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Mental Health And Wellbeing

University: Canterbury Christ Church University

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  • Level: High school
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Mental Health refers to concepts related to emotional and social wellbeing of humans. It is essential to maintain a good mental health in order to enhance overall wellbeing in individuals. With enhanced importance of various aspects contributing to a good mental health, various organisations are making an attempt to adopt practices contributing to this factor in their firms. The assignment is based on National Health Organisation, which is one of the largest public sector organisations in the world. The report covers factors influencing mental health and well-being, and value of early intervention in promoting positive mental health. It also covers assessment of strategies and measures taken by employees regarding mental health.


P1. Interventions that can be used to promote healthy methods to cope with stress.

When demand placed is perceive, stress will occur such as work, relationship or school exceed the ability to cope(Lawrence and et. al., 2015). Everyone is not same so all will choose different ways to manage their stress such as yoga, meditation, walking etc.

Intervention that can be used by National Health Service (NHS) for promoting healthy methods to cope up with stress are:

  • Take a break from the stressor: It’s difficult to get away from a stress place like big project work, growing credit card bill etc. If it is permissible to step away from the stress work, new perspective or practice techniques will be created to feel less overwhelmed.
  • Exercise: Both body as well as mind will grow due to exercise. There are many long term benefits of regular exercise.
  • Smile and laugh: Brains are interconnected with our facial expressions and emotions. Face often holds a lot of stress when a person is feeling stress. Smile and laugh can be used to refuse the stress.
  • Get social support: It means using a social tool like call, email, chatting etc. to reduce the stress and increasing efficiency.
  • Meditation: For relaxation and focus, meditation and mindful prayer can be used which can help to see new perspectives, forgiveness and self-compassion development (Lawrence, and et. al., 2016).

P2. Strategies for individual which can be reviewed to building resilience

Resilience does not mean stress impervious but it also means to adopt and copy stressful situation.

NHC can build the following strategies for resilience to stress:

  • Forming and maintaining relationship - Good relationship can help to come out from stress and improve mental and physical health.
  • Exercise - Physical exercise helps in refusing the effect of stress and leads to better sleep.
  • Self-examination said than done in stress but setting aside sometime to unwind will be used easily in pressure.
  • Having Fun-Stress can be redused by laughing and enjoying
  • Positive Attitude-Must be focused about the future can help to avoid stress.
  • Taking Control-Stressed people often feel at mercy of conditions which are beyond their control (Alcock, and et. al., 2014)

Social media:

Social media is very useful in today's world. Most popular social media is Facebook.

Facebook had cut down the physical boundaries and it have many advantages and disadvantages.

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Benefits of Facebook:

  • Facebook had reached more than a billion user and it is growing very rapidly.
  • We can connect and contact people with the help of Facebook who are anywhere in the world with the help of internet.
  • Many people specially students use Facebook for group discussion and businessman also use it for short meetings
  • Facebook provide many games and other application which help in reducing stress (Gascon, and et. al., 2015).

Disadvantages of facebook:

  • Social networking sites have risk of theft of personal information
  • The continuous use of Facebook without a break make our mind ill.
  • More and more use may disconnect one with real life
  • May make people depressed if they had been cheated by fake account.


P3.Role of Supervision for supporting public services worker's well-being

Consideration of well-being of worker in workplaceis very important for any organisation for smooth working of business operations. This preoccupation by National Health Service (NHS) is for providing positive links between health & well-being of workers and productivity & performance of company. By providing health and well-being environment by the National Health Service to the workers, it can achieve its desired objectives and productivity in business operation. Poor mental health and illness is one of the leading causes of disability both in the UK and internationally (Kinderman, 2014).

There is various reasons to supervise the well-being of worker and health promotion plans to be delivered within working place which are as follows:-

  • It reduces the cost and makes it easier to develop and co-ordinate programmes.
  • To finish Health gap and inequality between various workers like 'white collar' workers and 'blue collar' workers.
  • To increase job satisfaction and better corporate image of National Health Services in the market.
  • To control the vulnerability in mental health problems effectively and efficiently.
  • To control the discrimination, bullying and harassment in the organisation (Shoshani and Steinmetz, 2014).

Some examples of good supervision for well-being of workers are:-

  1. I am confident that my Supervisor supports me when needed. I have never had to use my leave to attend cultural/community obligations but if or when I do I know that my Supervisor will support me.
  2. A really good supervisor can make this work/life balance WORK in real life by really being understanding and supportive. From my experience, I have had supervisors who ‘don’t give a rats’ about my cultural, family and carer responsibilities. They don’t come out and say it, the non-verbal communication is subtle and sooner or later this impacts on Indigenous staff performance.

Impact on public worker's own health and well-being of family, friends and colleagues:There is a significant impact of family, colleagues and friends on the mental health of workers of National Health Services (NHS) and it has a tremendous result on the working of the workers.

If the family and friends gives support to the workers then, it is very helpful for a worker who is undergoing through any mental illness to recover. Also the behaviour of colleagues with each other should be good so that they can work in the company smoothly and it helps the National Health Services to perform better in the market (Gascon, and et. al., 2015).

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P4:Planning to improve own mental health in organisation

This is mandatory to for all workers who work in public organisation like National Health Services (NHS) to plan its own strategy to improve his/her mental health and well-being. For this, workers should do the following:-

  • Recognising that improving mental health is important for the company.
  • Worker should focus on his/her physical health by doing exercise and yoga practices
  • Take a break after continuous work if he/she feels stress.
  • Keep smiling and laughing so that a positive attitude can be maintained in company


It is thus concluded that mental health is necessary in enhancing the importance of wellbeing of individuals. It is necessary to review factors intervening early to ensure well-being of individuals. It is better to assess strategies and taking measures to promote healthcare in public sector organisations.

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