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The Novel Assignment

University: BPP University

  • Unit No: 16
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 8 / Words 2022
  • Paper Type: Essay
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Lord of the files is that the novel which was written by the writer; William Golding. This book considered on the Group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempts to govern themselves (Pettitt and et.al., 2017). This file explores the dark side of humanity and the savagery that underlies even the most civilized human beings. In the following assignment, the brief of this mentioned book has addressed. William Golding presents his very harsh view of humanity and humankind.

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What are we? Humans? Or an animal?or savages? Do you agree that all characters presented in the novel are savages?

In the Book of Lord of the files by William Golding, major reflection has done on the savagery versus civilization. In this book, each chapter provides the role of human and his savage. God created all human being and given them a sense of human being, skill, quality, knowledge as compared to the animal.

Lord of the files tells the story of a group of British schoolboys marooned on a tropical island after their plane is shot down during a war. As per this book, human evils is partly based on Golding experience along with real-life violence and brutality. The story defines the rules and structure of civilization and society (Qurashi and et.al., 2017). The boy on the island in Lord of the files descends into savagery. The story has attempted at civilization and devolution into savagery and violence e put the relationship between human nature and society.

In the novel of Lord of the file, all characters are systematically and effectively presented in the different roles. In the story, Golding novels alludes to R.M Ballantyne 1857 The coral island; which defines the story of three boys stranded on a desert island in this also define the character of two personalities that is Ralph and Jack, while the boy of coral island spend their time having pleasant adventure and Golding character battle hunger, loneliness and the deadly consequences of political conflicts after they are deserted. In the story of the lord of files, a fair-haired boy lower himself down some rocks toward a lagoon on a beach. In the lagoon, he encounters another boy who is chubby who wear thick glasses. The faired haired boy introduces himself as Ralph and the chubby introduce himself as piggy (Liu and et.al., 2017). From their discussion, it has been analyzed that English boy was shot down over the ocean. It crashed in thick jungle on a deserted island. Ralph and piggy look around the beach they founded a large pink and cream colored conch shell which piggy realizes could be used as a kind of makeshift trumpet (Dun and et.al., 2017). Piggy realizes that this shell can be used as a kind of makeshift trumpet. Piggi convinces to the Ralph to blow through the shell to find from other boys.


As per the Lord of the files, evil is like a bacteria and it is very harmful to the environment and human being. Honesty, human being, and loyalty is a best friend of the human being. From this novel, it has been analyzed that this lord of files is based on conflicts between civilizing instinct and the barbarizing instinct that exist in all human being. The author William Golding makes in the novel are designed to emphasize the struggle between the ordering element of society, which includes morality, law, and culture (Lord, 2017). In addition to this, he also focused on the chaotic element of humanity's savage animal instincts under which includes anarchy, blood-lust, selfishness, violence, and amorality. In the first chapter of the book defined parameters within civilization functions. The group of a young boy shot down over the tropical island where the novel takes place. The fact that the character is the only boy was significant. In the Golding, novel idea defines that societal constraints are learned rather than innate. In addition to this human being should obey the rules, behave respectfully and peacefully with others and follow the order that is imposed by the system. In the story, it has been analyzed that young boy was fitting illustration of this premise and they followed rules and regulation. On the other hand, the left of them is often behaving with instinctive cruelty and violence. Take assignment writing help from our top writers!

As per the view of the lord of files of William Golding it has been analyzed that all of the human beings have a sense of human and some kind of responsibility toward the society and others. They should have to follow the rules and regulation which has imposed by the system (Quigley, and et.al., 2017). It has been also analyzed that all characters in the story of a lord of life were not acting like savages. The nature of all characters are as follows-

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In the story, Ralph was the protagonist of a novel who was the twelve-year-old English boy who is elected leader of the group of boys marooned on the island. He was acting to coordinate the boys and make efforts to build a miniature civilization on the island until they can be rescued. Ralph nature was good and he acts as the human being and follows civilization on the island.


Jack was the antagonist and older boy on the island. Jack becomes the leader of the hunter but longs for the total power and become increasingly wild, barbaric and cruel as the novel progresses. His nature was so much selfish, barbaric, cruel and savage. In the entire story, his nature represents the instinct of savagery within human being as opposed to the civilizing instinct Ralph represents. In the starting time of the story, jack desires power above all other things and he was violent while he lost the election to Ralph and continually pushes the boundaries of his co-friends character and role in the team. While he encounters a pig then he is unable to kill it but jack becomes obsesses with hunting and devotes himself to the task and painting his face like a barbarian and giving himself as blood lust. From this chapter of the jack in the story, it has been analyzed that Jack character is full of the savage, barbarian.


Simon was a very shy and sensitive boy in the group as his nature was quite good as compared to the jack. He has naturally good human being and sense of humor on the island. He always behaves very peacefully and kindly towards the younger boys and their work was for the good of their community. His motivation was rooted in his deep feeling of connectedness to nature (Di Martino and et.al., 2017). Simon represents a kind of natural goodness and adopted a very peaceful and polite nature toward the other friends in a group on the island.


Piggy behavior and nature were also different in the group as he represents the scientific, rational side of civilization. He was an intellectual boy and his inventiveness frequently leads to innovation such as makeshift sundial that the boys use to tell time.

From the analysis of the story of Novel Lord of files written by William Golding, it has been analyzed that all characters in the novel were not savage. Some characters like Ralph and Simon was honest and have good human being and soul. Thus, from this story about the civilization, the effect of power and innocence, it has been analyzed that in the human beings on the earth there are different natures, behaviors, soul, humanity, and mind of individuals. Their action reflects their characters, nature, and knowledge. A human being just survives on the earth by his own sense of humor (Mestitz, 2017). Their nature and behavior can change according to the situation and emotions are always attached with the mind and soul. It has also learned that people can do anything to survive and there is something about the power of fear. This fear contributed to them doing things that they would not do in civilization. It has also shown that human being required to develop empathy, responsibility, respect, and maturity. Author William Golding defined in the story that man is essentially defective, to begin with. Due to this reason, he uses children and they develop their natural instinct which occurs to be eviler. The author had shown that now humans have changed and they are becoming crueler. There is innate power in every human which is driving them towards the cruelty and leads to the destruction. Here author wants to describe that from the day we are born to the day we die the inevitability of evilness lies in us, holding and at the correct circumstance, that devil can be unleashed (Bagnall and et.al., 2017). A person can get contemplate in identifying who is evil and good. It can be made clear that Jack is the supporter and Simon is the purest character. Simon has gained his moral aspect from society. Goldings had shown that Simon had sacrificed himself for the truth to be released and was unsafe from the evils. Jack which is having the undeniable evil powers. The Author had shown the complex caverns which had surrounded human nature, showing the raw nerves which drive the human to evilness. This can be seen in today's society and unfortunately, we can fetch that how we have changed. In today's world, good can hardly be seen as winning over the man's own evil. Want law essay help? Talk to our experts!


From the above essay about the lord of files, it has been analyzed that the story of young boys that survive a plane crash and they are forced to learn how to survive on an island. By this story, the boys change, turn on each other and eventually fight a war among themselves. From this essay, it has been also concluded that There is innate power in every human which is driving them towards the cruelty and leads to the destruction. Here author wants to describe that from the day we are born to the day we die the inevitability of evilness lies in us, holding and at the correct circumstance, that devil can be unleashed.

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