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Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care of Organization

University: University of Sunderland

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the the key factors that drive change in health and social care services.
  • Discuss about the key principles of change management.
Answer :
Organization Selected : NHS organization


The change refers to transformation of services that are deliver from health and social Care organization to people. It is necessary to be occur by organization so that health of individuals can be enhance. As there are different types of changes can be seen with an organization which can facilitate health of people. There are various factors available that provide changes in organization suggest political economic laws technical and social. These factors motivate organization to implement changes within their strategies so that help of individuals can be improved. With proper implementation of changes, services can effectively transfer to people in an appropriate manner (Yuen, 2018). In this assignment, the key factors are discussed which is influence implementation of changes in NHS organization. In addition to this there are various challenges occur dupe implementation of changes. So it is necessary to measure them with the help of different criteria. Moreover, the impact of changes are also covered in this report. There are some principles of change management occur which can be in enhance by planning methods in the organization. It is necessary to monitor changes so that effectiveness of services can be analyzed is also cover in this.


1) Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services.

There are different key factors are occur which assist in developing changes in services of organization. There are various factor depends on these changes that can be come up through external and internal factors. The internal factors is defined as the changes that going in organization within a period of time. As these changes are implement by care professionals and managers who often develop new changes so that health of individuals can be promoted. This can be monitor by analyzing satisfaction of services by customers (Lewis, 2018). As the internal factors consist of culture and structure of health and social Care organization which have main goal to influence care and services according to needs of individuals. As each and every individual have different needs and requirements that assist organization to develop new changes with their setting. Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Expert Now!

As the changes can be occur in various changes within technical change. The change in resources can also impact and initiate changes of services in the organization. The external factors refer to the factors that are available outside of organization that assist them in changing their services. This includes competitors and laws which influence services of health Care organization. As these factors are developed by NHS organization which help in services in providing quality of care to people. From the given case, the initiation of change is poorly developed which impact negatively on customers. There are also shows various threats are present which are necessary to analyze by care professionals so that they can direct services to users. The key factors that bring changes in the environment of organization within services are described below.

Legal:- it consists of acts that help organization in developing new changes within the services. The initiation and implementation of care act 2014 help organization to fulfill services according to requirements of service users. The main aim of this act is to enhance services so that health can be improved.

Demographic:- each and every person have different lifestyle and needs which are needed to be fulfilled in order to enhance their health. This is need to be considered while providing services to them. As there are many people with different ages does not feel comfort-ability with new changes. This developed new changes according to their satisfaction or compatibility.

Technical:- it is necessary to bring changes within technical factors such as new technologies, record keeping, etc. The occurrence of new methodologies is also an important factor that can develop changes.

Political:- in this factor various guidance and policies and include which are standardized by government. This factor is occur to maintain stability so that changes can effectively implemented within services.

2) Assess the challenges that key factors of change brings to health and social care services.

The implementation of changes occur with various challenges. It is crucial to maintain changes by increasing satisfaction of patients. as the changes can we develop from various factors including support, resources, investment and funding. in order to develop satisfaction these factors should be considered buy organization properly for the people who are associated with services of organization. In order to get rid from the challenges it is important to maintain for fulfill factors in in care services. As the changes can be occur from both internal and external factors. There are various challenges can be seen within organization suggest lack of care professionals and resources that develop dissatisfaction among services by patients (Geldard, Geldard and Foo, 2017). The other challenges occur in legislation changes, demographic competition, problem in funding and issues in technical. So it is the role of organization to develop changes that initiate change services among customers. This will result in positive outcomes of services. The people only support the services which are relevant to their requirements. The challenges can be occur from different stakeholders as they prefer different requirements.

The implementation of care act 2014 is needed to be occur appropriately. As this act has framework of developing new rights and responsibilities for individuals who you are needed support and care. the improper occurrence of this act can develop various challenges among local authorities and organization to enhance changes. According to the case, they are different challenges are present among local authorities in initiating changes. The low rates in organization from which it developed competition from other authorities. The organization have low pay scale for care professionals and workers. As no professional wants to deliver services by receiving low pay scale. As the economic factor of local authority is not properly developed which raise challenges among them.


1) Devise a strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in health and social care

The implementation of change in an organization requires measuring the effectiveness of changes. This can be analyzed by various standards that are said by care act, Royal College of nursing and care quality commission. They have some standards from which organization and local authorities can initiate changes within their services which help them in in developing more changes in their services (Ellis, 2017). The royal nursing college has some standard from which care professionals work in collaborating by communicating with each other. This will impact positively on providing services to service users. In their change services they implement some effective strategies from which day can enhance health. They measure requirements and needs of individuals by communicating them effectively.

2) Measure the impact of recent changes on health and social care services against set criteria

The care equality commission provides some standards in which they integrate safeguarding services to children. The reports of care quality commission on Camden borough have found out they are services among people is good. As their care professionals or service providers provide appropriate support to individuals who have specific type of issues. Their service providers are connected with various programs for benefiting children by providing information to their parents. During inception, the CQC finds a range of evidence from which it has been resulted that there safeguarding among children and people is good by keeping them healthy and safe (Jamieson and Tuckey, 2017). They effectively implement services within their organization from which they can contribute in keeping save to younger and older people. They have appropriate capacity to improve their services by implementing changes within their services. The Wellesley Road Care Home provides care to older people who are suffering from dementia. In previous days, they does not have proper care providers which develop a negative impact on their services users. The care home need to develop more prevention care in their settings so that care services can be effectively deliver to them. After the inspection, a manager was implemented from care quality commission which provides all requirements to people. This helps people in their services as they are now able to receive more care with proper improvement. There are lots of positive improvements occur after inspection as people are receiving services, needs and their requirements with in time. The staff member of c are home effectively provide care to their services users by maintaining their dignity properly.

3) Evaluate the overall impact of recent changes in health and social care

The impact of recent changes can be seen on all stakeholders that include families, staff members, customers and professionals that are initiated by organization. There can be both positive and negative impact occur on organization to people who are associated with it. In context of case, implementation of care act 2014 assist organization in providing care services to customers. Some local authorities find difficulties in initiating this act in the setting. This result in occurrence of impact negatively on services of services users. This developed impact on the people who are linked with services of organization. As some of the people have difficulties in accepting changes with their services as they are new to it.

The some changes also have some benefits as people can improve their health. There are also some quality standards are set by various standard government which is not attain by care professionals. This develops negative impact on services among users. As per the case, the quality standards are not followed by local authorities which impact negatively on their services. the different age group have different needs and requirements such as old age group are not easily comfortable with new changes (Wallerstein, 2017). This develops impact on the changes that are implemented in organization. The overall impact of recent changes can be effectively seen in organization with examine satisfaction of people. 

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4) Propose appropriate service responses to recent changes in health and social care services

The different responses occur from recent changes in care services of an organization. The service response can be occurring by professionals, management and staff members of organization and local authorities. As these responses of services can be examine by identifying gap between patients and service providers. The responses can motivate impact positively on services to customers. So it is necessary for care professional to response appropriately at time of providing services. The organization is necessary to apply some leadership quality with their management so that changes can be occur appropriately. The role of care professional is to motivate service users so that they can attain new changes in their services.

The organization should support workers and care professionals in their work role so that they can positively deliver services to service users. The implementation of factors must occur properly so that it can influence services among patients (Kitson and Harvey, 2016). There are various policies and laws are occur which provide different working style to care professionals of organization. The awareness about new changes is necessary for employees to be aware so that they can effectively use changes with in providing their services to users. The response from organization should be occur appropriately in which they provide information about their services that are used by them. This help in developing trust of customers on organization which help in developing good health and welfare of people. It is necessary to update all stakeholders about new guidelines two people who are linked with organization.


1) Explain the key principles of change management

In order to sustain changes, it is important to maintain those changes that are recently occur within organization. There are some key principles of change management which help in in managing change of organization. In The change management model, Kotter model is used. As in this model 8 steps are included in which decrease in once tab can cause adversely impact on setting of an organization. These 8 steps are described below.

  • Create urgency:- It is important to create urgency by providing awareness of changes to all stakeholders. With this it help organization in implementing changes successfully. As support can be occur from patients. By providing awareness about changes, new and other changes can be implemented according to needs and requirements of customers by organization (Hayes, 2018).
  • Form a powerful coalition:- The powerful coalition can be build by directing and providing information to members of changes. This assist organization to enhance more changes within their system of service.
  • Create a vision for change:- By creating a vision for change makes easier for organization to develop new changes as with this stakeholders can support in implementing changes in their services.
  • Communicate the vision:- Once the vision is created, it is necessary to communicate with members and stakeholders so that management can take forward in implementing change. It delivers a chance for local authorities and organization to proper use of coalition in change management (Browne, 2019).
  • Remove obstacles:- the strength of changes can only occur by removing obstacles that can be occur implementation of changes. So it is necessary to remove all barriers that develop in process of services. As obstacles or barriers can be occur through competitors, stakeholders, laws and policies. This is vital to be removed as it can impact negatively with developing other obstacles.
  • Create short term wins:- After initiating changes, the short term wins can help in building support of services among individuals. it also a system organization in emerging various other changes that help organization in promoting health and Care services of people. It also assist in providing motivation to customers so that they can adapt more new changes.
  • Build on the change:- it is necessary to build change for a long term perspective. This can be occur by initiating changes for a long term period by sustaining and maintaining them.
  • Anchor the changes in corporate culture:- in order to sustain changes for a long duration of time it should be implemented in internal system of organization so that it can benefited people for long duration of period (Hughes and Wearing, 2016).

2) Explain how changes in health and social care are planned.

The changes of health and social care are occur by proper planning. This is needed to be occur in a positive way so that it can reduce negative impact of changes by enhancing positive impact. There are some plants which are needed to be implemented to develop optimistic outcome of changes that are described below.

Action plan

The action plan can be defined as the aim of any program which is needed to be conduct. In this the local authorities and NHS can set an aim that assist in developing more changes that help in in providing treatment and care to service users. with the proper action plan the various challenges can also analyzed. With this proper implementation of changes can be occur by needs and requirements of service users.

Management plan

This plan drives foods to manage changes among stakeholders who are impacted from new changes. With implementation of proper management plan provide appropriate information to organization from which they can identify the requirements of customers appropriately. The initiation of standards of CQC and care act help organization in maintaining plan that are benefited for services. With this management plan resources can be properly used and implemented that also provide support in developing changes. it is necessary to manage changes that are providing service user as they have different perspective towards changes. So with this service plan changes can be manage effectively and properly (Potter, 2016).

Communication plan

At time of implementing or initiating changes it is necessary to communicate information about changes to all stakeholders. As communicating with service users and care professionals can develop plan towards changes. With this proper information about Indus can be provided to care professionals so that they can deliver effective services to customers. It also necessary in developing relation between service providers and users as they can easily communicate about services. So it is necessary to implement proper communication plan so that change can be properly occur within organization.

3) Assess how to monitor recent changes in health and social care services.

It is necessary to monitor recent changes that are implemented in health and social Care organization. With help of monitoring, the changes can effectively measure. the measuring of changes must occur on a regular basis so that their impact and effectiveness can be measured effectively. It should be occur in processing system or setting of local authorities and organization. There are some ways of monitoring recent changes which are described below.


In this approach, feedback can be taken from people who attained new services from organization. As it provides information about perspective of individuals regarding changes. Within organization can implement new changes that are needed to be occur within their services according to necessity of services among customers (Chandler, 2016). Get Best Coursework Help from our experts!


This approach includes observing changes that assist organization in examine information about recent changes. With this behavior of care professionals and service user can be observed which help local authorities and organization to analyze the effectiveness of changes. By observation, the proper training can be provided to two workers if they lack any behavior or quality regarding services.


The management of organization must take service from all individuals who are connected with the organization. This helps them in analyzing perception of their changes. It also help in measuring challenges that can be occur while applying changes in services. It also provide visibility of changes that is necessary for an organization to improve in their services. This assist them in in improving their services and care for people.


From the above assignment it has been concluded that there are various factors are present which help in changing services within services of local authorities and organization. they are various challenges occur while implementing new changes so it is necessary to identify them. As with this, proper and appropriate services can be deliver to individual. After implementation of changes various impacts occur from stakeholders which are needed to be analyzed in order to promote more changes. There are various service responses occur which are needed to be effectively occur within setting of organization as it assist in promoting health. It is necessary to manage change and this is developed by creating a proper plan that assists local authorities and organization to enhance more changes in services. In addition to this, there are some methods occur which help in monitoring recent changes.

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