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Evaluation of English Language Teaching Material

University: University of Sunderland in London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1470
  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Evaluation of English Language.
  • Discuss about the the evaluation of unit two of “My English Book' of grade 5.
Answer :


This case study is based on the topic of Evaluation of English Language Teaching Material. Evaluation of a English Book of class 5th will be done in this study, so as to evaluate the whether the English book is suitable for the students of class 5th or not. Analysis and evaluation of the material given in the book will be done according to the grade five students. Proper evaluation of the material will be done to find out what learning it is giving to the grade five students, and how it is helping in their growth (Jeremy, 2017).


Teaching of English language has many significant aspects or components but the most essential for both teachers and students is the textbook. It is the most important thing which helps teachers in guiding and it helps students in learning (Richards and Rodgers, 2014). With the effective textbook students can learn more efficiently and effectively. In this study the evaluation of Unit two of “My English Book' of grade 5 will be done.

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Teachers say that it is difficult for them to teach students without any textbook, so it plays an important part in providing material base to both learners and teachers. According to Sheldon, English textbook not only provide the material, but also have several advantages for both learners and teachers. Cunnigsworth finds various role that English textbook plays in syllabus. My English book of grade 5 is based on the curriculum with pre-determined objectives of learning, it is an important source which provided self directed learning to students of class 5. Unit two of this “My English Book” is based on expressing wants topic. In the unit two of this book the presentation of material is very effective according to the students of class five, it gives source of activities and ideas to students. Various type of information is given in the form of pictures. Pictures help small children to learn with more effectiveness. They can have  more and more learning from the pictures that is given the in unit. It also supports the teachers who are less experienced and who need to gain more confidence in teaching. Evaluation of the unit two gives several information that :

  • It is an effective source of learning for students of class five
  • Illustration of various pictures help students in learning in proper way
  • Words used for expressing reasons can be more easy according to the students of class five
  • More examples and activities can be described so as to generate interest in students while learning
  • Level of book is appropriate according to the students of class five

Material given in the book in unit two provides support and relief and give proper explanation of expressing reasons to the students. Some more material can be provided in the unit to express reasons. Although the given material is related with objectives of teaching. If the more activities will be there than it will help in involving students more and will make them more intellectual. Material given should also be able to relate students personally that will result in more effective learning of the students. Material should be able to practice English in comprehensive and systematic way.

Matter given in the unit two is accurate and grammatically correct, whereas in several books there are many spelling and grammatical mistakes that give negative effect on learning of students. Matter is also based on the objectives of knowledge. Material given helps the students of class 5 in developing good reading and thinking skills , with the given material they will be able to analyse and evaluate view points and issues that are given in the unit, they will be able to gather information for various purpose through book. It will also help students in increasing their oral skills of communication. Matter in the unit two of “My English Book” is given in the form of conversation that will help students in developing their communication skills more effectively. With the conversation given in the unit they will learn how to talk with others and what answers they need to give if the question is being asked by them.

The material should be more creative, focused and purposeful that will students in increasing their writing skills (Tomlinson, 2012). The example should also be given in the paragraph or essay form, so that it will help students of grade five in developing their skills in writing. Some vocabulary material should also be given in unit so as to increase the vocabulary skills of the students that will help in the more effective learning of the students. Some tips related to writing skills should also be mentioned in the material. Choose the best Online Assignment Help in London at an affordable budget.

Good material in the book students in their overall development of the students that may include their personality development, ethical or social development (Pennycook, 2014). Also helps in the character building and understanding the requirements of society. Overall grooming of the students help them in their career building. Material in the unit given in the book provide familiarity with the language to students, that helps students to focus more and creates their interest in learning.

As the material in the unit is in the form of conversation, so it will help students in developing their pair and group conversation. Teachers can direct students in reading those conversations with other students, and can make them understand how the real conversation takes place. This thing will help students in developing conversation skills in the society. Teachers can also help students in learning, by performing students act/play, with the help of those conversation, that will help in English learning more efficiently. The exercise or questions given in unit two is sufficient for the students of class five for testing their knowledge and learning. Material given in the unit two is exactly based on the topic of the the unit that is expressing reasons and the material is exactly according to the students of grade five. Students of grade five will not have difficulty in learning or understanding with the given material (Materials Evaluation. 2016).

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Material given the unit should include attitude for the relationship and role of the student and teacher, attitudes and values related to gender, and this material should be in easy language according to the students of grade five. Material should also take positive effects in consideration so as to develop positive attitude in students.

Effective material help students in excellent development (Tok, 2010). As English is the universal language so it is very necessary to provide good material to the students for their good learning and overall development so that they will not face any problem related to English language. Good material also play an important role in proper teaching and if the teaching will be good at the small age than it will definitely help in the grooming of students. Good material helps both teachers and students to improve knowledge and learning.


In this study the evaluation of English material for the 'My English Book' of class five. Evaluation of material is necessary to know whether the material provided is sufficient, good or not. Evaluation is done for the unit two of the book, which is based on the expressing reason. It is analysed from the study that the unit two of the book provide good material for the students that will help in their effective learning. It is according to the students of 5th class which is easily understandable by the students. Some modifications needs to be don in the material related to the vocabulary, activities, examples so as to give more effective learning or knowledge to the students.

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