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Essay on Mental Health

University: DGHE the higher education centre

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2239
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: MHNS6004
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Civil Service Fast Stream is a public-sector health care organisation in UK. Generate strategies to promote mental well-being in the workplace.
  • Review the measures that public service employees can take in order to promote their own mental health and resilience
  • Analyse the impact of policies that may promote mental health and well-being in a Civil service farm stream.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Civil Service Fast Stream


Mental health is a critical issue for the UK's public service. In the United Kingdom, the workplace has various elements which can influence the people or worker's health and well-being. Developing the appropriate work environment and controlling the various tools of harm will assist the employees or workers at workplace. Several sources of harm in the organisation includes low level of control, poor support and high work demand influence the mental health of workers or employees at workplace. Report is totally based on the public organisation. Civil Service Fast Stream is a public sector organisation in UK. This report will include the interventions that used by organisation to promote health method to cope with stress. This report will also highlight the strategies and policies that used to build resilience in individuals and the benefits and limitations of the use of social media to promote mental health and well-being. This report will also state the importance of supervision to promote mental health and impact of friends, family and colleagues on public service worker's mental health and well-being and report also include the personal mental health and well-being plan.


Various intervention that can be used to promote health methods to cope with stress. For effectively promoting the mental health of the employees of private organisation, it is necessary to take significant intervention in their policies. Stress management is a best tool for promoting mental health. Intervention is classified according to the concern of stress management and on the basis of level where the intervention takes place (Auerbach And et.al., 2016). The main objective of intervention is to eliminate stress by decreasing the sources of stress at workplace and also increasing the elements of well being. Positive mental health is essential in any workplace. Psychologically healthy workplace is a best place for workers to conduct their activities or operations in a very effective manner. It prevent the harm for psychological health of worker.

The another aim oaf intervention is to decrease the duration or severity of stress and take necessary actions before the stress become more problematic. It focuses on to maximize functioning and develop rehabilitate for those who are suffering or experiencing from psychological sick health. Intervention mainly concern the assisting employees or workers to improve management skills reduce and cope with stress. Effective intervention helps to create systematic changes at workplace to conduct organisational practices effectively.

Strategies and policy

Every business leaders should have a knowledge regarding the importance of effective mental health of employees or workers in the organisation. They should have to consider the way of employee think, behave and feel because all that activities impact the productivity and performance of an organisation (James and Glaze., 2016). The company should have to take necessary actions to maintain proper safety in the workplace. For improving the employee's mental health, Civil Service Fast Stream public organisation adopts various strategies and policies such as:

Promote the balance between work and life

 It is very essential to encourage the employees for balancing their work or life events in a very effective way. Employees who are arrive early and work late, that will diversely affect their work or life balance. Without the proper balance between the work or life, employee's productivity will reduced and they faced unbalanced work or life structure and that can cause mental health problems (Lawrence and et.al., 2015). Civil Service Fast Stream organisation should have to encourage the employees to develop a best and rich life outside the office. People should have to spend time with their family member, loved ones and friends and increase involvement in their hobbies to make yourselves a better employees.

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Offer in-service trainings

 It is crucial to offer effective in-service trainings on the stress management, resilience and self care. Organisation should have to organize a effective training and development programs to remove the stress and improve mental illness of the employees. These type of trainings will helps the employees to reach their best potential and also increase company's profitability.

Talk about mental health in the workplace

The leaders of the Civil Service Fast Stream organisation should have to put up the issues or problems related to mental health in the workplace. They should have to discuss all reacted problem related to depression, stress, mental illness and anxiety. It is crucial to create best path for the workers to their remove their stress and mental illness in the workplace. Provide the effective education to the managers about the effects of mental health issues and trained them to resolve that issues appropriately. A caring and encouraging conversation between an employee and a supervisor will be effective tool to encouraging workers towards work. Take help from Law essay writing service and score higher grades!

Discuss regarding EAP advantages

 It is essential to discuss with employees about employee assistance program and its benefits. Leaders of the organisation should have to remind their employees about the uses of EAP and its benefits. EAP helps the employee when they suffering from insomnia and marital issues, it encourage the employees to deal with that problems that detract them form their work or performance.

Develop Wellness as a priority in the workplace

 Healthy eating, exercise and indulged in relaxation activities are useful ways to improve mental health and develop mental strength. Developing wellness in the organisation helps the people to engage in good habits (Mental and Office of the Surgeon General (US, 2016). Organisation should have to offer a free gym and mental exercise to remove mental health issues from the workplace.

Provide free screening tools

Organisation should have to prove free screening tools that will assist the employees to identify various risk factors which can affect their mental health. By this, they becomes able to recognize certain mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and other illness issues. It can promote the mental health and well-being in emergency services.

Social media

The potential benefits and limitations of the use of one type of social media to promote mental health and well-being

For promoting the mental health an d well-being with the use of social media can be generated positive and negative results also. Social media is a best way to encourage the people towards the development of mental health and well-being (Olson and et.al., 2016). It is best way to promote any activity because maximum people uses social media or networking sites. Promotion on the Facebook directly affect the peoples' mind because people are very addicted to Facebook. Various positive effects of social media on the mental health such as:

Organisation can use the social media like Facebook as a motivational tool to inspire people for healthy lifestyle. It helps the people to accomplish healthy lifestyle goals like attending gym, exercise for reduce mental illness, quitting smoking etc. Regularly posting on the Facebook about their healthy lifestyle goals will developing positive reinforcement from online friends to take more actions for eliminating mental issues. It also provide the huge knowledge regarding the maintaining mental health at workplace and improve employees work efficiency in a very effective manner (Pilgrim., 2019).

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The importance of supervision

The role of supervision in supporting the well-being of public service workers and people mental health and well-being

Supervision plays an important role in the supporting the well being and mental health of public service workers. Employee development and growth is very essential for the healthy workplace. Supervisor plays a crucial role to encourage the employees towards their mental health and well being.

They motivate the employees or workers for the benefits of mental health and improving their performance in the organisation. They mainly focus on the area and influences which can affect the mental health of the workers. Supervisor in the organisation inspire the employee for more physical and mental exercise to remove their stress and depression. They focus on basic prevention to reduce mental health issues. They take necessary actions to create a smoke free environment at workplace (Russell and Fish., 2016). Time to time, supervisor organize the fun and entertainment activities for the enjoyment of employees and enhance their well being. They also inspire the employees for healthy eating and reduce alcohol intake. Supervisor takes necessary actions to create a stress free environment in the workplace. They also help the employees or workers by reducing their workloads. They supervise the all activities of public service workers and take effective actions to prevent them from mental health issues and complexions.

Impact of colleagues, friends and family on the public service worker's mental health and well-being

The colleagues in the organisation, family members and friends can help the people to improve their mental health and well being. Family relationship also affect the behaviour and  mental health of people. The social relationship can have short term and long term effects on the mental health of an individual.

 The experience of family, friend and colleagues are useful for the employee because provide the knowledge regarding early stages of mental illness (Townsend and Morgan., 2017). The family, friend and colleague's care and helpful nature remove the stress of workers in the workplace and they become able to tolerate difficult issues about their mental health and well being.

Personal mental health and well being plan



Date of birth



Brown street, xx



Presenting issues

Stress , depression , mental illness , mental disorder








Regular physical and mental exercise, indulged in with the hobbies. Meeting with friends and spend time with family members and loved ones to remove stress (Worden., 2018).



Any other relevant information

Work load in organisation.



In the Mental health care plan, it is very necessary to consider the main reason behind the mental disorder. The appropriate mental care plan helps the people to reduce their stress, depress and mental illness with effective precautions and activities. It assist the workers of the organisation to conduct their operations without any mental health issues and in a very significant manner (World Health Organization, 2016).


From the above report, it is concluded that the effective mental health and well being of employees or workers is very necessary in the work place. The effective mental health and well being helps the public service workers to improve their performance in the organisation and also increase productivity of organisation. It is essential for the leaders of an organisation to develop a effective and stress less environment in the workplace because mental illness increase the employee's stress and depression.Worried for assignment help? Get Assignment help!

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