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A Complete Guide on Project Management Dissertation Topics for MBA Student

08 Sep 2022


A Complete List of Project Management Dissertation Topics to Explore!

"Project management can be defined as a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables of time, cost, resources and human behaviour come together." - Rory Burke


The saying appropriately explains applying one technique can't result in successful results. But there are dozens of methodologies that are applicable. Thus, before you get overwhelmed, just calm your nerves and follow one step at a time, i.e., the selection process of a relevant idea.

However, the possibilities of operation management topics are endless. As finding a good MBA theme in this field can be tiresome, you need to have in-depth knowledge to explore the planning process. Despite this, if you still face difficulty in the development of the project, there are expert ways to tackle the situation. Go through this checklist of the latest project management dissertation topics and contact specialists of Instant Assignment Help. The expert writers here will provide tips and tricks to score high grades in your academics. But before that, gain complete knowledge of the most popular topics.

All about the Best Project Management Dissertation Topic

The list of dissertation topics on project management is vast, focusing on diverse fields such as management, engineering, information technology, and many more. Thus, choosing a relevant theme for an MBA dissertation is difficult for a fresher. So it is suggested to go for an imperative theme that centres on your strengths. It will depend on your research process too.

Further, the idea should revolve around real-life issues so the reader can relate to the whole theme. Plus, it will help scholars to stand apart from competitors. Thus, to create a long-lasting impression on professors, try out these topic generation tips:

  • A project management student looking to score good grades should present the finest work. To put this idea in place, scan the already existing ideas or theories from various sources. 
  • Then, research the key references such as journals, academic books, e-learning platforms, or educational websites. 
  • It can't be stressed enough how vital it is to follow a logical step-by-step method to create an articulate theme. 

The efforts and time spent on writing the dissertation will all go down the drain with the lack of proper initial analysis. Keeping this advice in mind, pick a topic based on recently published literature to identify the gaps in the research. It will identify the problems and create unique topics based on these issues. With this mindset, you will not only create a credible concept but also add value to your dissertation.

How to Go about Finding the Best Dissertation Topic in Project Management?

 There are many ways to come up with unique examples of project management. It sounds obvious, but the use of fundamental principles of research is the key. For example, brainstorming, getting help from your supervisors, talking to your peers, and lots of reading can lead to the ideation phase for the development of the topic. Thus, follow the below-mentioned guidelines for forming your title:

Step 1: Check the University Specification:

Start by looking at the different instructions about the universities' guidelines. It will help you broach only the required parameters. They include topic originality, ethical requirements, methodologies, etc. And if you are not aware of basic regulations, you will end up wasting a lot of time on irrelevant topics.

Step 2: Effectively Plan the Research: 

After successfully collecting the data from different sources, review them. So utilising the past data will provide helpful guidance to support title formation. You can also combine a few preexisting ideas and create a unique theme based on your perspective.

Step 3: Organise the Collected Information:

Once you have covered scanning all the collected data, list the potential research topics that have piped your interest. Going through this route will help in finding an original and meaningful theme. Thus, engage in a free-form brainstorming session using different theories. You can also put a local and industry-specific spin to establish relevant factors to your approach. 

Step 4: Evaluate the List of Selected Topics:

Now cross off the options you suspect might not be very engaging. As they might be common or an overly researched topic to find anything fresh. Further, there might be a few similar concepts. Choose the one that ticks all criteria of relevancy to your studies. It will help you shortlist the feasible idea.

List of Popular Project Management Dissertation Topics

MBA dissertation topics in project management are a dynamic field that covers a lot of parameters. Sometimes, it becomes quite challenging for students to come up with dissertation ideas in this field. As with the availability of vast information on online portals, you might feel overwhelmed with the options out there. To reduce your stress regarding writing, here are some selected topics to help craft the project management document:

1) Discuss the Role of a Project-oriented Business Organisation from the Technical Perspective

Aim: Here, the learner can discuss the core enhancement in the organisational structure and leadership. The study will analyse the technical aspects of utilising project management for the success of the firm.

2) What Changes in the Organisational Structure will Implement Project Management Soft Skills?

Aim: The writer can strategically review the impact of the projection of soft skills. Analyse using strategic data and should have a shred of solid evidence to back up your statement. 

3) How Will Emotional Optimised Stress Management Positively Impact the Dynamics of the Workplace?

Aim: The aim here is to uncover the soft competencies for IT project management success. The research should focus on developing a positive outlook on stress management techniques. Further, the study should use structural equation modelling. 

4) What are the Pros or Cons of Poor Communication within the Project Management Space?

Aim: Identify the main causes that may result in mass communication in the workspace. The result compares the cause and benefits to a comparative analysis of different ways of conveying information.

The purpose here is to quickly and efficiently get the ball rolling in your favour. So with the above-mentioned project ideas, you wouldn't be stuck researching a topic. Instead, you can use this time productively to enhance the quality. There is no set order, so you can choose the idea that feels most relevant to achieving your goal. Happy Writing!!

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The choice is all yours!

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