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Developments Literature

University: University of Bristol

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Question :

This sample will let you know about :

  • Discuss about the Analyse linguistic features.
  • Discuss about the Literary key terms
Answer :

Introduction to Literature of 20th Century

William Golding has been written the Book that is Lord of files which represent the difference between civilisation and savagery. This book is considered on the Group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempts to govern themselves. This file described depth knowledge and understanding about savagery and civilisation which have relationship with human being. In the following assignment, the brief of this mentioned book has been addressed. William Golding presents his very harsh view of humanity and human kind.

Main Developments in literature

According to the view of Qurashi and et.al, In the Book of Lord of the files by William Golding, major reflection has done on the savagery versus civilisation. In this book, each chapter provides the role of human and his savage. God has created all human being and gives them all desired things like sense of humour, knowledge, skills etc.

The story is based on the group of British boy who are marooned on a tropical island. On the basis of this book, in the human lives, evil is violence and brutality. While boy played on the island then there emotion, feeling, activities, action has been clearly defined ion this story which is related to the humanity and savagery. They represent the savagery and civilisation in the human being. The above story completely based on the civilisation and  devolution under which relationship defines between society and human nature.

In the novel of Lord of the file, all characters are systematically and effectively presented in the different roles .This story was published in 1857 in which the story of three boys has been clearly defined which is related to the civilisation and savagery.  Further, it also defines the character of two personality that is Ralph and Jack,at tihe time when they spend their time with adventure, loneliness and deadly then they represent their different character which show political conflicts. In this story about the three boys, Ralp have fair haired and cubby have wear thick glasses. They both introduced themselves with each other. These both personality represent their characters in the different looks.  A per the view of Liu and etc. From their discussion, it has been analysed that English boy was attempt down over the sea. Ralph and piggy look around the beach & they got a very huge pink shell which looked very beautiful. While they both saw the shell then piggy realizes that this can be used for the makeshift trumpet. In this situation, piggy realised that shell can pick from the Ralph and hide from the pother boys on the island.

Analyse linguistic features

As per the view of  Dun and et.al, (2017)  Lord of the files, evil is like a bacteria and it is very harmful for the environment and human being. Honesty,  humanity and loyalty is the best friend of the human being. From this novel, it has been analysed that this lord of files are based issues among civilizing and savagery are carried in human being through which they react sometime different as barbarizing. In the William Golding book lord of files focuses on the various element of the society and human being. In this includes morality, culture, law etc.  In addition to this, he has also focused on the chaotic element of humanity's savage animal instincts under which includes anarchy, blood-lust, selfishness, violence and amorality. The first chapter of  book defines parameters within civilization functions.The team of boy was shot at the place of island. on which novel are designed. In the contradicting view of Lord, (2017) the fact that the character are only boy was significant. In the Golding novel  thoughts defines on the  societal constraints are learned rather than innate. In addition to this; human being should obey the rules, behave severally and peacefully with other and follow the order that are imposed by the system. In the story, it has been analysed that young boy was fitting illustration of this premise and they followed rules and regulation. On the other hand, left of them are often behave with instinctive cruelty and violence.Get marketing assignment help from our experts!


As per the view of Quigley and et.al, (2017) the lord of files written by William Golding; it has been analysed that all of the human being have sense of human and some kind of responsibility towards the society and others. They should have to follow the rules and regulation which has been imposed by the law of universe . It has been also analysed that all characters in the story about lord of life was not act as savages. The nature of all characters are as follows-

In the view of Pettitt and et.al., (2017) the Ralph was a protagonist of novel who was the English boy who have only tweleve year age and she was very little in the team member group. He has nature to interact with other people  and develop na effective relationship with others. He was acting for coordinating the boys and making efforts to build a miniature civilization on the island until they can be rescued. Ralph nature was good and he acts as a human being and follow civilisation on the island.

As per the view of Di Martino and et.al, (2017) Jack was the antagonist and older boy on the island. Jack is leader among the team of boy and try to control the other people at the island. Jack have very  barbaric nature and he always behaves cruel with other people. His nature was so many selfish, barbaric, cruel and savage. In the entire story, his nature show the savagery. In order to interact with other people he always  shows his power and lost the election to Ralph. While  fight  with pig for killing them then he painting his face like barbarian as blood lust. From this chapter of the jack in the story, it has been analysed that Jack character is full of the savage, barbarian.

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As per the view of  Mestitz, (2017) Simon was very shy and sensitive boy in the group as his nature was quite good as compared to the jack. He was naturally good human being and have well nature on the island. He have very wonderful nature and behaviour toward the other people as he always perform in peaceful manner and he have sound human being toward the  others. Simon represents a kind of natural goodness and adopted very peaceful and polite nature toward  other friends in a group on the island.

As per the view of Di Martino and et.al, (2017) Piggy behaviour and nature was also different in the group as he represents the scientific and rational side of civilisation. He was an intellectual boy and his cleverness show his innovativeness and creativity to perform their task at the time on the island.

Interpretation by other readers

As per the view of Bagnall and et.al, (2017) the story of Novel Lord of files written by William Golding, it has been examined that all characters in the novel were not savage. Some characters like Ralph and Simon were honest and have good soul. Thus, from this story about the civilisation, effect of power and innocence, it has been analysed that in the human beings the earth there have different natures, behaviours, soul, humanity and mind of individuals. Their action reflects their characters, nature and knowledge. Human being just survive on the earth by his own sense of humour. Their nature and behaviour can change according to the situation and emotions are always attached with the mind and soul. It has also learnt that people can do anything to survive and there is something about the power of fear. This concern contributed to them doing things that they would not do in civilisation. On the contradicting view of Quigley, D., and et.al., (2017) It has also shown that human being have requirement to develop empathy, responsibility, respect and maturity. Author William Golding defined in the story that man is essentially defective to begin with. Due to this reason, he uses children and they develop their natural instinct which occurs to be more evil. The author had shown that now humans have changed and they are becoming  crueller. There is innate power in every human which is driving them towards the cruelty and leads to the destruction. Here author wants to describe the relationship between the human being as show their innocence, emotions, feeling etc. of evilness lies in us, holding-and at the correct circumstance, that devil can be unleashed . Person can get contemplate in identifying who is evil and good. It can be made clear that Jack is the supporter and Simon is the most pure character. Simon has gained his moral aspect from the society. Goldings had shown that Simon had scarified himself for the truth to be released and was unsafe from the evils. Jack which is having the undeniable evil powers. We provide best law essay writing services with top quality essays!

Theme and moral value

As per the view of Di Martino and et.al, (2017) The Author had shown the complex caverns which had surrounded human nature, showing the raw nerves which drives humans to evilness. This can be seen in today's society and we can fetch that how we have to change. In today's world, good can hardly be seen as winning over the man's own evil. By this book it has been also analysed that humanity is very required in the human nature by which they can able to survive in the complex society. God have created human being different from the animals as people have skills, ability, talents, knowledge. From the story of Golding it has been analysed that human emotions, soul and sense of humour assist them in reacting in different ways. From this discussion it has been ascertained that we all are born with for sure. In the life in the absence of rules and proper balance  in the human being  are necessary through which they can able to understand their live style and perform in an effective manner, In the story there are lots of things can act as restraints laws ,relationship, faith to name a few . In this story, Piggy makes various efforts to hold the activities which he performs for accomplishing the activities. In the lord of files, it has been ascertained that there are great allegories of various kinds of culture and structure in the human society. From this story it has learnt that there are different kinds of emotions, values, beliefs among the people by which they act differently in different situation. Do take help from  assignment examples to get better understanding about assignments!

Literary key terms


As per the view of  Lord, (2017) Golding represents that there boys are not able to represent the differences between themselves and pig as they hunted them for the food.


In the story, jack desire to enforce his human  will on the natural world  and subjugating it to his want. In the particular setting, jack actions reflect his depending contempt for nature.

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It reflects the figures of the speech that have rhetorical effect. It may deliver  identification of clear ideas. In the story, Golding William represent the clear perception about the civilisation and savagery by clear story about the boys.


In order to reflect the themes about the civilisation and savagery, author uses different idea  and perceptions.

Theses and moral value

As per the statement of Bagnall and et.al., (2017) In the book of William Golding, there are rules and regulation of civilisation has been clearly defined which assist in decrease its impact on the human being. In this story, the major role played by Ralp and jack which represent relationship between savagery and civilisation. Golding focused on the antagonistic situation about of violence which can occurred as a clear endorsement of civilisation. As per the view of Mestitz, (2017) lord of files represented various themes and basic idea that provide the reader something to think about. In this book, one of the most theme is about the society  which hold people on the earth together and without these conditions, our ideals, values and the basis of right and wrong are lost. This book also focused on the moral which directly come from the surrounding and if there is no civilisation around the people then people will lose value. In addition to this, William also focused on the various themes which are as follows-


While human earned the power then they can use this for abuse.


In every human being, fear incurred in their personality and it occurred along with situation.


Some people have savagery and it reflects according to the different situations.


People can examines the consequences of a decision.


In every human being have their won identity which assist them in differenciate with other people on the earth.


From the above essay about the lord of files, it has been analysed that story of young boy reflect the personality and nature of human being by which they able to represent the difference between savagery and civilisation. From this essay, it has been also concluded that there is innate power in every human which is driving them towards the cruelty and leads to the destruction. Here, author represented human nature along with evil, emotion, feelings in the different situation. It has been also concluded that humans are always changed according to the circumstances. Worried to get assignment writing help? Take help from our experts! 


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