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Foundations HCP


In the medical sector, health care experts and service provider play a very crucial role in delivering quality care services to patients so that they can improve their disability and health issue (Health and safety in care homes. 2014). In order to provide effective treatment and care, independence and privacy of patients is most important to make them feel free comfortable in the hospital. The following project addresses various effective action and treatment which is provided by care experts in the health care organisation in different situation to achieve maximum independence. In addition to this, various components that affect the well-being of the service users has also studied in this report.

First Half

1 Description of various effective action and treatment of healthcare professional should adopt to clients and their families to achieve maximum independence

Healthcare experts and service provider have the major responsibility to facilitates clients or patients in the hospital in such manner so as they can able to feel and comfortable in the health and care organisation. In this manner, privacy and independence are important aspect so patients and their family can feel free and comfortable. In order to provide maximum independence in different situation, health care experts should deal with patients in the following manner-

According to the given situation, an elderly lady is living at home but she is partially sighted. It means that lady has issue that she is unable to see properly or she is able to see very little. She is not completely blind but faced the difficulties while she see something. In this case, health experts should conduct meeting with that lady and check their eye disability on the regular basis (Alhatmi, 2011). By providing effective guidance such as telling her about stairs as they approach them and easily access that whether they go up and down. Furthermore, the practitioner also can suggest non optical aids to help partially sighted lady with low vision enjoy life more fully. Health experts can also provide training to that partially blind lady so that she can carry out its daily routine work effectively. By using the mentioned treatment and action, health experts can make the partial sighted lady independent at her home.

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In a second situation, health practitioner provides maximum independence by arranging effective facilities and treatments to the lady who just had a C section and now shifted back on the ward. In this situation, practitioner should provide effective guidance and knowledge about the start walking, eat right food and nutrition, breastfeed with support, avoid crunches etc (Health and safety in care homes. 2014). Health experts should render knowledge regarding after pregnancy activities so that the lady can become independent herself (Bernard, 2013). They can provide extra phone charger, breast feeding pillows, high rise maternity underwear, facial cleaning cloths, slipper and socks etc. By use of these things, lady can take care of own and be independent in the hospital.

In the third situation, a male soldier is patient of amputation so in this case health professionals can take various things while they treat him. They should provide mirror box therapy under which the patient actually watches in a mirror while receiving PT to re-map the brain's neural pathways to register that the limb is no longer there. Further, health experts can provide physical therapy so that the male patient can coordinate with his body and can balance in an effective manner (Clark, 2011). Both balance and coordination are required for weight shifting from one limb to another. In addition to this, transfer skills are essential to make independent amputation patient. By using these skills he can learn the ways to do toilet, shower and basic activities of life. Before discharging the patient, health experts should provide transfer skills to patient which can assist him to become independent.

Second Half

2 Discussion about two factor that affects patients well-being in each of following area

Psychological area-

  • Confidence- Client should be encouraged to discover own unique qualities and have the confidence to face challenge and task risk.
  • Self esteem- People with high self esteem generally have a positive outlook and are satisfied by themselves most of the time. Clients can improve their health well-being by developing positive self image and a sense of self worth (Clark, 2011).

Physical area-

  • Nutrients-This factor affect the patient health well-being because nutrients directly impact on the patient’s health. Whatever he/she takes a food that influences his growth of health. For example, eating junk food which can increase the fat in the body of individual (Earls and Myers, 2010). On the other hand, protein consumed in an adequate quantity increases stamina.
  • Exercise- Exercise assists the patients in improving their health and fitness. By doing exercise in regular basis, individual can increase their stamina and decrease obesity. Furthermore, by taking regular exercise, client can make his body flexible and overcome various physical and health disability.

Social area-

  • Interaction- Health well-being is largely affected by interaction and social relationship with other. Individual is a social animal who always want to get in touch in people so interaction with societies such as family, friends, and colleagues is influence the well-being of individual.
  • Opportunities for growth- In the individual life, when they take the growth opportunity them then it provide effective well-being to them. Every individual wants to grow and progress in their life. On the other hand, if there is no growth opportunity in the human being life then they will de-motivate and will make the person depressed (Emerson and et.al., 2012). So it can be said that growth opportunity is another major social factor for the client.


From this project it has been concluded that health care experts and professional have major responsibility to improve health disability and health issue of patients in the hospital. By using various treatments and effective action, service providers can easily deal with partially sighted patients, C section patient and amputation patients in the hospital.


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