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How to Perfectly Add Dissertation References?

The Perfect Dissertation Referencing Possible - Experts Share Tips

06 Sep 2022


Your dissertation reference list reflects your degree of research done in preparation for the content. However, no exact number there are rules guaranteeing satisfactory results in dissertation referencing. These tips inform scholars about the significance of such citation techniques. Dispensed by experts with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject. Right from including a wide scope of sources to guaranteeing steady documentation. These methods can assist you in building an advanced and refined reference list. The same can make your final dissertation results go off the charts.

Factors Determining How Many References Should a Dissertation Have

Multiple References

Instead of believing that every idea or theory calls for a single citation, adopt the dissertation referencing UK style followed by scholars of the region. Extra backing of thoughts and ideas required. Mainly when relevant research has confirmed, expanded, or challenged the topic of the dissertation. As a general rule of thumb, each point mentioned in the write-up should have 1-3 references.

Past References

Using sources that date back several years back might not be too feasible to be used as references. This is even more valid compared to the recently published work. Harvard referencing dissertation rules, for example, have professors mention how many references in a thousand-word dissertation along with the date/timeline are to be used. And thus, the students have to search & use references falling within that given time frame. Employing orientations to unique articles is fine. Whatever the scenario, using a sufficientlyold reference might not fetch you the consideration of older supplemental citations. Theydon't add significanceto your research work. For e.g., in the 1970s, Berget, Moore, and Sharp discovered RNA splicing. However, the recent papers published in NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) do not even mention these names. Rather the referred researchers were the ones who wrote papers and investigated splicing methodologies in the last 2-3 years.

Dissertation Topic

Your Dissertation topic also decides how many references a dissertation should have. Any dissertation would require various references to prove the authenticity of the paper. For literature dissertations, the maximum number of references needs to be used alongside the relevant extensions or contradictions to the theories. On the other hand, an argumentative dissertation needs the number of citations that support your views in the past. This is because, as the name suggests, argumentative content is all about the analysis and critique of ideas presented before and showcasing both perspectives. According to assignment help experts, the dissertation level also defines the number of references. The academic level of the scholar and the dissertation type also play the same role. For example, since the dissertation is an interchangeably used term, postgraduate, undergraduate and doctoral candidates are expected to use a different quantity of references for supporting the research. The higher the degree, the more complex research with citations is required.

Word Count

This is pretty simple – a longer dissertation would require a greater number of dissertation referencing. You might come across lots of information on Google regarding queries like how many references should be in an 8000-word dissertation. But remember that the number of references used also depends on the above-stated factors.

Tabular Presentation of Number of References for Each Word Count

Students often get confused about citation frequency, for example, Harvard referencing dissertation. So, here's the word count & the respective number of references expected by most institutes.

Word Count

Number of References (Approx.)

Word Count

Number of References (Approx.)

1000 to 2000


2001 to 3000


3001 to 4000


4001 to 5000


5001 to 6000


6000 to 7000


7001 to 8000


8001 to 9000


9001 to 10000


DO's And DON'Ts When Using References

References are a way of showcasing the authenticity of the information provided in the dissertation. So, using them too much or too less might negatively impact a well-prepared dissertation paper. Therefore, do not use the references more than once until there is a valid reason.

Here are some significant pointers that you must keep in mind when understanding how to cite a dissertation or how to write references in a thesis:

  • When drafting literature dissertations, avoid citing yourself on a repeat mode. Instead, always balance the arguments or content with proper citations/references.
  • Use old references with caution. As the rule of dissertation referencing UK you should always go with citations mostly five to six years old. References that date way back are often of none or less worth to your dissertation.
  • Never put multiple references around each other before discussing their relevance to your research and the document. To state simply, refrain from sentences like this: "The reference of this argument in this field (1-10)."Until you are planning to explain how all those ten references apply to your discussion, make sure to separate them.
  • Cross-check the quality of dissertation referencing to ensure there are no ethical issues related to your citations.
  • Are your references originating from authentic sources? Always remember that the dissertation and the references are as good as the information from authentic sources.

The main reason for using the dissertation referencing UK style is to show the connection between your research and knowledge. Therefore, ensuring that the references you use would entice the readers naturally about the research,you worked on in the paper. Nevertheless, the situation, a well-written dissertation that has proper references and discloses the background information for the reader to follow always bags great appreciation. Therefore, instead of how many references a dissertation should have, you must inquire how to support the entire dissertation topic with the best citations possible.

Never overlook the references/information that can completely negate your research. Finding the best content for dissertation help or citations is as important as finding the ones that may confuse the reader or invalidate your point. Therefore, always mention the citations that are in favour as well as against your paper. It shallcreate a balanced approach that's unbiased and transparent. Additionally, always highlight the points that conflict with your research while explaining their inapplicability to your research.

All mentioned dissertation references must be in the list at the end of the document. Besides ensuring all are stated, the reference should be properly paraphrased and explained. Remember that a paper will naturally have more dissertation referencing added in the introduction and discussion sections compared to other parts. It is because other people's work is only notified in sections introducing or debating the idea, not the part performing analysis/experiments.

It is not unknown that students get confused with mentioning citations, especially when writing their first dissertation. Our expert assignment help providers are available for your assistance. Apart from getting your referencing done, you get a professional subject matter specialist. Some provisions provide you with spot-on research for your writing, proofreading and editing of the document. They create nothing less than what a Harvard referencing dissertation looks like.

Harvard Referencing Style for Dissertation

E.g., Jameson, F. (2021). The student handbook on economics: skills for study and employment. 3rd ed. Harrison: Paul.

The Harvard referencing style mainly consists of the authors' last name and the name and year of publication (page numbers in case of direct quotes). Round parenthesis usage within the text. However, on accounts of missing author name, the title and date must be added. During listing, the order shall be alphabetical (last name first). No author name references are placed in alphabetical order of the first significant word in the title. Initials only, no full stop and space between the same.

Further, the writers are always available to draft all original dissertation. Right from topic selection to delivering the final document, all within a few days. So what are you waiting for - get your dissertation referencing UK done today!

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Difference Between Bibliography & Reference List

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