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100+ Strong History Dissertation Topics

100+ Best History Dissertation Topics with Insightful Tips & Examples

24 Feb 2024

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Studying past events is what history is all about. No doubt it's an interesting subject; however, the same is not the case with its dissertation. It becomes challenging to draft such lengthy papers when you don't have the right topic. So, to help resolve this issue, the blog contains 100+ history dissertation topics. Hence, without wasting a minute, explore the upcoming sections of the blog and select the right one that can help you achieve excellent scores in your paper.

List of Excellent History Dissertation Topics

Students often get confused with "What is the best dissertation topic?" So, to resolve the issue, the section contains a variety of dissertation topics that can help them choose the best one for their project. Moreover, no topic is a waste if you have the right amount of knowledge required to write and have the support of your committee. It is essential to explore one's interest and once done the same becomes your best topic.

A dissertation is generally a lengthy piece of writing; however, once done, it becomes a great source of learning. So, do you also want to fetch excellent scores in your writing but are confused about the best topic to select? Do not worry! The pointers below contain some informative topics that will make your history dissertation the best one.

Ancient History Dissertation Topics

  1. Persian War: Reason and Outcome
  2. Symbolization of Giza Pyramids to Ancient Egypt
  3. What Role the UK Played in Maintaining Harmony and Peace?
  4. Development of Modern Europe
  5. Discuss the Legal System Followed in Ancient Mesopotamia
  6. Discuss the Major Ancient Architectural Marvels
  7. Beliefs, Influence, and Rituals of Mayan Civilization
  8. Myths Attached with Trojan Wars and the Reality of the Historical Event
  9. Intellectual Centre and Loss of Ancient Knowledge: The Library of Alexandria
  10. Influence of Greek Philosophy on Intellectual Traditions and Western Thoughts

Medieval History Dissertation Topics

  1. Impact, Motive, and Legacy of the Crusades
  2. London During the Roman Age
  3. Development of Gothic Architecture
  4. Age of the Vikings: Cultural Exchange, Trade, and Exploration
  5. Cathedral as Symbol of Power, Faith, and Love
  6. The Role of Cleopatra in the Decline of the Ptolemaic Dynasty
  7. Feudalism and the Development in the Middle Ages
  8. Evolution of the Egyptian Arts in the Middle Ages
  9. Abraham Lincoln and the Impact on the History
  10. Discuss the Muslims and the Jews in the Medieval Age

19th Century History Dissertation Topics

  1. Connection of American Civil War to Slavery
  2. Discuss the Opium Wars
  3. Renaissance Paintingsand Its Religious Symbolism
  4. Turning Point in European Diplomacy: The Crimean War
  5. Suffrage of Women: Rise of Movements and the Struggle for Equality
  6. Darwin's Theory of Evolution
  7. Treatment of Mental Illness by Being Moral
  8. Impact of Industrial Revolution on Western Civilization
  9. Imperialism in East India
  10. 19th Century Historyand Nationalism

Modern History Dissertation Topics

  1. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the context of history
  2. The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  3. The Holocaust: Nazi Atrocities
  4. The Civil Rights Movement in India
  5. Democratic transformation in Egypt
  6. Global Implications of the Cold War
  7. Discuss the Bavarian Army
  8. Discuss the Globalization in the 21st Century
  9. The Cultural Revolution in China
  10. Modernization Challenges and State bureaucracy in Turkey
  11. Conservation,Climate,and Sustainable Development: The Environmental Movement
  12. The Rise of Fascism in Europe: Analysis of Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco Regimes

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Women's History Dissertation Topics

  1. Role of Women Warriors in the Major Historical Movements
  2. The Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth I: Challenges and Achievements
  3. Discuss the Second Wave of Feminism: Time of the 1970s
  4. Victorian Society and Gender Roles
  5. Contribution and Challenges of Women During World War II
  6. Role Women Played During Greek Society
  7. Discuss the Role of Women and Gender Relations During Ancient World
  8. Women's Role in Medieval Politics and Courts
  9. Role of Women in the American Revolution
  10. Marie Curie's Contribution to Advancement and to Science

The First World War History Dissertation Topics

  1. Causes and Consequences of World War I
  2. War Literature and Poetry
  3. Role of the USSR in the First World War
  4. Nightingale's Heritage: Role of Nurses During the World War I
  5. Use of Chemical Weapons During the First World War and Its Impact
  6. Defeat of Germany in the First World War and a Source of Further Aggression
  7. Discuss the Ways that Tells How First World I War Could Have Been Avoided
  8. Advances and Tactics of the Naval Warfare in World War I
  9. Discuss and Talk About the Impact of First World War on a Global Level
  10. Conditions, Battles, and the Motivation of the British Soldiers in World War I

The Second World War History Dissertation Topics

  1. Use of Nuclear Weapons in the Second World War
  2. Victory of Allies Over Germany: Discuss the 5 Major Events
  3. Strategies of German War in the WW2
  4. Role and Sufferings of the Black People in Second World War
  5. Efforts of Japanese War in the WW II
  6. World War II: Role of United States in Winning
  7. Which Country Did Suffered the Most Due to the Second World War Results?
  8. The Second World War and It's Long Term Consequences
  9. Life of Nazi Representatives, Managed to Escape After Soviet Victory
  10. Changes to Witness if Germany Had Won the Second World War

Great Depression History Dissertation Ideas

  1. Comparative Analysis of Great Migration and the Great Depressions
  2. Impact of the Great Depression on Gender Roles
  3. Parties that Gained Wealth During the Great Depression Period
  4. Role of Labour Union During the Period of the Great Depression
  5. Untied States v/s The Great Depression
  6. How International Relations Developed Through the Period of the Great Depression
  7. Role of Newspapers and Mouth Publicity During the Great Depression Period
  8. Europe's Economic and Political Landscape: Impact of Second World War
  9. The racial remarks issued by Nazi Germany
  10. How the Attitude of the Elderly Towards Germans was a Historical Event

Political and Military History Dissertation Topics

  1. European Union:Integration and Challenges
  2. The Boston Tea Party and its Role in Igniting the American Revolution
  3. Nation Building Challenges: African Decolonization
  4. deas and Realities of the American Revolution
  5. Discuss the Normandy Invasion
  6. Discuss the Korean War: Forgotten Conflict in the History
  7. Liberation of Europe
  8. Discuss the Analysis of the Allied Naval Strategy
  9. The Enlightenment Thinkers: Their Ideas and Influence on Modern Political Thought

Advanced History Dissertation Ideas

  1. Discuss Ancient Civilizations: The Maya Empire
  2. Origin, Competitions, and Rituals of Ancient Olympic Games
  3. Attitude of People Towards Leadership During Ancient Greece
  4. Discuss Mesopotamian Civilization
  5. How Poetry Reflected the First World War Experience
  6. Comparative Analysis: The Global Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
  7. Disturbance of Britain and Colonies: Causes and Impact
  8. Unification of China and the Qin Dynasty
  9. History of the Greek Olympics
  10. Different Warfare Techniques Used by Ancient Civilizations

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How to Choose Best Dissertation Topic in History? Topics to Avoid!

Dissertation writing is crucial, and you must understand what topic to choose and what not. It is essential to stay clear of the approaches that can make your work even more complex instead of simplifying it. So, out of the multiple topics given in the blog, you can choose any one that suits you the best. 

Moreover, students think, "How do I choose a dissertation topic?" For this, they must consider their interests first and should overlook the wrong approaches. Generally, they are unaware of the false tactics that must not be followed. So, to help them, the section of the blog has discussed how you can identify the topics that must be avoided.

Anything Outdated

It's always a bad idea to write on subjects that have already been covered by multiple researchers and students. You must avoid looking for outdated or common topics. Instead, look for trendy or rising issues that have significance and relevance in the present world.

Seems Boring

Your dissertation will be poorly drafted if the topic seems boring to you. Many a time, students ask, "How do I choose a dissertation topic in history?" The answer is to pick the one that excites you to do research and inspires you to write. This is so because history is a lengthy subject, and its study takes time. So, selecting a topic of interest becomes beneficial for avoiding boredom.

Overly Specific

Selecting a particular topic can be advantageous in the start, as it can help you draft a perfect title. However, the same is not the case with later stages, as it restricts the research and writing parts. Hence, it is advised to choose history dissertation ideas that are not very specific.

Students often ask, "What makes a good history dissertation topic?" Anything that is not very specific and has the relevant information available to write. Moreover, it must have relevance to the existing literature and studies, and most importantly, it should be in the interest of the student. All these things make a good history dissertation topic. 

However, if you still face an issue, you can seek dissertation writing services from experts. So, to learn about the same, go through the next section of the blog, as it contains some insightful information that could be of great benefit to you.

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