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Top 90+ Dissertation Topics on Advertising

90+ Top Advertising Dissertation Topics 2024 for Students

07 Nov 2022


"Hard work is the benchmark of success."

Did the above quote move you? It should. If you are even a little aware of the impact hard work can have on your academic growth, you will understand every depth of the above statement. This quote signifies how you should feel about your dissertation. The same should happen when you write your academic paper. Knowing that your work will make you proud, you must put every ounce of strength into your advertising dissertation.

When discussing a dissertation, many things come to mind. Such as topic selection, drafting the paper, proofreading the content, and submitting it on time. Students need top advertising dissertation topics 2024, which only this blog can help them with. For an advertising student, some of these critical tasks are made easy by professional writers. Students need help to acknowledge their ideas and come to a proper conclusion. Therefore, here are more than 90advertisement ideas. So what are you waiting for? Let's start with understanding everything about advertising dissertation topics.

What Is An Advertising Dissertation?

Advertising is a medium for promoting any product or brand to increase revenue. It is a method,organisations use to reach their potential customers for sales. And when a student has to put together this analysis in their academic paper, it's an advertising dissertation.

Carrying out all the significant stages of a dissertation in marketing, such as advertising, requires a different approach. It can be a little easier for some students, depending on their courage. They are doing thorough research on their theme for new findings as they are expected to reach the field and gather data. Some students require assistance picking the best from the top advertising dissertation topics 2024. At the same time, some can read this blog and select the perfect one.

Top Advertising Dissertation Topics Marketing

As you all must be aware, advertising is part of marketing. It is a field that emerged from this sector because of the advancement in the promotional aspects. If you are looking for advertising topics for dissertation, then marketing can be an imposing area. Below are some of the most exciting subjects for you:

  • Evaluating the impact of television advertising on targeted customers.
  • What is the effectiveness of luring people into clicking on sponsored advertisements?
  • The fundamental differences between organic and paid searches.
  • Examine the most effective marketing strategies for new businesses.
  • Content marketing in the twenty-first century: How to create winning content?
  • A comparison of advertising and brand equity building.
  • A look at the top three companies that failed due to poor marketing strategies.
  • Which is better: TV commercials or YouTube videos?
  • Using VR technology to assess the effectiveness of immersion marketing.
  • Emerging opportunities in sports marketing: A thematic review.
  • Small businesses can connect with customers through social media videos and online streams.
  • Modern electronic payment methods and international shopping discounts: The benefits and drawbacks of online shopping in 2024.
  • What are the royalties and shared responsibilities when using Instagram and social media influencers to promote your products?
  • How do virtual online markets via video conferencing and hosting with online guides affect brand royalty?
  • Is the importance of culture for the visual aspect of brands and products still relevant for the younger generation?

Advertising Topics for Dissertation on Digital Marketing

If you are brainstorming for a suitable dissertation topic, you must have come across the idea of picking it up from the digital marketing field. For all the students who desire to make their work memorable, they can search for the top advertising dissertation topics 2024 in the digital marketing field to score wellor read further for suggestions.

  1. Evaluating the concept of traditional print advertising versus modern digital advertising trends.
  2. How do digital advertising platforms influence young people's purchasing habits?
  3. The effect of internet advertising on business profitability.
  4. A comprehensive examination of the processes and effects of targeted advertising on children in New York, USA.
  5. What is the efficiency level of advertising and marketing campaigns on digital platforms?
  6. Examining millennials' awareness of the placement of gambling advertisements on digital platforms.
  7. Comparing digital advertising strategies for various companies across cultures.
  8. The effects of cartoons that promote good habits on parental and child purchasing decisions.
  9. What is the impact of YouTube advertising on customer purchasing behaviour?
  10. Analysing the impact of digital marketing methods that irritate or inspire millennials.
  11. We evaluate the negative and positive effects of digital advertising based on message framing, product type, and regulatory focus.
  12. What is the significance of informative advertising in the pharmaceutical industry?
  13. Analysing bilinguals' responses to online advertisements for various products.

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Advertisement Ideas for Media Promotion

Media platforms are the core of all types of advertising. Especially for digital advertising, media pages and sites are everything. For a student looking for a progression in advertising dissertation topics, picking this category for their paper will be impressive and score worthy.

  1. Assessing the efficacy of social media marketing tools.
  2. The impact of ICT on UK advertising practises.
  3. Instagram marketing mix applications.
  4. How social media advertising is influencing society in the twenty-first century.
  5. The effect of social media advertising on group minds and social pressure.
  6. On the global stage, social media campaigns and revolutions have occurred.
  7. Cmparing the efficacy of Facebook and LinkedIn advertising.
  8. The impact of social media advertising United Kingdom.
  9. Security of personal information in social media advertising.
  10. What are the consequences of user engagement in online content marketing?
  11. What are the implications of consumer multi-homing for advertising markets?
  12. When it comes to millennials, digital advertising outperforms traditional advertising.
  13. Evaluating consumer attitudes toward unethical digital advertising methods.

Advertising Dissertation Topics on Mobile Phones

Just as important as digital platforms are to the advertising sector, mobile phones are too. They play a primary role in promoting any product through digital marketing practices. Millions of people scroll down daily, giving wind to this field of top advertising dissertation topics in 2024 as listed below.

  1. Millennials' digital readiness and acceptance of mobile advertising: A case study from the United Kingdom.
  2. A comparative analysis of contemporary and vintage advertising.
  3. Describe advertisements that appear in UK newspapers.
  4. Permission and acceptance roles in mobile advertising campaigns.
  5. Examining the impact of mobile advertising on e-commerce.
  6. The primary success factors in mobile advertising are being investigated.
  7. A look at global mobile advertising trends between 2010 and 2020.
  8. Perceptions of mobile advertising in the United States: A case study.
  9. Comparing mobile advertising success rates for start-ups and established businesses.
  10. Evaluating the effectiveness of companies' data protection strategies in mobile advertising

Top Advertising Dissertation Topics 2024 on Health

Health is a growing sector after the effects of the pandemic on the world. This field has a good idea that a dissertation can offer. It provides us with some of the most exciting topics for dissertation writing. So make the selection of the top advertising dissertation topics in 2024 from here:

  1. A comprehensive examination of the impact of anti-drug advertising campaigns on millennials.
  2. An examination of McDonald's advertising changes between 2000 and 2019.
  3. Why is alcohol advertising legal, but tobacco advertising is not?
  4. A comprehensive examination of the ethical aspects of infant exploitation in advertising campaigns.
  5. The effect of fast food advertising on childhood and adolescent obesity.
  6. A look at the latest health concerns about digital marketing strategies.
  7. Digital advertising in disasters: A review of business marketing strategies used during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
  8. A migraine awareness campaign featuring artwork by a portrait artist.
  9. Pharma's branded TV commercial will support a DTC campaign to raise awareness of a rare disease known as tardive dyskinesia.
  10. A celebrity public health campaign to ensure children receive vaccines.
  11. Unbranded to branded pharma: The effort of a health awareness campaign for alcohol dependence as a disease

Unique Advertising Dissertation Topics 2024

If the list of dissertation topics above does not satisfy you, you can choose one from this list of unique topics.

  1. A look at the most recent television and social media advertising trends in the battle for consumer attention.
  2. What are the most effective advertising methods for new pharmaceutical products?
  3. Contrasting e-commerce advertising strategies with bank advertising strategies.
  4. Evaluating the advertising strategies of companies that are going offshore.
  5. Modern business marketing strategies for start-ups.
  6. Analysing the effect of advertising on consumer acceptance of new services in California, USA.
  7. Analysing the marketing and advertising strategies of the top companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  8. A critical examination of spam legislation and targeted advertising in digital marketing.
  9. Contrasting and comparing advertising methods in the hospitality industry.
  10. The impact of advertising on the sales of fitness products in the UK.
  11. What is the connection between advertising and brand image?
  12. E-marketing and advertising in the UK luxury industry: An examination of customer purchasing decisions

Creative Advertising Dissertation Topics 2024

For writing a dissertation, you are expected to pick an interesting and creative topic. Some level of creativity is always required in all types of academic papers. So here are some options for your help. It is because creative and idea advertising is in trend these days.

  1. Evaluating customer-centric marketing strategies to assist businesses in gaining a competitive advantage.
  2. The significance of research in the marketing of a company's products.
  3. Contrasting multinational advertising models with local forms.
  4. Analysing contemporary business marketing strategies and paradigms.
  5. A review of the health industry's use of information technology in evolving marketing and advertising approaches.
  6. Comparing the digital marketing strategies from around the world.
  7. Analysing customer responses to automated interaction in the automotive industry.
  8. The use of artificial intelligence in the European digital market.
  9. Examining the efficacy of relationship marketing in the smartphone industry.
  10. Does digital advertising aid in the development of customer loyalty?
  11. Marketing wars and their effects on customer behaviour: A Coca-Cola and Pepsi case study.
  12. Measuring consumer reaction to Samsung product launches.
  13. Methods for gathering consumer information for social media targeting: Privacy concerns are emerging.
  14. How EU laws influence multinational corporations' marketing?
  15. What is the connection between marketing ethics and corporate social responsibility?

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