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All about Driscoll Reflective Model

How Does Driscoll Reflective Model Work for Nursing Students?

22 Feb 2024


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Brilliant scholars have always maintained that an individual's development and the evolution of their surrounding is subjective. So it is because they can choose not to grow with the changes in their environment. Nevertheless, every advancement needs a reflection within the circumstances, discipline, or profession. In similar circumstances, the Driscoll reflective model comes into play.

What Is the Driscoll Reflective Model?

Among the list of top nursing dissertation topics is the reflective model. A structured framework of reflection enables a free flow of the process. This model allows individual progress and entity development. According to a paper published by Adeani et al. (2020), three basic questions are the foundation pillar of this reflection model. The said questions are; WHAT, SO WHAT, and NOW WHAT? The Driscoll model relates these three inquisitive phrases to stages of learning. These trigger curiosity while gaining knowledge.

Firstly, many scholars have the same thought when they hear about the Driscoll Model 1994. What is it? John Driscoll created the Driscoll model of reflection in 1994, 2004, and 2007. While creating this learning framework, he worked on the stem question that Terry Boston asked in 1970. It is how WHAT, SO WHAT, and NOW WHAT relate to the learning experience cycle. These have trigger questions added for completion of the reflection round.

Three Stages of Driscoll's Model of Reflection:


The Driscoll model is divided into three stages: WHAT, SO WHAT and NOW WHAT. You will read this in the below part. However, before going forward, let us take an example that will help you understand it. So, imagine that you are a nursing student, and your professor gave you an assignment. Hence, using and analyzing the reflection model cycle in your study will help you write an excellent document.


It is the first stage of Driscoll reflective model. As the word suggests, it talks all about being inquisitive in general. Here in this stage, WHAT plays an important role in describing the experience, if what is happening counts as good/bad, involvement of individuals, or more, to sum it up, the first phase describes the occurrence for assessing the same.


The second stage is related to the reaction to the experience. This phase describes the feelings of the involved personnel, reflection following those feelings, conflicts, influencing factors and more. This second step interprets and evaluates the descriptions of the first phase of the question.


The third phase discusses the learning outcomes of the experience. The elaboration will be, what went wrong, how to prevent a negative reaction, and ways to better prepare and focus on the present scenario. This stage describes the changes that are given the most emphasis. Interpretation will be the skill acquired that must be interdisciplinary and applicable to education for the future.

We hope you have understood the three stages of Driscoll's reflective model. You can use these stages while writing your nursing assignment. It will benefit you to write your paper with ease. It is time to move ahead. So let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of Driscoll's model of reflection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driscoll Reflective Model

In this section, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Driscoll's model of reflection. Many of you often face challenges in writing an assignment. It mostly happens when we talk about writing nursing tasks. So, let's shed light on the benefits and drawbacks of it so that you can use it in your paper more effectively.



It gives quick results and can be used as a questionnaire.

It cannot provide a deeper impact.

It is simple to follow and remember it quickly.

It is limited, so, it is not suitable for layered reflection.

It is helpful for beginners to work with simplicity.

It do not need to get applied in every situation.

So, till now, you have read about the advantages and disadvantages model that can be beneficial for you to write your task more effectively. However, among the students, most of you face trouble in writing the nursing papers. So, if you are also the one, get nursing assignment help from our experts. Now, let's read the next section of the blog, why is Driscoll a good reflective model in nursing.

Why Is Driscoll a Good Reflective Model in Nursing?

John Driscoll Reflective Model is one of the simplest but not so commonly cited. Despite having several advantages, it is not the first choice of students. The model is a three-stage easy process that is very effortless to remember and use frequently.

Nursing students encounter reflective practice at first when in the university. At the same time, studying a patient's case or other elective experiences. But, what students do not realise is that they practice reflection all their life, not as a development model but as a way of living. Most think and rethink their experiences, avoid the ones that lead to mishappenings and repeat the successful ones. Just like the hot milk saucer and cat story. In nursing, reflecting on the experience and applying practical knowledge to the field helps all learners. As one progresses through nursing, one must further show their ability to reflection, and the Driscoll Reflective Model comes in handy.

Here, you have understood why Driscoll is good reflective model in nursing. Moreover, we will jump into the next part, where you will study why reflection is crucial in nursing. It will benefit you to improve your learning.

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Why Is Reflection Important in Nursing?

However, regardless of the importance of reflection in the nursing student's life, it is callous to treat it as a waste of time. It is not a trick to pass tests or learn the entire course overnight. The Driscoll reflective model reference is used by those who, wish to excel in their nursing career and be the best self. It is more than the bookish knowledge students try to memorise. It helps to gain skills that benefit self-learning, becoming motivated professionals and providing optimum care. 

Now, you will read the next part, how to use the Driscoll reflective model in your assignment writing. It can be helpful for you to make the paper more impressive because if it becomes fascinating, you can score an A+ academic grade. 

How to Use Driscoll Reflective Model in Assignment Writing?

So, as you have understood what is Driscoll's reflective model, now it is time to add it to your assignment. Many of you get stuck on giving an example to support your point because it is necessary for nursing to do so. Moreover, you can use this pointer while drafting your tasks so that, you can write effectively. So, let's have a look at the listed pointers.

Understand the Topic

When you select a topic for your assignment, remember to use the reflective model of Driscoll and its three stages, "WHAT", "SO WHAT", and "NOW WHAT". It will help you select a title around it, and you will flawlessly write the tasks.

Do Research

While you research, you go through the existing knowledge regarding your title. Moreover, because you go through a lot of information, it creates massive chaos. You face challenges, what content to use in the writing to make it impressive. So, to simplify your problem, here you can use the Driscoll reflective model.

Select A Reflective Cycle Model

Use the reflective cycle model in your writing to get the benefit of writing with ease. It is the simplest method among all of them. Moreover, go through six stages: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan. If you use it in your tasks, it will create an impact on your assignment.

Do Brainstorming

When you evaluate the assignment, write down the three questions that are the three stages of Driscoll's reflective model. It will enhance your thinking capability by providing an idea for framing the task. Hence, make the write-up accordingly, where you will easily cover all the information.

Edit and Refine

When you evaluate the assignment, write down the three questions that are the three stages of Driscoll's reflective model. It will enhance your thinking capability by providing an idea for framing the task. Hence, make the write-up accordingly, where you will easily cover all the information.

We hope that you have understood how to use Driscoll's reflective model in assignment writing. You can also get the top assignment help UK services from us to get all your nursing related problem resolved. Moreover, use this in your next task and get an A+ academic grade. Now we will delve into the next part of the blog, where you will read some examples of the Driscoll Reflective Model.

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Examples of Driscoll Reflective Model

Examples are the best way and how you can use it in real-life scenarios. Below, we will go through and learn some examples of the Driscoll reflective model.

Example 01:

Conflict in a group project: The professor has assigned a group assignment. So, let's see how you can use the stages in it.


Identify the problem that is taking place in the team and understand the perspective behind the situation.

So What

Now, identify the main reasons for the delay of the task. It can be either the time management challenge or the different perspectives of each member of the team.

Now What

Communicate with your team about the next steps to apply to get a better result before the deadline.

Example 02:

To Evaluate a training experience: You have just completed nursing training. So, let's check whether you have gained the knowledge or not.


Consider an overview of the training and evaluate the learning experience through it.

So What

Brainstorm how you can apply this experience in real-life scenarios.

Now What

Decide how to use this to get a better result in your academic career.

These were examples of reflective models that can be helpful for you to understand precisely. You can use this method while doing an assignment or if you want to evaluate your study.

The Driscoll reflective model example and other frameworks have proven important to nursing students. After that, however, it becomes trying to pen down all these and create the best assignments that encourage high grades. A student can never ignore the significance of academic tasks, no matter how much trouble it feels.

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