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All You Need to Know About Conceptual Framework

What is Conceptual Framework and It's 6 Essential Steps?

16 Feb 2024

10 minutes


Do you want to know what a conceptual framework is? Also, are you looking for ways to create a strong one? If your answer is yes, be relaxed as here we have brought the write-up to provide you with the best learning. It is crucial to do good research because it helps you to identify the research problem and question. In addition, it aids you by providing you with an outline that connects the concept, ideas, and thesis statement in your study.

In this blog, you will get expert guidance on the definition, the purpose, the steps, and the difference between theoretical vs conceptual framework. Also, here, you will get expert advice on creating an excellent research paper, along with some outstanding examples to improve the connectivity of your document.

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What Is a Conceptual Framework in Research?

A conceptual framework is a concept of identifying the relationship between the variables that you want to analyze in your study. It includes creating research questions, designing, and facilitating communication. A conceptual framework gives you a clear understanding of variables and relationships in your research study. There are several purposes for it:

  • It aids you in creating the hypothesis research paper.
  • It helps in identifying the relationship between the variables.
  • It assists you in developing the research question.
  • It provides a theoretical base for your research paper.
  • It ensures reliability and validity in your paper.

We hope you have understood what is a conceptual framework and its purpose in the research.  

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Conceptual Framework vs Theoretical Framework

If you are working on a research paper, it is necessary to understand the theoretical vs conceptual framework. These two terms can be used when you want to create an overall structure that can assist you in shaping a good project. So, this blog will help you clarify the difference between them.

So, let's see the summary of the conceptual framework vs theoretical framework.

S. No.

Conceptual Framework

Theoretical Framework


It provides a specific idea that you can utilize in the research study.

It provides a broader set of ideas within the context of the research study.


It is located in both quantitative and qualitative research patterns.

It is primarily located in quantative research patterns.


It is limited to specific concepts derived from existing theories.

It explains the cause-and-effect relationship between two or more variables.


It helps you with research findings or problems.

It helps you stimulate research and test theories.

Here, you have read the conceptual framework vs theoretical framework. We hope our experts have clarified your concept of the difference, as it is necessary to understand it.

So, now that you have studied the definition, its purpose and the difference between theoretical framework vs conceptual framework. Now, our experts will guide you on the steps to creating a conceptual framework in research that can help you construct it more effectively.

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6 Steps to Create a Conceptual Framework in Research


Are you facing an issue in creating a conceptual framework for research? Do you need a perfect write-up on it? If yes, you have reached the right place, as you will read excellent steps you can use in your writing. Moreover, expert advice will be helpful for you to score an A+ on your paper. Apart from this, they also provide assignment help USA, so that, you can submit your task before the deadline.

Now, let us take a quick look at six essential steps for crafting the best conceptual framework:

Choose a Topic

The very first step is to select a topic for your research paper. So, for this, firstly, you must know what is conceptual framework is, and the theme your professor has assigned you. Secondly, it should be in your interest so that it becomes easy for you to complete your document. Also, your title should be catchy, as it is the first thing anyone will see in your project.

Identify Research Question

Identifying the research question is necessary to understand the difference between conceptual framework vs theoretical framework. Moreover, ensure it is clear, concise, and relevant to your study. While researching, you should also focus on identifying the gaps in existing knowledge.

Select the Variables

It is crucial to find suitable variables according to the objective and nature of your study. In addition, it can be a dependent variable used to explain, measure, or predict while crafting a conceptual framework in your research paper. On the other hand, the independent variable is used to influence or make changes in the assumption of the dependent factor.

Visualize the Cause-and-Effect Relationship

It is crucial to visualize the cause-and-effect relationship because it will help you to understand and communicate the relationship between the variables. So, if you want to do it for your research paper, you need to use path diagrams, matrices, bar charts, or time series. Apart from this to frame a perfect document it is must to know the conceptual framework definition.

Recognize Other Influencing Variables

After selecting independent or dependent variables, you must consider other variables in your research paper. The following are the types of variables that you can include in your document:   

  • Moderating Variable
  • Mediating Variable
  • Control Variable
  • Confounding Variable

If you recognize it, you will be able to craft good conceptual framework in your research paper.

Revise and Refine It

Once, you have created the conceptual framework, it is must to revise and refine the document. It will aid in correcting the paper if there are any changes. Also, it will make your document accurate, clear, and concise and, it should also have conceptual framework examples so that it is interesting for your professor to go through the document. You should recheck the research question, variables, and thesis thoroughly.

Till now, you have read about the six essential steps to construct an outstanding conceptual framework. If you face issues to submit the research paper, you can contact our experts for guidance. Apart from this, the writers can also provide you with online exam help, as most of you often face hurdles in writing virtual examinations.

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We hope that now you are aware of and understand the concept and its steps, purpose, and theoretical framework vs conceptual framework. It can be crucial for you to learn about it if you want to craft a good research paper. Apart from this, you can also reach our experts for cheap assignment help, where they will give you a top-notch write-up. It can help you score good academic grades. Moreover, they provide 24/7 assistance to the customers, and if you are looking for personalized writing, you have chosen the best place. They can guide you in drafting the paper and also assist you in learning about what is a conceptual framework so that all the queries related to the document get solved. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get the best guidance at an affordable price.

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