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Latest Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics (50+ Examples) for Your Research Paper

23 May 2024


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A student of digital marketing must write several dissertations throughout their course structure. Now, to write a dissertation perfectly, you need a good and unique topic. You must pick a topic that gives you scope to research. Also, you make sure you can present it uniquely. There must be some exclusive facts that give scope to future researchers for further research. So, here, you will get an idea about digital marketing dissertation topics for writing a scoring dissertation.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Today, the world is getting digital. So, digital marketing has become an essential part of business strategies. With the advancement of computers and the internet, marketing campaigns are run online now. Marketers can conduct digital marketing in many forms, like display ads, online videos, social media marketing, and so on. Here, businesses try to establish contact with potential customers through the Internet and several other types of digital communication. Besides email and social media, they can also use different multimedia channels for marketing. Businesses can use different digital marketing channels, like pay-per-click, website marketing, content marketing, etc. Therefore, you need dynamic digital marketing topics to write a dissertation on the matter.

How to Choose a Unique Digital Marketing Dissertation Topic?

Now, you have an idea about digital marketing. So, you can look for the best dissertation topics in marketing. Selecting a perfect topic is not an easy task. You have to go for in-depth research to get the right topic for you. Sometimes, students get confused as there are so many topics. Also, the seniors have already written on many topics. So, you may find lots of cliche topics. With practical tips to find digital marketing research topics, you can find the right topic for you. Have a look-

Look for a Relevant Topic

This is the most important tip you must follow when choosing social media marketing dissertation topics. You must find a suitable topic for your write-up. Make sure it is an actual topic. Thus, you will find the results of your research and write it well.

Make Sure You Can Research on It

Sometimes, students choose topics that don't have much scope for research. Also, you may find such topics that don't have concrete results. So, writing a long dissertation on such topics can be tiring. So, you must look for specific digital marketing research topics that give you the chance to do in-depth research and bring out fruitful results.

Pick a Trendy Topic

Digital marketing is a new thing. So, you must stay updated while knowing its whereabouts. You must look for a trendy topic that is already sensational in the market. Thus, you can show your knowledge on the subject. Also, you can show that you stay updated always.

So, these are specific simple steps you must follow while looking for a topic for digital marketing. Once you pay attention to these matters, you can easily find a suitable topic. Thus, you can write a good dissertation on it.

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50+ Trending Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics [2024]

Sometimes, students skip writing a dissertation because of the fear of not finding suitable topics. Therefore, we are here to present the best online marketing dissertation topics. The list will help you to plan your paper accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. How does social media affect the behaviour of customers?
  2. The future of online and social media marketing and research
  3. The impact of social media advertising on the buying behaviour of consumer
  4. The impact of social media on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions in the fashion industry
  5. The Ethical Implications of Data Privacy in Social Media Advertising.
  6. Measuring Social Media Engagement and Its Effects on Brand Loyalty.
  7. The Role of Social Media in Crisis Management and Brand Reputation.
  8. Analysing the Impact of Video Content on Social Media Marketing Success.
  9. The articulation of different social media channels to increase customer base
  10. How Facebook and Instagram can help in the growth of a business?

Know MoreSocial Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

Unique Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. Effectiveness of digital marketing on integrated marketing communication in the 21st century
  2. The role of content marketing in building brand awareness and loyalty among customers
  3. The importance of customer satisfaction for a digital marketing agency.
  4. Application of digital marketing strategies to increase the profitability of organisations
  5. Personalisation in digital marketing: strategies and challenges
  6. Interactions with consumers on digital platforms
  7. The use of SEO in improving website traffic and sales for small businesses
  8. The role of the landing page and its importance
  9. Scrutinising the framework for programmatic directions for digital marketing
  10. What is the role of marketing collateral in advertising strategies?

Influencer Marketing Dissertation Topics 

  1. How has a change in customer trends influenced businesses to adopt digital marketing strategies?
  2. Effectiveness of influencer marketing in promoting things on social media
  3. The Role of Influencer Marketing in Shaping Consumer Brand Perception.
  4. A Critical Analysis of Influencer marketing vs. ad marketing
  5. Brand's approach by getting promotions done through Influencers
  6. What is the Role of Bloggers and Influencers in Digital Marketing
  7. How has video marketing evolved in the past 5 years?
  8. The effect of YouTube ads on how consumers view different products
  9. How to build a strong brand online among all types of audiences?
  10. Analyse the determinants of advertising sales promotion or salesmanship
  11. How does marketing enhance a particular society from various perspectives?

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics 2024

  1. The role of SMM in building brand awareness and sales drive for e-commerce businesses
  2. The impact of augmented reality on digital marketing strategies and consumer behaviour
  3. The ethical and regulatory challenges related to digital marketing
  4. The critical role of email marketing
  5. The strategic comparison and evaluation of tools to analyse digital marketing competitors
  6. Misleading perception in the career of digital marketing
  7. The study of modern digital marketing techniques
  8. The study of the transformation and evaluation from traditional to digital marketing
  9. The role of digital marketing in analysing consumer psychology
  10. The concept of chatbot in the context of digital marketing
  11. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Block-chain technologies in digital marketing scenario
  1. Difference between Facebook marketing and targeted marketing.
  2. Which marketing is effective, PPC vs SEO?
  3. Evaluating the role of Facebook Analytics for targeted marketing.
  4. To what extent do the discount coupons act as a digital marketing tool to drive sales and achieve customer loyalty
  5. Find out the preferences of customers on coupon-based promotional activities.
  6. A strategic comparison and evaluation of tools to analyse digital marketing competitors.
  7. Is the pay-per-click advertising effective for brands?
  8. Difference between content marketing and digital copywriting
  9. Examining the critical role of email marketing in the context of digital marketing
  10. How does language become a barrier to efficient online marketing campaigns for more prominent brands?

Common Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. Analysis of designing a marketing post for Facebook
  2. How to measure the success of a campaign?
  3. The role of personalisation in the context of digital marketing
  4. The use of social videos is increasing in digital marketing
  5. The role of virtual reality in digital marketing
  6. Data privacy and consumer trust in digital marketing
  7. The role of emotional appeal in digital marketing
  8. The role of e-commerce and Omni-channel marketing
  9. The impact of online reviews on customer decision-making
  10. How does innovation of digital marketing management in B2B markets?

So, these are some of the best digital marketing topics you can use for your dissertation. You should study the topic well before writing. Then, conduct a thorough research. You must go through the previous works on the same marketing dissertation topics. Thus, you can learn how to add value to your dissertation.

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Hopefully, you now have enough ideas on choosing suitable digital marketing dissertation topics. Also, you get a detailed view of different topics. We have listed the best topics for writing a dissertation on digital marketing. Still, if you have difficulties looking for a proper topic, you can always depend on dissertation writing services.We are the ones to serve you with the best topics and written dissertations on some topics. You can trust us blindly as we have a strong reputation on this matter. Let us help you, and you can submit the best-written dissertation on digital marketing on a burning topic.

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