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How to Prepare an Extemporaneous Speech?

How to Write and Deliver a Powerful Extemporaneous Speech?

08 Feb 2024


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Are you confused with the concept of extemporaneous speech and struggling with writing or nervous about presenting it? Do not worry; the blog has covered all your concerns. It is a type of speech that is neither read nor memorized; it means the delivery is done without prior planning but by following a few techniques. So, explore the concept and discover the ways to write a perfect speech.

A Quick Overview of Extemporaneous Speech

It is a type of speech that falls under the public speaking category. It checks your knowledge and on-the-spot delivery. Generally, students are not given more than a minute to prepare. So, you must be skilled enough to start your presentations on a random topic with quality information to set a remark. Moreover, there's no paramount difference between an extemporaneous speech and impromptu speech. The first gives some time to research and prepare, while the latter is spontaneous.

There can be multiple queries that can make you puzzled. An example of one such type is, Does extemporaneous speech have script? So, yes, you can frame your own script that contains a few key terms or lines that give you an idea of what to write or deliver. To get an answer to more such concerns, go through the further sections of the blog that contain the solutions to all your problems. Right from writing excellent tips and fabulous topics, it contains everything that you are looking for.

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How to Write an Extemporaneous Speech? The Outline

Delivering a speech on the spot is definitely an intimidating task. But once you get clear on what is extemporaneous speech, writing becomes less complex. Thus, overcome the challenges and master the speech format through the steps below. Also, to get you covered, here's a 7-step procedure to follow while writing an extemporaneous speech.

1. Select a Topic

The first and foremost step is to select a familiar topic. It is a wise step, as the time taken in brainstorming saves to a greater extent. After that, explore the web and grab the data available. Moreover, seeking cheap assignment help from experts is an excellent idea to eliminate the chances of errors and fetch excellent scores.

2. Create an Outline

Create an outline containing the keyword or 2-3-liner phrase. It gives a road map on which your speech runs, eliminating all the obstacles. State the points that you will cover in the introduction and sections of the body. Moreover, to get an exact format, you can also check extemporaneous speech examples to know the appropriate layout.

3. Start with a Quote

This is one step that answers your query, How do you start an extempore speech? Whether writing or delivering, it is best to begin your work with a catchy slogan. It helps in capturing the attention of the public. Moreover, it also increases your credibility. Try using a thought-provoking or inspiring quotation that goes with your central theme.

4. Begin with Body

After constructing an outline, begin writing a body paragraph. Writing an extemporaneous speech does not grant you enough time to prepare, so add only the key points and skip framing an introduction, as that can be easily stated if you know your topic well. So, add the details, like challenges, history, and other crucial facts, to enhance the quality and also to make it informative.

5. Maintain Coherency

To make your work look organized, it is essential to keep it coherent. The best way to maintain a seamless flow is by using transition techniques. Avoid jumping on a new fact, as it can leave your audience confused. For example, when you define extemporaneous speech topic, do not suddenly talk about the issues, but use transitions to keep it in flow.

6. State Examples

Continue with your ideas by adding supporting examples. It helps develop a clear picture in the reader's mind and makes them curious enough to ask questions. Moreover, it also helps in building a connection with the audience. Along with stating real-life examples, giving statistical data and personal stories is also an effective approach to keep the work lively.

6. Draft a Conclusion

It is crucial to state the last paragraph of your document with a strong voice, as it leaves a lasting impression on the readers. Restate what is meant by extemporaneous speech and the key points to provide a clear understanding. Give a powerful closing statement that develops a sense of closure. Also, you can ask a few questions from the audience to keep them engaged.

These are the steps that can help you write and deliver a perfect extemporaneous speech. So, if you again get stuck with, What are the 7 steps in preparing an extemporaneous step? Do not forget to revisit the above section to be thorough with the steps. Moreover, to make your work easier, the further section has some incredible tips. So, go and have a look!

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Tips to Write and Deliver an Extemporaneous Speech 

There's no better way to improve your extemporaneous speech than by practicing. But by following a few tips, the sweaty task of presenting the speech without any prior time for thorough research can be done simply. Just like seeking online exam help from experts to resolve exam-related challenges, going through the further sections of this post can assist you in building a command over this particular type of speech. So, to get you covered on the issue, here are some techniques to remember:

Best Extemporaneous Speech Tips for Writing

Once you understand What is an extemporaneous speech? Then drafting it in a short interval of time can be done only with few tips and tricks. Below are some quick strategies to make your writing work easier. So, follow them the next time you prepare your speech.

Create a Timeline 

It is better to prepare a timeline prepared in advance to not panic at the last moment. Set a specific schedule for what you are going to write in 10 minutes. Keep it as simple as possible for easy flow and organization.

Anticipate Possible Questions 

It is better to imagine a few extemporaneous speech questions in your mind that relate to your topic. It makes you prepared and ready for any random topic. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to provoke the minds of readers.

Know Your Purpose 

The moment you select your topic, jot down the points that you are going to make in your speech. You must know what you are going to present in your work. Your purpose must be to influence and persuade the minds of the readers.

Once you have a clear definition of extemporaneous speech definition and the tips to write it effectively, the second part is to check your delivery. So, the next section talks about some incredible tips that can help you present your speech fluently.


Tips to Deliver an Excellent Extemporaneous Speech

Mastering the art of speech is not going to happen at once. It can be done only through practice. You must try to state a clear message that never confuses your audience. So, to deliver a perfect speech, you must keep a few points in mind that are mentioned below.

Practice Your Speech Delivery

The best tip is to practice and rehearse. Pick a random topic, try speaking on it for 3-4 minutes, and record it. Listening to the recordings allows you to check your pronunciation. Also, you get to know the places where voice modulation is required. Moreover, it refines your delivery.

Avoid Using Fillers

When a speaker uses fillers in between their speech, like the use of "a," "um," and "uh," it distracts the audience. Moreover, using such words makes you look unprofessional and decreases the quality of your delivery.

Focus on Vocal Variety

If you wish to deliver a perfect speech that keeps the audience engaged and enthusiastic, you must speak in your natural tone. Focus on the shifts of your pitch, pay stress where required to grab attention, and add pauses. Avoid monotonous speech.

Are you now clear on What is extemporaneous speech? and its tips? It's now time to explore the further part that contains astounding topics on which you can deliver the upcoming speech to fetch excellent scores and polish your skills. 

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25+ Interesting Extemporaneous Speech Topics

Is extemporaneous speech easy? Yes, it can be! The best step to make the process convenient is to pick a topic that relates to your study, matches your interest, and has enough material available to write. So, to help you select a perfect topic, here's a list of which you can opt for the one theme that fades all your troubles. Moreover, it can support you in writing a perfect speech through which you can fetch a perfect result. So, have a look!

Trendy Extemporaneous Speech Topics

1. Artificial intelligence: Impact and concerns

2. An incident that changed my life

3. Role of cultural diversity

4. Removing the system of punishments from colleges a good idea?

5. Why European countries are interested in investing in Africa?

6. Importance of Communication in the corporate sector

7. Discuss the causes of depression in youth

8. What would you do if you were a president for a day?

9. Is reaching your goal without hard work possible?

10. Was the US justified in executing Osama Bin Laden?

11. Why common sense is not so common in people?

12. Importance of gender equality

13. Melting of glaciers: A serious concern

14. Discuss the impact of environmental hazards in America

15. Cause of the depletion of ozone layer

Extemporaneous Speech Topics for College Students

16. How students can opt for freelancing jobs by managing their education?

17. How does our body develop a secondary memory against a disease?

18. How long it takes for a vaccine to be completely effective?

19. Growing Population: Threat to resources?

20. Should students use mobile phones in universities? Why/ Why not?

21. Impact of Covid-19 on the economic growth of the country

22. Online or offline; which type of education is better?

23. Increase of influencing business on social media

24. Social media: a new emerging platform to showcase talents

25. Is pursuing a job along with education in college a good option?

26. Ways through which forest fires can be prevented

27. Is LinkedIn a new dating site?

28. Cause of increasing global warming

By now, you might be familiar with extemporaneous speech definition and some incredible tips that can make your work easy. Moreover, with the help of these topics, get yourself prepared to draft your subsequent document. Also, you can go through several extemporaneous speech examples to learn more about this particular type of writing. Now, if you still face issues and wish to take the expert guidance of a professional writer, go through the next section, as it contains some useful and practical information that can help you a lot.

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