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Health Promotion

University: University of Wales

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Introduction to Health Promotion

One of the main aim of health promotion activities is to reduce different types of illness that is caused due change in lifestyles and dietary habits in individuals in UK. If a person is adopting healthy habits then there are very less chances that they will encounter any types of diseases but the chances of developing diseases and illness in an individual increases if they do not follow proper lifestyle and eating habits. Some of the major diseases which are very common are cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis and other cardiovascular disorders. There are many reasons which can cause these diseases such as smoking, alcohol consumption and improper lifestyles. Various strategies should be implemented so that positive health outcomes are produced and health is promoted in a better way.

The report will cover different health promotion strategies and models that can help in promoting health in UK. It will also include potential conflicts and barriers that are caused due to different health promotion activities.


1 Impacts of socio-economic situations on health

In recent times it has been noticed that there are several impacts of socio-economic situation on health which are very necessary to be eliminated so that negative outcomes of health are not produced. Some of the impact of socio-economic situations on health are mentioned below.

Long term unemployment

If a person is not employed for a considerable period of time then he will become frustrated and depressed. This will definitely produce negative effect on mental state of a person In such cases the person starts to inculcate bad habits such as drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco.

Finance security for big families

Due to large families and more than two n children in a family it is very difficult to take care of all the children at a same time. This also creates a negative impact on health of those children in UK.

2 Assess the relevance of government sources in reporting on inequalities in health

Different health surveys in UK are conducted so that government is able to analyse and report various health inequalities that is existing in UK. Various surveys such as Health and Lifestyle Surveys (HALS) and Health Survey for England (HSFE) are both the organisations of UK government that gathers information from various sources so that they are able to promote health to citizens of UK. These surveys are helpful for UK government because it assist in designing proper strategies and plans that can be implemented for health promotional activities. Although all the strategies that are formulated do not prove to be effective but they help in promoting health to a higher extent. It is also beneficial as it fulfil the needs and requirements of all the citizens.

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3 Reasons for barriers to accessing healthcare facilities

There are various barriers that do not allow individuals to access different healthcare activities that are provided by healthcare settings at local and communal level. Some of them have been stated below.

Physical barrier

If a person is not able to move from one place to another independently and is dependant on others than it will be a physical barrier for him to access healthcare services. Every time they have to take help from others.

Psychological barrier

Psychological barrier creates an hindrance to access facilities when a person is not mentally fit. For example if a person has developed psychology for some kind of medical treatment then he/she will not undergo that particular type of treatment.

Financial barrier

All people do not have same income and hence in several cases it becomes difficult for individuals to access different healthcare facilities due to high cost.


1 Analyse the links between government strategies and models of health promotion

Health promotion models and strategies are developed with the aim of promoting health so that all the individuals live a healthy life. Government of UK has designed many strategies so that they are able to improve health outcomes to a considerable level. Different health promotion models have been discussed below.

Social model

In this type of model no medical treatment is used and it only considers social aspects for treating an individual. One of the best example can be use of social models in for quitting the habits of smoking.

Behavioural model

This model can be implemented to change the behaviour and attitude of a person towards a particular situation. This is generally used for patients with mental disorders.

Medical model

This is generally used when a person requires medical treatment for particular diseases or habit. For example if a person is not able to stop smoking then through medical model medicines can be provided to the individual.

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2 Explain the role of professionals in meeting government targets for health promotion

For promoting health in UK it is very necessary to design various targets so that all are aware about different disease that can be caused if measures are not taken in proper way. Some commonly targeted health strategies are Anti-smoking, every child matters and vaccination. In order to meet the needs and targets of government, all the professionals have been consistently employed in providing better services to all the individuals so that health outcomes are improved. It is noted that 17% people suffer from life threatening disease due to lack of vaccination. Hence government has made an effort to provide vaccination to all the children of UK so that they are saved from dreadful diseases.

3 Discuss the role of routines in promoting healthy living

It is very necessary to build up proper routines so that healthy living is promoted in all the citizens of UK. If a person has not developed healthy habits then it will lead to cause various disease. For example if hygiene and cleanliness is not maintained in house at other place then it will lead to various bacterial and viral infection that can produce illness in individuals. But if proper schedule and routine is maintained than it will definitely have a positive outcomes on health of a person. It is also very necessary to develop healthy eating habits because it helps in maintaining proper strength and rigidity in the body with age.


1 Concept of health belief and examine 3 health beliefs that are present in the UK society

Different concept of health belief that are present in UK society are discussed below.

Health Belief Model

According to this model it is stated that the overall thoughts of an individual are based on its own perceptions. Hence it is very necessary to develop certain strategies that can help in understanding the behaviour of a person properly.

Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA)

This model helps in understanding the behaviour of a person or their attitude when they handle different situations.

Health Action Model

Psychological theory is directly linked to the health action model because it helps in changing compromising behaviour into enhancing behaviour so that health is promoted.

2 Discuss the possible effects of potential conflicts with local industry on health promotion

Although health promotion activities are conducted for the betterment of citizens of UK but there are many barriers which are faced by local and communal authorities in order to implement various activities and campaigns. For example if schools and other GP's services are organising various campaigns in order to stop the habit of alcohol or tobacco chewing then all the local authorities are not abler to abide by those campaigns and activities. Even if awareness among school going children and individual is created but the sales of tobacco and alcohol is reduced which proved to be a potential conflict with local authorities in promoting health and well-being.

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3 Explain the importance of providing relevant health-related information to the public

Without providing necessary information about health related outcomes to public of UK it is very difficult to promote health in positive manner. Hence it is very essential to provide relevant health related information so that health is promoted. For example, if a person is unaware about the health consequences and adversities that can be produced due to tobacco smoking then he will not be able to leave smoking at any stage in his/her life. Awareness will help him/her in saving from encountering different diseases.


Health promotion and different aspects related to the topic were thoroughly discussed in the report. Further, relevance of providing healthcare information to public was also discussed in the file. A direct link of health promotional models with the government strategies was also discussed which was followed by potential conflicts which arises between local authorities in promoting health in citizens of UK.


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