environmental factors which are identified by the organisation that are described below:

Social Factors - There are some of the social factors which can influence the business such as the lifestyle and habits of buying of the different customers. Further, the level of income of the customers can influence the functioning of business. There are some of the people who are health conscious and there the preference of food is different. Thus, Fish on Fire is affected by the various kind of customers and their preference toward purchasing products online (Mekonnen, 2016). 

Economic Factors- There are some of the economic factors which affect the business such as rate of interest, demand and supply of products of the company.

Competition- There are some of the competitors in the market which can influence the business of Fish on fire. Other business owners are also engaged in selling same products as the stated business. It is highly affected due to the other businesses are also having the same platform which is digital marketing strategies for the promotion. With the presence of competitors, it helps in motivating them to make the profit as per the requirement of customers (Ryan, 2014).

Conduct a strategic analysis on the alignment and integration between online and offline marketing activities

Strategies play an essential role in the growth and development of the business. It helps in creating the plan and develop different opportunities for the purpose of growing business in the market. The research is carried out on Fish on fire they are using different types of marketing activities to promote the products. Further, the team of marketing in business make arrangements for managing the different activities of marketing. It is helpful for growth and profitability of business which is beneficial for them(Habibi and et.al. 2015). There are some of the methods which are followed by the marketing team for the promotion of products which is online activities are described below:

Social media- It is the process of attracting a large number of customers and encourages them for purchasing different types of products. Further, it helps to increase the brand awareness, and it costs efficient strategy for marketing. Through social media marketing, the stated business can take the feedbacks of customers regarding the products and their quality. It is beneficial for the business and important aspect for advertising of products and targets the huge customer base. Further, it also helps to reduce the cost of marketing so that they can use appropriate resources for the management of the activities of the business. Thus, it can be stated that social media marketing helps in promotion of food products to the consumers (Armstrong and et.al., 2014).

Internet- There are various types of sites which are available on the internet for the purpose of promoting the products of the stated business. The marketing team of the company also identifies that their website of the company is helpful to promote the products which are visited by a large number of people. Further, through the internet, it will provide appropriate knowledge in detail regarding all the products to the customers which help them to purchase it. It is way for a customer for making the decisions of purchasing different types of products, and it also helps to build the relationship between the consumers and business (Strauss, 2016). Thus, the internet is an appropriate platform to promote the various products which are beneficial for them and to manage all the aspects of internet marketing. They also involve different types of online sites for promotion of their products in the market. It helps to increase the growth and development of business.

E-mail marketing- It is another tool for online marketing activities which is helpful in transferring information regarding the products with the help of e-mail. The company also can promote the various products so he consumers aware about the products. There are different types of food products which are offered by Fish on fire so that customers get several varieties of products.

In addition to this there are some of the offline marketing activities which are adopted by marketing team of Fish on fire which is described below:

Newspaper- It is an offline marketing strategy which is used by business to promote the products and give detail information regarding all the food items (French, 2017). There are different types of advertisement are given in newspaper and company also offering the discount on some of the products. Further, it also helps in increasing the customer base which is essential for the business. Thus, it can be stated that newspaper is the useful source of marketing activities for the stated business.

Campaigns- With the help of campaigns company can promote the products with the help of different techniques of advertising and make use of appropriate resources in order to generate the brand awareness and volume of sales. Further, it helps to increase in the business and it is also effective in nature which leads to growth in the business. It helps in attracting customers and encourage them to buy products (Madhavaram, Granot, and Badrinarayanan, 2014).

Business cards- Interaction between the business and customers through the business cards and they are also provided the different aspects related to the products that is beneficial for the company and manage the activities of marketing. Further, they can also expand their activities through the various techniques and different opportunities so that people remember their existence in market (Karjaluoto, Mustonen and Ulkuniemi, 2015).

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Develop digital marketing strategy

In order to develop a digital marketing strategy there is requirement of proper objectives and marketing which is to be implemented with the help of using appropriate resources. This strategy is helpful in getting different aspects related to the marketing activities such as use of offline and online. It involves to evaluate the use of digital marketing strategies and campaigns as a tool for the development and growth of Fish on fire. This strategy also useful in order to identify the problems and issues for the purpose of managing the different terms and conditions for the company (Kolb, 2016). Digital marketing strategies are innovative and manage by the marketing team which is efficient enough to take decisions related to plan the objectives of marketing. For developing the digital marketing strategies there are some of the points which are described below:

Marketing objectives- This objectives are set by the business on the basis of requirement of the team of marketing. There is major objective of company is to improve the product awareness in the mind of customers so that they can easily access the products which they want to buy. The  objectives of the company is to be prepared in such a manner so that it can be achieved efficiently by the management (Grant, 2016). Further, there is another main goal of the company is to increase the sales and different techniques by which they can provide the appropriate products to the customers. It needs to make sure that the objectives must be as per the requirement of the business and consumers. It is also beneficial for the company to assess the relevant information regarding the use of various techniques which are used by them in the implementation of plan.  This objectives can be accomplish with the help of appropriate plan of marketing and use of different tactics for business (Heinze and et.al., 2016).

Marketing plays an integral role in each and every business to enhance productivity and profitability as well. In the present case a fish on fire company is chosen which is Victoria based and operating in food industry. For the respective company marketing plan is enumerated below:

Marketing Objectives

Marketing strategies are used by the firm to achieve objectives of organisation. Here objectives of fish on fire company are such as below:

  • To increase sales by 15% for upcoming year.
  • To enhance satisfaction level of consumers.
  • To increase market share by 12% for next year.

The above marketing objectives are very helpful for the respective business to enhance its financial performance in the industry where it operates (Olsen, Wagner and Thack, 2016). From the objectives company is able to achieve economies of scale and attract more number of consumers. All the objectives are interlinked with each another, When company will increase sales then obviously more consumers are consuming its products ultimately objective of market share is also affects in positive manner.

Marketing Plan

Another important element of business is marketing plan where company prepare a plan regarding several marketing strategies. From this the company is able to know that how marketing is to be done to attract consumers and achieve all the objectives (Kozlenkova,  Samaha and Palmatier, 2014). In this the company will be prepare marketing plan with help of its overall team members and marketing experts. In order to the plan fish on fire firm will hire customer relationship managers to make effective marketing strategies. The managers are experts in marketing field who give proper and appropriate solution to advertise and promote its products and services. The company operates in a food industry and in current market scenario most people are like to eat fast food so company will use the strategy will affect to young people majorly.

Furthermore, in order to marketing plan the company will use digital marketing which helps to enhance more number of consumers and achieve objectives as well. Digital marketing strategy will be highly effective for the business entity due to people are using internet. Apart from these all the existing firm will involve in several types of CSR activities which increase awareness among the population of country. When company use the activities then able to create good image and goodwill as well.

Marketing Tools

For doing marketing of products and services some techniques and tools are required without which the firm is unable to marketing products (Gary, 2014). In the present case the fish on fire will use online and offline both tools for achieve its objectives. Both are very effective techniques to increase awareness among population which are given as below:

Online Marketing: In the online techniques various tools are there which will be used by mentioned business. In current market scenario mostly people are using internet and social media on daily basis so online marketing is chosen. As per the online it will use social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, etc. on the other side people are surfing on various each and every day. The company will use direct email system in which it will send e-mail about its products and services to enhance number of consumers.

Offline Marketing: Moreover, the organisation will use offline techniques where it will do advertising and promotional activities which lead to achieve its marketing objectives. In offline method it will give advertisement in newspapers, articles as well as distribute templates among population of the country. Fast food is consuming by youngsters mostly so the company will do various promotional activities such as organizing event, sponsorship in the events where young generation is there. The company will do promotional activities in the college events as organise youth festivals etc. which lead to achieve marketing objectives of mentioned business.

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Resources Required

Resources are like a lifeblood of an enterprise, without these business cannot survive and run in the industry or market. In the fish on fire organisation various resources are required to run in fast food industry. Several resources are such as financial, human, technology etc. are given as below:

Financial Resources: It is very important resource for the company, without this a firm cannot exist in the market. Financial resources are required to purchase raw material, to recruit and select skilled candidate, in production department to make finished goods from raw material, to purchase kitchen equipments etc (Testa and et.al., 2015). Apart from these all the enterprise have to pay salary to its personnel for this also finance is required. Hence, it plays very most significant role to run business very smoothly.

Human Resources: Another resources are human by which the firm able to recruit and hire proper and skilled staff. The resources are required to manage overall business in effective manner and to produce goods and services.

Technology: It is also important element of the firm which is required to produce products appropriate and within lesser time (Hollensen, 2015). When company use better technology then it will lead to achieve its marketing objectives because it provides better goods and services.


It is a process where planned strategy will be apply or execute in the respective business. In this before applying strategy or plan in firm, all the situations and description about plan will be communicate with staff and team members of the business (Strauss, 2016). Here the fish on fore company will give all informations to staff about the online and offline marketing strategies that how products and services will be marketed. After communicating and giving brief about appropriate strategy the plan will be execute in the business entity of food sector.


As per the process the plan which is executed, will monitor and check by the organisation that it is implementing in proper way or not (Ahmed and et.al., 2014). For this the business will make a team which check and take review from employee that whether a plan is giving better result and not. Apart from this it will evaluate that the plan is beneficial for the firm or not and marketing objectives are achieving or not. If the team will find any mistake or problem then take corrective action and if required then modify respective strategy.


From the above report it can be concluded that digital marketing strategies plays an important role in order to promote the various products of the company. In this report, Victoria based take away food shop which is Fish on Fire is selected and there are different types of techniques for advertising and promotion of the product. It can be summarized through report that the online micro ad macro factors affects the functioning of business and the company is able to manage the different sources effectively and efficiently. Further, there are some of the tools of online and offline marketing activities which are adopted by the team of marketing at Fish on fire. Further, it can be inferred that with the help of developing a digital marketing strategies for the company they are able to manage the activities in an appropriate manner. It also  includes the marketing objectives such as increase in the sales of company and to make marketing plan with the use of various marketing tools so that they can implement plan for the business. It also includes to monitoring and evaluate the digital marketing strategies of the business. Thus, it can be stated that with the help of digital marketing strategies the company can promote products online and use it effectively in business.

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