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Supporting Independent Living

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is independent living?
  • Discuss the impact of technology in health and social care organization.
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Independent living is capability of individual to live independently as well as productively within community with freedom of choice as non-disable person (Finn, 2015). Moreover, it can also explain as ability to examine alternatives for making informed decisions and to provide appropriate direction to life of specific person. Everyone want live life according to their  desirability so they can spend money as well as time properly with good health. In addition to this, independent living explain as ability of examining people where they are living separately for spending their life. In other words, it is the movement where disable people work for their self determination,  equal opportunity as well as for self respect of own.

This report is based on given two case studies out of which first is of Sally and second is James. Case study of sally will discuss important technology and its impact of developments within health and social care. Apart from this, case of James will evaluate and recommend technology for supporting independent living for user of health and social care services.

Support of Technology in health and social care services

In modern era, technology have improve the entire living standard of people and make number of advancement in almost every field. In medical sector, technology have played a very advanced role due to which individual can get various advantages in order to treat or overcome specific medical diseases. The advance sort of technologies help the general public and entire society which benefit them to live a healthier and diseases free life for more longer time frame. The most critical thing to bear in mind is that there are still changes needed by the implementation of advanced equipment and innovations. In the daily life of each affected individual from the impairment issue, this will have a significant impact (Mbabazi, 2012). Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

There are many apps in this modern world that can help people with disabilities. Such tools and electronic systems can help alleviate the autism issue in some manner as they can connect with people better and can even eliminate the problem by rendering everyday work experiences even simpler. From the given case scenario, Sally a 42 year old female have been facing different issues like tingling and numbness in left foot and problem of double vision. In order to overcome these she have a proper medical concern with a neurologist which provide her with some medicines to recover same problems. Moreover, to remove the fatigue, neurologist advice her to change her routine activity and add something new in her lifestyle by considering proper heath education. She was also asked by her GP to get the suggestion from a technology professional in order to make proper use of available devices. As many technical devices can be supportive to eliminate the problem of Sally and also support her to drive safely. Furthermore, it would also support her children to complete their work on time that is consider to be most crucial element for her.

As she faced many problems, for either the diagnosis of her kneecap, she was linked to an occupational therapist. She is also pointed to as an expert in assistive which can help solve that dilemma she has to address through type-up, lunch and every day life. Furthermore, she was needed to cop up with a professional driver which will help in driving the cars in more secure ways i.e. to keep accelerator on with left foot. Her grandparent ask, Sally to have a meeting with social worker which will in financing activity and also make suitable decision to meet the daily life basic requirements. When she has the app recognized as Personal digital support which could be very useful to her, since by clicking a special button she will be told that her first mission is over. However, this tool can help you manage some job related to health care.

Barriers to the use of technology

It was noticed that many obstacles are necessary to overcome in any patient's health and they are technological resistant, budgetary resistance, information barrier among many others. When addressing this whole issue, assistive software is among the key tools to help anyone with an impairment making a right choice, and can help to address the question of dependence on anyone else. From the case of Sally, it is determined that she was capable to continue and manage the total work by making use of assistive advance technology (Morgan, 2012). The problem of double vision was resolved by engaging large keyboard that includes character with unique dark ink which help her to deliver the correct desired results. Even more the assistive equipments are consider to be the main source for people having different disabilities issue. Some of the common barriers related with Assistive technology has been discussed underneath:

Battery operation:

In most cases, other batteries are controlled that are not secure for injured patients. During the charging process, the individual can not use equipment that may impact their daily activities. This system is not consistently safe to use by disabled person.

Chances of failure:

As it is a technical equipment so there are even chances of failure in Assistive tool. There can be different reason for failure like network error, fault and shortage, chip damage etc. Many time, it is not easy for the user to operate the device because of its advance inbuilt software which could even results in wrong outcome.

Benefits of technologies to health and social care organisations and individual.

In today's time, it is compulsory for each and every disable person to have a in depth understanding about the assistive technology before making use of it in their life (Coll and Fortinsky, 2019). Advance and supportive features of assistive tool is beneficial for both healthcare organisation as well as persons suffering from any type of disabilities. Some of its basic advantages are discussed underneath:

Availability of devices:

Such machines are very useful to any patient because they can taking care of themselves. Such equipment is costly and seems to be one explanation why every individual that wants it is not authorized to be supported by the medical centre. All of these facilities must be accessible at affordable prices, to ensure each individual access healthcare organization. Throughout this way the approved government agency has worked hard for this devices available for customer at really reasonable prices by reducing the tax percentage.

Advance recovery system:

This device is useful in number of medical cases which support patient to overcome the diseases. In the above case, sally will be helpful with this device  in overcoming different body disorder and live a better life making better decision for future. Such as she can easily hold the tray and even see properly. The particular device will be effective to increase the speed of recovery of a patient suffering from any disability. The positive result of this equipments motivate patient and in few time they do not depend on other for survival. Get USA's leading online assignment help!

Health and safety considerations in the use of technologies

In modern working environment, health and safety is necessary for the person performing daily activities in context to deliver healthier life. Almost each operation is performed with the motive to make a person healthier. In present days, legal authority and government organise various crucial campaigns in order to educate and make public aware about different diseases. They also provide valuable guidance to make proper prevention regarding different harmful diseases.

As shown in the present case, clinicians should make reasonable use of various systems to handle Sally in a manner that does not hurt and provides them with better infrastructure. Techniques could not be used to mess with people's personal lives (Brydon, 2014). It is essential to observe and analyse the influence on individuals private lives of particular tasks. Several factors that practitioners should recognize are set out below:

  • Health and safety act 1974, defines that technical tools which are used by businesses do not provide any kind of damage and harm to worker, patient as well as environment in any circumstances.
  • There are numerous tasks, like occupational safety, safe operating methods, potential risk mitigation, electrical fire planning as well as other activities, that need to be done by the company.
  • There have been several range when using technical assistive device so it is very much needed to make proper safety precautions before making use for any patient.
  • Operators have to take various strategies into account by using present advance technology like daily living abilities, cognitive deficits, new offices construction and systems, preparation of staff etc.

Ethical considerations in the use of assistive technologies.

Ethics apply to a series of rules that guarantee that unusual reasoning is both good and bad. There are several types of moral measures that organizations must obey while implementing technology in a suitable way (Kantaris, 2018). Techniques can continue to better deliver services and activities. The following are the legal standards surrounding the use of assistive devices:


This requires a surgeon accountable for determining the advantages of these strategies. Patients should be presented with sufficient data on the care they receive.


Diverse procedures have opportunities for exposure to risk, so medical professionals need to align their efforts to ensure better privacy and security of patients.


This shall be in the interests of justice with regard to existing resources and therefore should be committed to the specific needs of people within the larger community in such an proper manner.

As per the above case study, psychologist have to make sure about the all above discussed  principles before and at the time of offering medical services to Sally. This will help her to get out of body disorder and live a better life by doing all activity in correct manner such as holding tray properly, typing notes, driving car etc. They also provide Sally Personal digital assistant that is a moveable coach for her and help her in number of ways. Various Ethical methods that are relevant to assistive techniques are assessment, sourcing equipment, risks associated, social isolation, installation and well being.

Impact of recent and emerging technological developments

There are several type of technology which possess several positive as well as negative impact on the services which provided to the users (Vodden and Leech, 2019). Moreover, it is compulsory to do observation, evaluation as well as analysis of effects in relation of technology. Because it will help in identifying that whether these technology will be constructive or not according to the requirements. With respect of helpful  technology, several treatment in health care sector will proceed in appropriate manner through which desired outcomes will be gained.

There are several type of technologies which medical profession which provide assistance in gaining accurate outcomes in relation of patients. Moreover, there are numerous assistive technologies like Ventilator, Insulin implant, artificial limbs, Pacemaker (Heart implant), Cochlear implant (ear implant), Hoists Adapted computes, Electric wheelchairs and several others. These technology will provide assistance to Sally in remembering things as well as also in carrying out their daily basis activities within proper manner. By using normal methods sally will be treated but due to critical condition technology devices was used by practitioners for welfare of Sally. Emerging technology have its positive as well as negative impact on activities conduct in health care sector. Explanation of these are as follows :-

Positive impact 

In relation of emerging technology there are several positive impact on healthcare sector. Explanation of these are as follows :-

  • Emergency technology provide assistance in health and safety of society in effective manner. Along with this, it also result in boosting up efficiency and save lots of time while conducting any activity related to healthcare.
  • With the assistance of latest technology number of death ratio decline because practitioners are able to serve patients in enhanced manner which help in recovering their life.
  • It also result in promoting better quality of care  and serving people in better manner.

Negative impact 

Along with positive impact there are some negative effects also of emerging technology on healthcare sector. Explanation of these are as follows :-

  • It include expensive equipments which result in several other expenses also such as training of employees for working on these in proper manner (Kable and Coles, 2018).
  • It leads to high a demand which leads to creation of high pressure on health and social care organisations.
  • People's expectation will get increase which result in unhealthy expectations within same sector organisations (Salazar, 2012).

Thus, from above explanation it has been identified that emerging technology have wide impact on individual as well as organisation also which working in healthcare sector.

Identify James’s specific needs in order to support him to live independently.

It is important to identify actual requirement of specific person so that proper treatment will be provided to patient. Body of Human being has immunity system which is responsible for several kind of allergies along with response from external environment. When an individual going through several health issues it will be essential for them to take support of several equipment which will provide assistance to them in living life independently. In other words, everyone want to live life independently because it will help them in fulfilling their desires in effective manner (Molinsky, Herbert and Forsyth, 2019). These technology will provide assistance to Sally in remembering things as well as also in carrying out their daily basis activities within proper manner. By using normal methods sally will be treated but due to critical condition technology devices was used by practitioners for welfare of Sally. Emerging technology have its positive as well as negative impact on activities conduct in health care sector.

As per the given case study of James, she is suffering from several issues such as learning disability, limited mobility and chronic health problems which include Epilepsy and Diabetes type 2. James is 59 years old lady who need bed rest with appropriate treatment for living comfortable life. It is essential to analyse complications of James case and then provide them treatment carefully for gaining needed results. People with many other issues require attention through medical professionals while doing diagnosis. These factors are agitation, memory distortions, depression, restlessness, tremor, trouble eating, delusions and several more. According to the case of James, she is going through numerous issues such as learning disability, limited mobility as well as chronic diseases because of that James is not able to perform daily activities like cook, wash, cleaning and many more. Due to heat attack she fell to the floor and not even reached to the emergency alarm in her room. After feeling better, she wishes to get back herself in flat Sunshine Sheltered Accommodation where it is possible for her to live independently.

Make your own recommendations on how the Technology might support her independent living arrangements.

There are several type of technologies that an specific person can utilise for spending their life in comfortable and appropriate manner. It comprises of several devices such as electric wheelchairs, stair lifts, definite techniques to utilisation of smart phones for replacing speech and several more (Tovin, 2015). In addition to this, there are various types of sensors that can be use in several places such as beds, door, flood, monitoring of falls, epilepsy, enuresis and for many other areas.

According to the given case study of James, it has been recommended to them that they can utilise sensors for purpose of detecting everything as well as also aids in conducting daily basis activities within appropriate manner. This will assist James in doing her work by own and she will no longer need depend on other people for any type of work. In addition to this, James can utilise various devices in case of mis-happening or natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, tsunami and many more. Along with this, She can also use telecare techniques because it will help her in several manner by providing medical assistance within proper way. Moreover, MAT (movement assistive technology) can also utilise which involve sensors with digital devices that will provide assistance to her in ducting day to day activities.

Evaluate the usefulness of technology for James and also for other users of health and social care services.

There are several benefits of technology on James and also on other health and social care services users. For an specific person it is essential to have improved quality services by ensuring their safety. Innovation within technology helps in boosting up wide choice as well as also in remaining independent. There are several benefits comprised within this such as like reduced burdens kept on carers, reduction in social isolation, enhancing health conditions for longer duration, decrease in accidents and several more. According to the given case of James, it is essential to use different technical devices for living life within effective manner and also help in conducting routine activities properly. James can use stair lifts, electric wheelchair, epilepsy sensors which can be kept under mattresses & will trigger an alarm if someone has motion and enuresis sensors for detecting moisture (Bedaf, Gelderblom and De Witte, 2015). Take Coursework Help from our experts!


After going through entire discussion it has been summarised that, technology is play crucial role within each and every aspects of society. In relation of health and social care, utilisation of technology advancements help in serving appropriate services to individual which help them in living life trouble free. In addition to this, technology may also result in certain limitation as well as harm if equipments will not used in proper manner. Thus, practitioners have to ensure that while using any technology in health care necessary precautions will be taken in advance for avoiding complications.

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