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Modernism Inside & Outside English Literature

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English literature


English literature is considered to have a vast collection of literary works which is being written in English language. The collection mainly consists of the stories, novels, and poems and also of plays. This has been developed and produced in England and its roots are established by the introduction of Old English which was done by Anglo Saxons in the 5th century and is still being continued. The earlier works that were written by Scottish and Irish authors bear identification with that of British life. Therefore, it can be said that they are a part of English literature . The works of English literature is diverse as it contains the variety of dialects of the English language that is spoken in the world. The colonization of the English language is done by the British. There have been a variety of authors in the field of English literature of which some of them are the notable ones. There has been two eras of English literature which are namely the classic and modern. Former belongs to the earlier times and latter to the modern times. It was the classic literature that laid the foundation of the modern one . The principles which are applied in both classic and modern times were always conflicting to one another.

The report will discuss about the concept of modernism in the English literature. This will be done by taking help of two stories of D.H. Lawrence who is an English writer and the stories will be taken from his collection of Prussian officer. With the help of the two stories, the importance of conflict will be explained in the collection of stories of the author.

Classic and Modern Literature

The term classic is being applied to the English literature assignment help which belongs to the ancient world of Rome and Greece. It is regarded as the kind of work that acts as a source of spirit for the belief of the human. It is able to provide a conversation which is thought provoking with that of the authors of English literature. This classic literature is able to express an artistic quality which is related to that of expressions of beauty and truth and life. The classic English literature is regarded to be the representation of the time span or period in which the literature has been composed and written. The work is able to reflect and present an impression and recognition that never lasts and the effect of the work of classic literature can still be felt in the present time.


In the human history, modernity is a period roughly from the illumination (late 18th and early 19th century) marked by dissection of the secular and religious, the developing mechanization of the globe, the improved role of state, the growth of industrial capitalism, the enhanced regulation of space and time and the discourses of emancipation of working classes, women, etc. It can be taken to refer to a trend of Euro-American in 1920s literature with the works of Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Hilda Doolittle, T.S.Eliot, Ezra Pound and Samuel Beckett . The literature of the time was influenced by lots of theories and movements, such as Imagism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Vorticism or Futurism and Cubism. Initially, expressionism came into eminence around artists of German under the influence of Edward Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. It believes in using dynamic movements and violent color to capture moods.

D.h. Lawrence and His Collection

One of the finest authors of modernist literature was D.H. Lawrence who was an English writer famous for his collection of English novels, short stories and poems. His collection of writings is able to represent an extended reflection on the effects of modernity and industrialization which were of dehumanizing nature. His works included the issues related to that of emotional health and instinct. He was one of the most prominent writers of the modernist literature. He is considered and valued as a thinker with visions and is therefore considered significant in representing the nature of modernism in English literature .

The Prussian Officer and Other Stories is a collection of short stories written in the early period written by D.H. Lawrence which were published by Duckworth who was his London publisher. The collection was published in 1914. The collection consists of a number of short stories in it .
Here, two of them, that is, the Prussian Officer and Odour of Chrysanthemums are considered in order to show the importance of conflict or violence in the collection. In both of the stories nature and importance of conflicts has been depicted and explained. Both have been able to explain the internal as well the external conflicts in the literature and how they are successful in influencing the readers.

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The concept of modernism in the field of English literature is quite a significant one and is able to connect the readers of present generation. English literature in itself is considered to have a huge collection of literary works and modern literature forms its significant part. The writers of modern literature were able to bring out new and innovative thoughts into their writings and so they were able to succeed . The present report is able to show the significance of conflicts in the collection of literature works. This is depicted very well with the help of the two stories taken.


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