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An In-Depth Overview of Control Variables

What are Control Variables? It’s Importance & Engaging Examples

22 Feb 2024


Table of Content

Are you curious to know about the control variables? Do you want to submit your study at the earliest? Are you stressed because you are unaware of this concept? Do not hesitate! In this blog, you will get an in-depth understanding of control variables. It will help you to have a smooth experimental research. Moreover, our experts will guide you to know what are control variables, their examples, ways, and how you can control them. So, without further due, let us move to the next section of the blog to understand the control variables and clarify this concept. 

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A Quick Overview of Control Variables

A control variable is a part of an experiment that remains constant. So, when it is not changed throughout the study, it assists in having a better understanding of the relationship between the other two variables i.e., dependent variables and independent variables. It is what we call the control variables in regression. It does not affect at the time of the experiments, but it affects at the time of the results. In addition, it ensures whether the research is fairly tested or not. So, it plays a crucial role in your research to identify its changes.

We hope you have understood the concept of control variables and their role in a research study. Apart from this, if you are facing issues in writing the variables, hire our experts for assignment help USA.

Now, before conducting an experiment you need to know why are control variables important, also to make you understand with more clarity the experts will also explain to you with the help of examples.

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Control Variables: Importance and Examples

Now that you know the concept, it is crucial to learn its importance in having a practical research study. Also, to make it clearer, we have stated control variables examples. 

Control Variable Importance

  • It helps you to establish the relationship between other variables, which are the dependent variables and the independent variables. In simple words, it aids you in enhancing the internal validity of the study.
  • It allows you to determine whether you need to exit the study or continue it, known as loop control variables.
  • It assists you in having a fair research study by avoiding bias.

Control Variables Examples 



Does taking a medicine reduces illness?

1. Age

2. Health

Does poor-quality soil significantly affect plant growth?

1. Amount of water

2. Amount of sunlight

3. Temperature

Does a supplement affect health?

1.  Timing of taking medicine

2. Amount of sleep

Are different programs for weight gain effective?

1. Age

2. Starting Weight

3. Activities an individual is doing

So, here you have read about why control variables are important and its suitable examples. So, you must keep in mind this purpose while conducting a research study so that you can perform a good experiment. Let's delve into the next part of the blog, which is the control variables: Experimental and non-experimental research.

Control Variables in Experimental and Non-Experimental Research

Control variables play a vital role whether you are conducting experimental or non-experimental research. In addition, it will help you understand the loop control variables, i.e., whether to exit or continue the study. So, let's read in detail about how control variables work in experimental and non-experimental research studies:

Control Variables in Experimental Research

  • In an experimental study, you will try to understand the effect of an independent variables on a dependent variables. Moreover, here, the control variables helps you by ensuring that the experiment results are fair instead of any manipulation or bias. Let's understand it in a better way through control variable examples in experimental research:
  • You want to study whether fertilizer significantly affects plant growth.
  • So, fertilizer will be the independent variable that could affect the dependent variables (growth of the plant) in this experiment. However, the plants are the control variables here.

Control Variables in Non-Experimental Research

  • In a non-experimental study, you cannot make changes or control the independent variables in an observational study or any other type of study. So, we will identify the relationship between the variables, also called a control variables in regression.
  • You want to study the relationship between income and happiness. So, you can assume that income affects happiness, but it is not possible to experiment with it practically. However, in such cases, you need to conduct surveys and interviews, which is a subjective study.
  • You have studied what are control variables, examples, and their importance. In addition, there are also control variables in experimental and non-experimental research. Apart from this, if you are facing an issue and need cheap assignment help USA, you can always reach out to our excellent experts. In addition, you can hire our experts, who will guide you with top-notch quality paper. Now, let's move ahead to read about the several ways to control a variable by the our experienced experts.

Explain the Ways to Control a Variable


There are different ways to control variables in observational, experimental, and research designs. Here is the best explanation of this in several ways, with suitable control variable examples.

Random Assignment

In the random assignment, you need to place the participants of your sample in different groups using the randomization method. It will help you ensure the balance between the different groups. You can also identify that there is no systematic difference and eliminate biases.

For example, in the study on whether drinking caffeine affects students' results in exams, the participants are recruited and assigned either to the control group or the experimental group. The samples of the control group consumed sugar water. However, the experimental group has been given caffeine. Hence, this study helps you identify the differences between both groups. 

Standardized Procedures 

In a study, you need to follow a certain set of protocols in each group. However, the only thing that can differ in all the groups is the independent variables so that you can identify the effect on the dependent variable. In this case, the control variable will remain constant.

For example, the experiment is on the sports event, so the time and the instructions will be constant, i.e., that is the control variable that remains unchanged. In addition, this is a loop control variables that identifies whether we need to end the study or if it should be continued further.

Statistical Controls

In a study, you need to follow statistical techniques so that you can control the process, as it helps reduce the influence of other variables.

For example, in an experiment on happiness and income, Your control variables are age and marital status. Thus, to gather information on the crucial variables, i.e., income and happiness, we control a variable through statistical controls.

We assume our experts have provided you with an excellent learning experience of ways of controlling a variable in an experiment. However, if you still face issues in writing about variables, then go through our next section.

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We hope our experts have provided you with an understanding of what are control variables, their importance, examples, and various ways to control a variable. This blog can be crucial for you while doing research. Many of you face challenges in writing about this term. If you are facing a issue with your assignment writing, seek our writers to get online exam help. They give 24/7 assistance to customers by assisting with personalized write-ups and delivery before the given deadline. So, what are you waiting for? Hire us and have the best experience with excellent learning.

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