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Winning the battle of Postnatal Depression

University: Harrods of London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Define post-natal depression.
  • What are the symptoms of post-natal depression?
Answer :
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Postnatal depression is basically that disorder which is being faced by women after they have given birth to a baby. It appears after women have undergone delivery process. Present report will focus on article “winning the battle a review of postnatal depression. It will lay emphasis on the main points which are stated by author in article. It provides rationale for selection of articles.

Study presents a detail about what I have learnt from article. It also discusses about the skills I have developed during reviewing process. Assignment will also lay focus on various barriers that can be faced by women during treatment process. It also reviews about interesting facts discussed in article. Study will present about how culture had an impact upon health outcome of women.

Reflective Account for the Article Chapter

Article focuses on one of the major concern, it is a review about postnatal depression. It is a type of depression which develops between one month and up to one year after the birth of a baby. Mental health problem is distressing but during the time of pregnancy it has greater impact on the health of women. Article has highlighted about symptoms which can be faced by females who are going through this kind of depression. It includes low mood, persistent fatigue, anxiety, tearfulness, insomnia, loss of self-confidence, fear of losing things.

It can lower down the health outcome of women (Howard and Challacombe, 2018). I realised that article also stated about the causes of postnatal depression in women. Health care professionals argued that causes are still unclear, but it occurs because of biological and psychological factors. Main reason that Postnatal depression is faced by women is that changes in progestogen and oestrogen towards the end of pregnancy can be a reason and is also being used to treat Post-natal depression. Get assignment writing help from our experts!

Article has also presented about the impact of depression on both mother and Child. It has been analysed from the research that women who are going through Postnatal depression can feel emotionally drawn and detached from their child (Smith, 2019). From the study I also realised that early detection of disease and intervention can prevent development of postnatal depression in women. This can also prevent development of behavioural problems in infant. Article also stated about cultural variation in postnatal depression like for instance in Asian families in order to protect women from any kind of harm, family members are engaged in providing healthy diet, restricted activities for 30-40 days, emotional support that has an alleviating impact on postnatal depression.

Article provided that lack of cultural rituals can increase chances of postnatal depression in females. Some of the authors in article also argued that cultural tradition can be a double edge sword, as they offer physical comfort but on the same time it can serve as major sources of interpersonal conflict and emotional frustration. I realised that females can really face negative experiences during the period of Confinement. It can be really frustrating and women can face mood swings because of the depression.

Article also provided that health care professional has the most important role in ensuring infant’s safety and wellbeing. I realised that care workers must be engaged in providing mothers with holistic care so that health outcome of women is being enhanced. Thus, it has been concluded from article that females are at higher risk within 3 months’ post pregnancy, so nurses and midwives are responsible to detect early signs and symptoms of postnatal depression, so that they can help women in enhancing their conditions. I realised that during this critical time, local authorities, families, psychiatric, midwives must be engaged in giving emotional support to females, so that this problem can be reduced.

Rationale for selection of Article

I have selected the article based on Postnatal depression, because I want to increase my knowledge related to subject matter. Previously I have no clue about what postpartum depression is. But in recent times while working as a registered nurse in health care unit, I came upon various cases of postnatal depression. I realised that women have no knowledge and education related to this disease. Everyone, even their family had a casual attitude towards this problem.

So I selected this article as I want to provide education to women who are suffering from this. Post Natal depression basically appears in women after they have given Birth to babies. It can make them irritated and frustrated which can lay negative impact on upbringing of infants. I also selected this article so that I can make families know about the significance of emotional support which women requires during this critical time. This article has also assisted me in detecting early signs and symptom of postnatal depression. I was able to know about causes of this disease. I came to know that most women face this problem because of changes in their hormonal conditions. I also increased my knowledge related to signs and symptoms such as loss of appetite, irritation, reduce in self-confidence which can be face by women during this period. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Target Audience and Most Interesting Thing About Article

Target audience

Audience who was targeted in article were Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Family Physicians. Also women who have just undergone the delivery process. They were being selected as postnatal depression is also being faced by females after their pregnancy. Collaboration between obstetrical providers and behavioural health professionals can ensure improved outcomes (Pritchett and et.al., 2017). It was found that postpartum depression is a challenging diagnosis and may be difficult to treat. Multi-disciplinary approach must be selected in order to reduce risk of life-threatening consequences.

Interesting aspects about article

Most interesting aspect about this study was that culture also had an impact on health conditions of women. It was analysed from article that Asian families who are engaged in making women follow restricted activities, strict diet and providing them emotional support had positive impact on health aspects of women. They were at less risk from suffering through this disease. But they also argued that this restriction can also be frustrating for females(Carlberg, Edhborg and Lindberg, 2018). They might develop negative behaviour towards their family members and infants. It was also analysed from article that Chinese rituals were not being liked by women. They consider it outdated and non-feasible. Women can have a feeling of being trapped, they might not like be being guarded. Also the most interesting fact about article was that it came into my knowledge about how emotional support from families can help in improvising mental health conditions

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