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Health and Social Care Practices

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Conclusion
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Health and social care?
  • Discuss about the three basic approaches in behaviour an communication.
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Health and social care have been defined as the services as well as facilities which are rendered by social and health care providers for all people living in world, especially in United Kingdom. Such term can be applied to an entire health care provision, required infrastructure and related private sectors (Tick and et.al., 2016). The practitioners involve in such field delivers initial to complex support for making the patients status improved and their condition more stable. They believe in forming a close relationship among medical doctors and patients for ensuring the quality and integrated care needs are fulfilled. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has refereed to a developmental syndrome which influences the manner in which people behave and interact. However, autism diagnosis is not associated with age, rather it is a developmental issue due to which the signs comes out during first two year of life. The individuals working for providing health care must have strong interactive as well as social skills so that they can operate and function fine with patients who may be suffering from autism.

Analyse the defining features of autistic spectrum conditions and the impact on practice

Children and young people who are suffering from autism have trouble while interacting with another individuals. They may seems to have a complex interest in some weird or unique objects, for instance they may show and work with their toys in some what more unusual way when compared with other children (Strati and et.al., 2017). The victims of such disorder face from the condition of sameness, they love to repeat same things over and over again. Thus, they do not like to change their schedule a little and face issues when their clothes, care providers, food or any part of the surrounding has been altered or modified. Such practice may some times hamper the care givers to deliver their best practices and services at the same time. The people may be very good at one activity but face numerous problems while dealing some other activity, which may result in making them aggressive and short tempered. Due to such behaviour, health givers can not concentrate on a single issue and have to deal with their temper while making their mental state better. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Evaluate the shift from the categorical view to the spectrum view of autism, with reference to different conditions on the autistic spectrum

As per the categorical perspectives it has been always demonstrated that the respective syndrome is a developmental problem which indicates the issue of lack of conversation and constant repetitive actions as well as behaviour (Bhandary and Hari,2017). However, now it has been conceptualised that this disease such behavioural trouble presents the main defining characteristic of ASD, while the related dimensions which have come to light are language as well as intelligence ability. The factors like psychiatric disorders, genetic condition and medical history also influences heterogeneity. The variety and intensiveness of symptoms may be different in varying individuals, thus the dealing practice has to be unique. The disorder may occur in any economic, ethical or racial group irrespective of their class and status.

Identify the implications for practice of controversies concerning the search for cures and interventions for autistic spectrum conditions

A number of controversies have been surrounded the cures and intervention therapies for the young people and children suffering from ASD. Due to less reliable and valid evidences it has been found that solid interventions can not be searched and if any solid proof comes that people misinterpret the whole scenario. The interventions methods which are used from past decades are only employed by the doctors or health and social care providers rather using some newly discovered techniques that can contribute in regulating the status of ASD people positively. Due to this no cure or solid intervention strategies for overcoming the autistic condition has come up. The professionals often have controversies regarding any theory, tools, method for reaching a logical conclusion and they end up with either limitation of cost or poor testing sessions which further fails to make a successful intervention or cure.

Review historical and current perspectives on the causes of autism

Earlier the case of autism was rarely mentioned in public, the cause of autism was often misunderstood with normal behavioural and intellectual problem and family members associated with such patients used to treat them very badly and arrogantly (Bjørklund and et.al., 2016). From the recent years and due to such high development the causes and relevant data about the disease are being circulated by television, news papers, radios, social media or through any public medium through which entire community can get the idea and concept of ASD. Political leaders are often seen to deliver speech about the future development and intervention initiatives which will be delivered in up coming years. Earlier the cause of ASD was considered as complete mental retardation, they regarded the symptoms like loss of speech and functioning as the causes of autism. But now, it is clearly stated as neuron developmental disorder which frequently a mixture of genetic as well as environment factors having trouble in conversing and behaviour.

Explain the importance of a person-centred approach, focusing on the individual not the diagnosis

Person centred approach is a mode of assisting someone in planning the patients life by supporting them while focusing on valuable things that person acquire in their life. The key idea behind such planning process centres on the patients as well their friends and family. The plan aids in making a patient to be an integral part of society and alters the view point of community so that they can openly welcome such victims (Craig and et.al., 2016). The approach helps in determining what value more to an individual currently as well as in future for positively supporting the wants and needs of care seekers. The health providers keenly and minutely listen to each and every aspect of patients life so that they can put all the issues in actions for keeping their life in more harmonious and stabilised way.

Analyse how the stereotyped views and prejudice impact on the lives of individuals with an autistic spectrum condition

The stereotypes which are related to autistic people may have the ability to portray such people negatively. One of the famous stereotype about such individuals are they are savants, that is they are someone who are mentally ill but at the same time have immense ability or talent regarding a single practice. The perspective like autistic people tends to have major trouble in socialising and connecting with people, but the truth is that they have the capability to interact with people regarding their feelings but rather in some different way. Such prejudice thought make autistic people more introvert and they start keeping their thoughts by themselves which make the condition more complex (Srisawasdi and et.al., 2017). Major view states that such person have brain disorder and may get to their children too, such thinking make their state of mind worse and they live with fierce.

Identify the legislation and national and local policies and guidance relevant to the support of individuals with autistic spectrum conditions

The policies regarding the support and care for autistic spectrum conditions help in improving the condition and practices for such people. Adult Autism Strategy (2015) helps in determining what all the actions as well as the steps which can be taken up by people who are facing the problems of ASD in their nearby area or place. The Autism Act 2009, have been established to completely focus on the condition of such victims for regulating the support system and facilities for disabled people (Williams, 2016). Care Act 2014, when came into action had the ability to entirely alter the recent reforms into more meaningful one and to render a solid and coherent system to social as well as health care in England.

Explain the applicability of legislation, policies and guidance to people, services or situations

The Autism Act 2009, which accepted royal assent in 2009 November, placed demanding requirement on the governing body for publishing a more authentic and reliable approach. Adult autistic strategy have come into role in April, 2010 for encouraging and bearing the guidance for local and national health bodies focusing on demands and requirements of the people suffering from such neuron developmental syndrome. It basically puts the governing body to produce constant feed backs and reviews on the strategies which can be formulated for making the autistic condition easily handled and fulfil the desires and all possible needs of adults living in England. Such acts were quite applicable when it came to fulfil the demands and comforting the issues which were commonly raised in people facing the issues of autism (Cooper, Smith and Russell, 2017). Autism Act also lay a duty on governing body to form such statuary standards and guidelines for local authorities so as to employ the strategy locally as well for servicing people.

Explain the impact of legislation, policies and guidance on the provision of services

In 2009, it was critically observed that there were no diagnosis service centre in England, but now after the implementation of Autism Act 2009 almost all part of England has such developed services. All members are involved in council for successfully developing such adult services which can become more effective for autistic people having difficulty in completing day to day activities. Care Act 2014, focuses on caring as well as supporting people who are in the need of such facilities. Such practices have impacted in providing financial advices so that the needs can be managed as per the financial condition.

Explain the influence of autism advocacy groups in highlighting shortcomings in legislation

Advocacy refers to enabling all individuals to express their concepts and views regarding the utilisation of services so as to identify all potential option which assist in making decisions and assures that every right has been maintained and respected. The advocacy group of autism support people who are victims of such disease and support such individuals to interpret, express and operate the information about associated rights for revenant facilities and services. They affects and influences the policies as well as public opinion for developing and making changes to develop social or political system by highlighting and overcoming the errors in legislation. They observe whether the objective and aims of such act and policies are being maintained or not, if not they look into the issues and by concerning with people about the shortcomings so as to overcome such problems (Zuckerman and et.al., 2015).

Enable workers to apply different approaches, interventions and strategies according to the individual's needs and wishes identified in their person-centred support plan.

It is important for a care professional to apply number of approaches and strategies according to individual needs and wishes. Care professionals such as nurses must provide a secure and safe environment to the individual experiencing Autism Spectrum Disorder. Place the person in a quite room while conducting a physical examination (Mesibov, 2018). There must be no medical equipments inside the room so that there would be less disruption for the person. Care professional must be gentle and consistent with their behaviour and actions if they dealing with a autistic person. It is the responsibility of care worker to engage them in some social activities so that they get to interact with individual and make certain friends. An autistic person has a need for routines and sameness. Therefore it is the responsibility of a care worker to avoid being inconsistent with their behaviour as it could result in development of stress or trauma.

Develop practice guidance to maximise consistency and stability in the environment .

Autistic spectrum disorders are usually complex. Hence, a practice guidance will be helpful for both care professionals and individuals suffering from Autistic spectrum disorder. Some of the guidance which would be helpful in attaining consistency and stability in environment are discussed here.

Knowledge and understanding: It is important to grow an understanding and knowledge about this particular disorder so that appropriate strategies and approaches could be developed. As individuals suffering from autistic spectrum disorder has a unique learning pattern (Zahid and Upthegrove, 2017). Thus, without having a background knowledge of the challenges that occur with person having ASD it would be difficult for a care professional t interpret child behaviour and thus needs would be remain unmet. Thus a care practitioner need a proper knowledge of ASD and how to deal with situations.

Policy and planning: A forward planning plays a vital role when working with a person having ASD. It is important for ASD person to receive a planned and predicable activities on day to day basis. A planning will be most appropriate for environment change in order to support person with ASD.

Support others to work in partnership with parents and/or other informal carers or support networks.

Working in partnership could be long term or short term. In order to support others to work in partnership to deliver quality care to the person suffering from Autistic spectrum disorders, person must first be aware of all the challenges and issues that could arise during delivery of care. A person must know how to communicate with them and how to understand their wordings as they have a unique learning style (Agius and Vance, 2016). Is important to develop a classroom routine for the person suffering from ASD even at their home if the carer is providing support to the parents. It is important to teach about basic operations of the tools and equipments use in the care of a autistic person so that the person could support parents in an effective manner. It is important to provide knowledge about behavioural changes that could occur in between the treatment in order to deal with the situation in a manageable way.

Analyse the implications for practice of the link between behaviour and communication

Behaviour is basically communication. Number of individuals who are suffering from Autistic spectrum disorders have language, speech and communication needs. Such needs are often remain unfilled because behaviour could cover young person or child's difficulties with communication. Language and speech therapist plays a major role in supporting individuals of ASD and behavioural problems by analysing their communication and language needs. They basically give advices and suggestions to their families and care givers regarding how to responds with their behavioural change. As they are suffering from this particular disorder where communication and behaviours are closely linked with each other. As persons with this disorder behave in many ways, and their behaviour is often linked to communication. For instance, tantrums, aggression and self harming behaviour towards a care worker might be a way for trying to tell that she/he needs something.

Develop strategies to support others to understand the link between behaviour and communication (how would you develop these strategies).

In order to understand the link between behaviour and communication, care workers or other individual must observe actions and moods of individuals suffering from Autistic spectrum disorder (Fujiwara and et.al., 2016). For instance if individual is frustrated which means they could not tell a care worker regarding what they want and if they are in a discomfort zone they are in pain and couldn't be able to tell anyone. A care worker can notice his/her gestures and patterns of behaviour in order to understand what they want to say. When a person is behaving weird then it is important to ask them what is the cause of this behaviour and why is this happening so (Anderson and Medina, 2019). There are three basic approaches in order to understand link between behaviour an communication which is discussed as follows:

Internal approach: It sates that behaviour is originating from individual including mental health, character and mood.

External approach: It sees the behaviour as an outcome of environment, including systemic environment and physical environment.

Interactional approach: It considers the connection between both external and internal factors that influence an individual behaviour.

Explain the types of sensory and perceptual difficulties that many individuals with an autistic spectrum condition experience .

Sensory difficulties is a condition in which brain has trouble in responding and receiving information which arise through senses. Sensory issues of ASD often involves hyper and hypo sensitive to a range of responses. It could involve sounds, sights, tastes, touch, balance, body awareness and many more. Individuals might find specific smell, taste and sound overwhelming and could feel certain kinds of touch uncomfortable. However, perceptual difficulties include profiling, halo effects, selective perception and many more. Individuals suffering from ASD has a unique learning style and unique perception towards environment which seems to arise difficulties for them sometimes as they view things in different manner. Order assignment help from our experts!

Develop, with appropriate professional support, a sensory management strategy.

Individuals with sensory processing disorder, are undersentitive or oversent5itive to lights, touch and noise. Persons with Autistic spectrum disorders needs to constant face this particular problem because of improper functioning of their brain. A sensory integration therapy for the individuals suffering from this disorders. Professionals or therapists could from a occupational therapy (Loomes and et.al., 2017). It involves particular sensors activities in order to help a young individual or a child to appropriately respond to sound, light, touch, smell or other senses. Intervention may consist of brushing, singing, playing and several number of activities. Outcomes of such activities are focused, improved behaviour and lowers anxiety. Professionals can provide some necessary tools to the individuals who are facing difficulties in understanding and responding to range of external stimuli. Environmental modifications like use of white noise machines, lighting and many other types of equipments and furnishings to enhance and reduce sensory stimulation. It is the responsibility of a care professional to provide some knowledge and skills to the individuals suffering from ASD so that hey could interact successfully in social situations. IT is important to improve family relationships of the person experiencing ASD so that they could get their behaviour and language in a better way.

Implement a sensory management strategy to meet the needs of individuals who have problems with sensory processing .

Sensory processing often accompany with Autistic spectrum disorder and individuals experiencing this disorder often face problems in correctly processing a wide range of sensory information like sound, touch or smell. However, it could be tricky for parents and care professionals to mange as it arise in two opposite ways which are hypo-sensitivity and hypersensitivity (Cooper, 2018). However, it is important to develop some strategies for care professionals to meet with the needs of individuals suffering from such kind of disorders. Some strategies are discussed here.

Find the spot: It is important for acre professionals to analyse individual triggers of the person suffering form ASD. They should try to introduce empathy in their life and try to view problems with the perspective of individuals going through this problems so that effective plan of action could be develop.

Develop tricks: It is important for the care professionals to put together a number of items which would help such individuals when they react in a weird manner. Tools such as ear defenders to avoid extra noise, weighted blankets for children who craves being squeezed.

Keep it consistent: It is the responsibility of a care professional to keep approaches consistent at all environment weather it s home or a classroom of a child. They must speak with their parents and carers regarding individual needs and what they have found effective in tackling with them (Vlachou and Drigas, 2017). A well documented file should be develop in order to note what strategies are proved to be most helpful for the person. Ask for coursework help from our experts!!

Create environments which prevent sensory overload or increase sensory stimulation, depending on the needs of the individual (How would you create this environment).

In order to prevent sensory overload, it is important for a care professional to develop a environment for a person going through ASD that fulfil all needs and requirements. This can be done by making certain modifications in their living environment. It is important to select neutral or calming paint colours in their rooms in order to prevent sensory overload condition. It is important to avoid any sort of busy carpets or patterned wallpapers in the room of person facing problems in sensory processing. It is important for care professional to lower noise level in their surrounding environment. Avoid any sort of scented candles, perfumes, air fresheners and eliminate cooking smells near them.


From the above study, it can be concluded that Autistic spectrum disorder is basically a developmental disorder that could arise in any individual irrespective of their age. It is a neurological disorder which begins in early childhood and lasts through life of an individuals. Study has developed defining features of the disorder and its impacts on care practice. Different number of approaches an strategies has been developed for the care professionals in order to deal with the person experiencing disorder. Practice guidelines help in to maximize and stabilize environment of person living with Autistic spectrum disorder. A sensory management strategy to meet the needs of individuals has been developed where finding the spot, developing tricks and keeping approaches consistent are some of the strategies that could be implemented.

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