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English Academic Skills

University: Coventry University

  • Unit No: 17
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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It is always suggested to perform a task in group in order to compete it on time and that also with proper quality. The time taken to perform a task by an individual will always be more when compared to same task when performed by a group. Below given are the self-reflective on the process of groups presentation. Further, it covers the strategies that are used in order to address the areas in which development can be made.

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

This can be determined as model that is helpful to explore a situation that can be used with some other for coaching (Gibbs Reflective Cycle, 2013). In this context, there are five steps that are involved and they are as follows:

Description: This can be defined as a stage in which one identifies the issues that are faced within the groups. In this context, I have identified that I lack of proper communication skills and die to this I fail to develop strong relationship with other due to which there is ineffective coordination. Further, due to ineffective communication I fail to know other and this also raised miscommunication.

Feelings: As per my perception, I have identified, within a group it is important to know each other and for this purpose, it is important to have effective communication as it help to develop trust and confidence within order members. This way the goals and objectives that are set can be achieved.

Evaluation: As per the evaluation made by me, it was identified that all the team members were willing to resolve the issues. Further, all were able to understand that the issues that is faced by me. To make sure that this can be solved, all the suggestions that were provided by me will be helpful enough to overcome them.

Conclusion: From this, it can be concluded that the issues that is faced by within the groups is affecting my performance. Further, it is important to take proper steps so that problems can be solved and the performance within the groups can be improved. This way the objective for which group was developed will be achieved.

Action: As per the issues faced, different set of steps will be taken through which there is healthy interaction. For this process, groups activities were conduced and outings were planned. This was helpful to make sure that member within the groups get to know each other and interaction can be raised.

Greenaway’s Reflective Cycle

This is another model for self-reflective and it is helpful enough to identify and take appropriate steps with the help of which problem can be solved (Greenaway’s Reflective Cycle. 2014). In this context, there are three steps involved and they are as follows:

Do: This can be determined as experience that I have with the groups and the personal skills that I possess. As per the analysis made, it has been identified that I lack communication skills. This is helpful enough to make sure that there is proper coordination. When there is interaction, then individuals get to learn from each other the skills and capabilities that others possess. However, this is the only area in which I lack and it important to make sure that this area can be improved.

Review: As per the findings, it can be stated that I have work towards improvement of my communication skills. In order to work in a team with proper communication, it enables to know the skills and capabilities that other possess in the groups and accordingly personal development can be made. Due to lack of communication skills, I am not able to understand the guidance or the roles that are provided to by others. In this context, it can be stated that this area should be improved.

Plan: In order to achieve and develop communication skills, I will get classes and take help from my team members so that they will be able to help me in identifying the areas in which improvement needs to be made. Further, to raise the interaction level, there will be informal meeting conducted so that each members get to know other and proper coordination can be raised.

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From this, it can be concluded that there are different type of skills that are required. Among all of them, it is essential to have communication skills so that there is effective interaction. It is important to take up proper steps like coaching class and online test will help to know the issues that are faced and improvement can be made effectively and efficiently.


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  • Gibbs Reflective Cycle. 2013. [Online].
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