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Skills and Knowledge of Health and Social Care

University: Kensington College of Business London

  • Unit No: 23
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the responsibilities and performance objectives of Health and Social Care.
  • Discuss about the strategy of Health and Social Care
Answer :


Individuals must possess specific skills and knowledge relevant to their assigned tasks in the workplace, known as employability skills. These skills encompass time management strategies that enhance effectiveness in achieving targets (Lysaght, Jakobsen, and Granhaug, 2012). This report delves into the essential skills for Health and Social Care roles, outlining responsibilities, performance standards, and solutions for performance-related challenges. It also explores team dynamics, motivation techniques, and strategies to boost workplace performance.


1.1 Develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

Responsibility of an individual varies according to job profession which they are required to be performing in order to complete their assigned task (Mahlke and et. al., 2014). In relation to health care sector, it can be said that it is the responsibility of individual to deliver best class services to the patient as well as user who are using their services. As per the evaluation, it has been analysed that an individual can only perform its own responsibility effectively if they are self managed. As being part of health and social care sector, I have observed that my responsibilities are not limited to ensuring our patients' safety within hospital premises. But, it also includes to give them appropriate instruction and guidance about hygiene which will help them in securing themselves from many diseases. My performance objective is to offer quality experience to customers along with respect. This will develop positive relationship between hospital as well as patient. It will also make the customer feel relaxed about sharing their problems and issues with medical staff.

1.2 Evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives.

As per the above mentioned performance objective of mine, I have analysed that I am good in dealing with patients at workplace as my soft communication skills helps patients to feel comfortable with me. This helps in talking to the respected individual about their diseases or the specific problem which are faced by them. My performance objective is to avail quality services to customers. In relation to this, I have evaluated that I am quiet emotional and feels less comfortable while interacting with others which makes me weak while taking desired decision for patient to make them relaxed from the problem.

1.3 Make recommendations for improvement

While conducting an evaluation, I have analysed that by taking appropriate improvement measures, I can develop my less effective skills so that this can be improved and helps me in performing my specified job responsibilities. In order to overcome weak skills of mine, some of the recommendations which are beneficial for me are stated below:-

Adaptability: It is important for me become more adaptive towards the nature of working environment as it is changing more frequently. This skill of mine can be improved by accepting more challenges at workplace. It will make me strong and also prepares me for the future challenges.

Feedback: There are certain weaknesses of ours which are not identified by us. But they can easily be identified by discussing our work responsibilities with other people. It can be said that by taking regular based feedback from team mates and colleagues helps me in understanding actual weaknesses of mine. Get marketing assignment help from our experts!

1.4 Review how motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance

It is important for every organisation to improve its quality of performance by motivating its employees at regular basis. It can be said that there are certain the motivational techniques which works in every business organisation as well as health and social care sector. In relation to the stated sector, it can be said that monetary benefit is the best motivational technique which can influence working staff of the company this motivates them to perform best in order to gain maximum reward (Lim and et. al., 2016). Apart from this, organisation can also motivates its employees giving them appreciation and appraisal so that they feel proud about themselves and works more effectively by expecting similar appreciation in the future on the basis of their work.


2.1 Develop solutions to work-based problems

Every individual at workplace faces a number of issues while conducting operations. These issues if not handled well may become hurdles in effective performance. In health and social care sector also, there may be various problems experienced by employees while working in health care centres. Thus, it is imperative for managers and leaders to analyse these problems and develop effective solutions to them. These solutions may include measures like building effective communication at all the levels, undergoing training and development programmes for individuals at workplace (Lysaght, Jakobsen and Granhaug, 2012). Also, sometimes, a change may take place in social and health care organisations which can face resistance from workforce. It is important for top management to analyse the reasons of resistance and developing an understanding in individuals as to why the change is necessary in long run.

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2.2 Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels

Communication is an essential element of an organisation. Through this, managers can build networking with employees at workplace and analyse the problems they are facing during operations. A manager can make use of various modes of communication to effectively convey the information to employees in social and health care sector. Communication can be carried out by way of writing, speaking, reading and listening. It is imperative that managers communicate in a language easily understood by all the employees. Language used should be formal and contextual to the information required to be conveyed. The execution of intranet and web based services for communication can also be encouraged at workplace to avoid the chances of miscommunication at any level (Ferguson, 2012). Also leaders can adopt verbal communication model to convey any piece of information or ideas in person to a specific individual or group of employees. This can also be used as a way of motivation to encourage the employees to deliver best to their potential towards the achievement of goals.

2.3 Identify effective time-management strategies

It is imperative that leaders in social and health care industry realise the need of time management while conducting operations. It is required by managers to ensure that employees work in accordance with the stages of time management strategy. The stages of time management strategy are identifying to-do list, setting priorities, delegating, recognising achievements, time management, rest, technological decisions and project completion (Jones, 2013). For this, leaders need to communicate their time management strategy to personnel at workplace. This will ensure timely and successful completion of tasks.


3.1 Explain the roles people play in a team and how they can work together to achieve shared goals

As a team, all the members are collectively responsible for performance of whole team. In healthcare centre, medical staff is responsible for proper treatment of patients. Thus, management identify different roles in a team in accordance with Belbin's Model of Team Role. Various team roles as per Belbin's model are Plant, Specialist, Monitor evaluator, Shaper, Implementer, Completer Finisher, Coordinator, Resource investigator and Team worker (Messum, Wilkes and Jackson, 2015). These roles are assigned to personnel in accordance with their personality traits and behaviour. Effective assignment of roles within a team leads to superfluous performance at workplace. Also, conflicts within team are often taken up as learning which creates a healthy environment for working within a team.

3.2 Analyse team dynamics

Team dynamics is all about working structure, specification of aims and objectives to members and how conflicts are managed within team (Lester, 2014). In relation to health care centres, study of team dynamics is important to ensure that hospitals deliver effective services to patients. In any organisation, team dynamics can be analysed using Bruce Tuckman's Model. According to him, team dynamics is all about 5 important steps. These are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Elaborating these, employees in a team may come up to leaders if they have problem in understanding any aspect of working. At times, conflicts may also arise due to this. Leaders analyse this and develop solutions towards the management of conflicts. This will lead to effective performance by personnel at workplace and achievement of goals. The last stage is when the hard work finally pays off in terms of realisation of goals.

3.3 Suggest alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals

There are various tasks that individuals working in social and healthcare sector perform. Personnel within a team may or may not possess appropriate knowledge for this. Thus, there can be various alternative ways of completing a task which is allocated to a team within an organisation. These can include delegation, decentralization or outsourcing. Delegation means the passing of authority by superior to subordinate (Jackson, 2016). Decentralization refers to dispersal of powers by top management to other levels within an organisation. Outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring skilled individual or group outside the organisation to perform a specified task. A team leader can adopt any of these methods to ensure completion of tasks and achievement of team goals in a timely manner.Best assignment help from experts.


4.1 Evaluate tools and methods for developing solutions to problems

At times, problems may arise at workplace which harms the productivity of individuals and groups within an enterprise. Thus, it is important for managers to develop methods and techniques for problem solving. The procedure follows eight-step procedure where, at first, problem gets evaluated and then related information is collected. This information is necessary to develop solutions (Alsop, 2013). Out of various solutions available, leader selects the best one and puts it into action. With examination of the result, finally task is completed and sent for performance review.           

4.2 Develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a particular problem

The strategy developed by healthcare professional in order to deal with problems is explained below:-

  • Problem Finding: When a task is assigned to individual, various problems are identified and a structure is made for timely achievement of goal (Barnes, Green and de Hoyos, 2015).
  • Fact Finding: A rigorous research is carried out to attain the facts about problems.
  • Problem Definition: All the problems identified earlier are defined in this step.
  • Idea Finding: To initiate the task, various ideas are identified to begin the working.
  • Selection: Here, the steps are selected which will result in completion of task.
  • Planning: Then a complete planning will result in commencement of task.
  • Sell Idea: Next step is selling of idea.
  • Action: Finally the task will mark its beginning by proper actions being implemented at right time.

4.3. Evaluate the potential impact on business of implementing the strategy

As a result of strategy implementation, enterprise would be enabled to encourage a sense of mutual understanding and harmonisation amongst members of various teams within the healthcare centre. The channels of communication would become efficient implying smoother flow of information and decisions taken during the course of business operations. It will increase the understanding of management towards the issues and difficulties confronted by the workforce at workplace. Also, it will promote a sense of loyalty and satisfaction amongst employees within an enterprise resulting in an enhanced level of employee retention at workplace (Butcher and Rose-Adams, 2015).


From the above report, it can be concluded that there are various skills pertaining to a person while working in an organisation. Also, it is analysed that there are several issues related to employability skills in an organisational setting. Also, it can be said that a detailed assessment of the difficulties faced by individuals at their workplaces is necessary. Along with that, strategic recommendations to resolve such crisis need to be developed by managers so that business activities in several functional areas within the enterprise can be smoothened.

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