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 55+ Best Social Media Dissertation Topics

55+ Free Social Media Dissertation Topics & Ideas 2024

04 Apr 2024


According to the research, the use of social media is continuously rising. The world is changing with time, and everyone has started adapting to the new way of communication. With the rising times, social media dissertation topics are the foremost challenge students face nowadays. This is because they are confused about which one to select from the bulk of ideas. So, to solve your problem, Instant Assignment Help is ready with a new blog on topics about social media. Here, we will discuss some of the insightful information, that can help you to score good marks. Therefore, stay connected with us on this informative journey.

Understand the Concept of Social Media with Example

Social media is an interactive technology that involves new forms of media. The term has become an integral part of the modern way of communication. Through its various platforms, we can easily get connected to people across the globe. It also facilitates the rapid dissemination of information. For example, you all must be using Instagram, a user-generated platform where we share visual content, photos and short videos. 

In the present time, it has gained enormous popularity and become a platform for artists, influencers and brands. We hope you understand the concept of social media. However, using social media is easy, but writing a dissertation on it and finding a topic can be a massive challenge. So, keep this problem away, let us move ahead and read the list of ideas.

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Do you want to submit a paper but stuck to pick the best idea? Are you looking for an outstanding list of social media marketing dissertation topics? If yes, hurrah, you have landed at the place because here, you will get an instant solution to your query. So, keep reading the blog post and choose a unique one for your document.

Dissertation Topics in Media and Communication

1. What are the effects of virtual reality on empathy and emotional engagement in media content

2. Analyze the role of social media in political mobilization: Case studies from recent global movements

3. What is the effect of health campaigns in shaping public behaviour

4. Cross-platform content consumption and media convergence: A literature review of audience behaviour in the digital age

5. An Analysis of Visual Elements and Persuasive Strategies in Advertising

6. Digital Storytelling in Journalism: Explain the evolution of narrative techniques used nowadays in online news

7. Investigate the Impact of social media and celebrity endorsements on consumer attitudes and purchase intentions

Social Media and Education Dissertation Ideas

8. Can social media play the role of an alternative to traditional education?

9. What is the contribution of social media in the dissemination of information

10. Why fact-checking should be a permanent part of the curriculum?

11. How social media addiction is reducing the concentration of students?

12. Are historical facts being rewritten or altered by using social media?

13. How is social media affected by the reading habits of children?

14. Does virtual classrooms provide complete education?

Social Media and Young Media Dissertation Topics

15. What is the reason behind young individuals' politics, from their use of social media? 

16. Explain the impact of social media on young mind

17. A brief about Online communities stating about social media and mental illness

18. The unexpectedly protective function of social media: Young people's development of resilience

19. Are social media users' intertwined social lives smart teenagers? How

20. What is connective journalism? Explain the main potential issues with social media

21. State the repercussions of social media addiction and whether is it a thing.

22. Can social media be constructively embraced in civic education? A brief explanation

23. Is youth education necessary to share genuine tales on social media?

Social Media and Society Dissertation Ideas

24. Explain how social media is helping NGOs in raising funds

25. Analyze the role of social media in raising awareness about environmental issues

26. How does social media play an essential role in reporting crimes

27. What was the role of Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

28. Is fake news on social media disturbing the peace of our society?

29. Can social media play the role of the voice of the oppressed?

30. Have social media forced people to lead a dual life online and offline?

Social Media Marketing Research Topics

31. How social media have changed branding techniques?

32. How to develop an effective social media marketing strategy?

33. Does brand popularity on social media convert into real customers?

34. Is social media a boon for young start-ups?

35. Differentiate between Traditional marketing vs. New age marketing

36. Can personal information used to serve targeted ads on social media platforms?

37. How is a consumer turned into a product by marketers?

38. Can social media make companies more responsible for customers

39. Can resources be used to influence trends?

40. How are companies that don't use social media marketing surviving?

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Social Media and Mental Health Dissertation Ideas

41. What is the effect of online harassment on the mental health of an individual?

42. Is social media a crucial contributor to suicides among teenagers? Explain how

43. Analyze the role of social media in causing depression among youths

44. What is the reason behind social media users are becoming prone to live fake lives?

45. The impact of body-shaming on social media

46. Does spending too much time on social media can cause a mental breakdown? Why

47. Explain the impact of mental health awareness campaigns on social media

48. How can we deal with social media harassment and bullying?

49. Is it true that most students using social media have high self-esteem?

50. Does using social media help to prevent mental breakdown?

Social Media and Traditional Media Dissertation Topics

51. Explain how social media is making people less informed and more opinionated

52. How do subscription-based media models get boosted by social media?

53. Age of Podcast- Radio on the brink of extinction

54. Is news consumption being changed because of social media?

55. How social media have reduced the cost of news gathering?

56. Is print news becoming irrelevant in the social media age?

57. How is television news going to survive the YouTube storm?

We hope you have chosen a topic for your dissertation. If not, seek media dissertation help from our experts or else by reading the next part you will surely have a title to work on. So, let's delve into the upcoming section.

How to Choose a Best Social Media Dissertation Topic?

Do you want to select a social media topics on your own? This part is completely curated for you because by reading the below points you will find a way how you can choose a title and move ahead to the writing part. By not wasting much time, look at the pointers discussed below.

5 Ways to choose social media disseratation Topic

Select Field of Interest- While selecting social media marketing thesis topicsdecide in which field you are interested. It will help you to draft your paper easily.

Collect Prior Information- It is necessary to collect information on social media topics early basis and note down a few topics to write about social media that you consider selecting.

Focus on One Aspect- Do not think vague, try to specify your search and focus on a particular topic about social media you are thinking to choose. It will become easier for you.

Determine the Relevance- Ensure that the topic you are thinking about is relevant. For instance, if you are looking for social media marketing thesis topics, focus on it only.

Seek Feedback- Always have a second opinion. So, you can hire our experts and seek assignment or marketing dissertation topics help. They will guide you properly.

Well yes, these were the points that you must remember while selecting a thesis title about social media in education and yeah you will finally be able to work on the writing part of your paper. However, do you know the structure of writing and when it is required? If you don't, then leave it to us because, in the next part, we will discuss it so that you can ace your scores.

Structure of Dissertation Writing & When is it Required?

Knowing about the structure of any paper is crucial to score good grades. So, if you are also wondering how to write a structure of a dissertation on social media. You can get our dissertation writing services. For now, read the following points carefully:

1. Title Page

2. Abstract

3. Content Table

4. Introduction

5. Literature Review

6. Methodology

7. Results

8. Discussion

9. References

You must have understood how to structure a paper on social media marketing research topics, now you must be thinking about when is it required. So, our experts are ready with this answer too. A dissertation is a long-form document in which students need to demonstrate their understanding of a particular subject. It requires good research, writing and analysis skills. So, scholars need to submit it in their higher degree, such as a master's and Ph.D. Now you know how crucial a role does it play. Therefore, it is the time when you need to learn the do's and don't's for your dissertation topics

Do's and Dont's of Choosing a Good Dissertation Topic

Here, you will read what points to remember while choosing a topic. For example, if you want a thesis title about social media in education, the write-up below will guide you with it. It will help you to save your time and to achieve the target. Students often make mistakes like, they do not think enough before selecting a title and many more. So, to know more about this, then read the attached table below:



Select a manageable and interesting topic

Don't select a topic that is out of your interest area

Do proper research to select the best topic


Don't pick a topic with insufficient research


Do choose a topic by focusing on one aspect

Don't Choose a topic that is too Broad


Do discuss with peers and mentors

Don't select a topic without a discussion

We hope you have understood, the common mistakes that students make and later suffer with their grades. Moreover, if you face any issues with writing dissertation on social media, select a topic or want a sample of the dissertation. Look for the next section and get your query solved.

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