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Best American History Topics

30+ Top American History Topics Suggested by Experts

28 Mar 2024


Table of Content

Do you want to submit a history essay paper but facing issue in selecting a topic? If yes, this blog will help you with American history topics to score A+ grades. Many of you think that it is tedious to write about history. It has a vast scope on which you can have a great discussion, plenty of controversies, and amazing facts. So, why worry? If you face an issue or have no idea what topic to select, seek assignment help from our outstanding writers as they are here to assist you at every step. 

 So, read this blog carefully because our experts have presented some interesting American history topics. So, why hesitate when we are there for you? Now, it is time to move to the next section and take an overview of it.

A Quick Insight Into American History

American history is the composite of many events and developments that occurred, including various topics such as political, social, cultural, and economic aspects of the country's past. The first Europeans came in 1492, and later on millions of people from many different nations entered the United States and made it their new home. We hope you have had a glance at the American history. You must be wondering what were the incidents that took place at that period. Be at ease! The next part is all about it, let's move ahead and learn more.

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Explain the 5 Most Important Events in US History 

Have you read about the most important events in US history? Do you remember any of them? No, cool! We are here, to give you knowledge of the 5 crucial incidents that occurred. In addition, this part can help you to select interesting American history topics. Let's, quickly have a glance at it.

Important_events_in_american_history_topics.jpgJUL 4, 1776, Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the most crucial event in the history of the United States. It took place on July 4, 1776, in New England. It happened when by signing the document that now we are free from Great Britain. Also, you can use this as a theme for American history topics for research paper.

JAN 1, 1861, Civil War

The period of the Civil War was 1861-1865. It took place between two groups within the same country, that is, the North and the South. The main reason behind it was the dispute that should slavery be permitted to expand into the western territories. It can be the best African American history topics that you can use for your essay.

JAN 1, 1939, World War II

World War II, you all must be aware of this name. It took place in Europe and went from 1939-1945. The war ended when both the countries, the Germans and the Japanese, were abandoned. The U.S. was not a part of it, but they lent weapons to the people to use in the war.

AUG 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" Speech

Are you struggling to find history research topics? You can use this beautiful theme for your document. So, read a brief about this. This public speech was given by the Baptist minister and the American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. It described the promises of America (equality, freedom, and justice).

SEP 11, 2001, September 11 Attacks

September 11 Attacks also known as 9/11, occurred in New York and Pennsylvania. You can use this as your American history topics to write about. So, in this, Afghanistan sent some people to terrify the U.S. Moreover, they killed the pilots of their ride and later crashed the plane. Continuing with this, they shot missiles at the Twin Towers. 

These were the five major events of U.S. history. Moreover, you can use this as the theme of your paper. However, if you face any issues in selecting the topic or writing the document, seek MBA essay help from our excellent experts. Are you still looking for some trending American history topics? In the next part, you will find a list of it which is divided according to the events that happened for better clarity.

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List of 35+Trending American History Topics

Are you still figuring out what American history topics to select? Do not panic! To make your journey easier, seek Marketing essay help or else our experts have listed a few of them according to various events, that took place during that period. Have a thorough check and pick anyone from it that finds your interest.

American History Topics Before 1865

  1. What is the relationship between the early Virginia Colony residents and Native Americans? 
  1. How did Georgia's geographic location influence Oglethorpe's choice of turning it into a colony?
  1. What reforms did the British take to quell the growing rebellion ring the mid-18th century in the US colonies?
  1. Analyse the different stances of the North and South in terms of slavery 
  1. Explore the story of Pocahontas from a post-colonial perspective

Captivating American History Topics Before 1877

  1. Compare and contrast the Native American religions and Christianity
  1. Discuss the relevance of the Proclamation of 1763 on the lives of Native Americans.
  1. Discuss the traditions of the Cherokee tribe 
  1. Critically analyze the evolution of LGBTQIA+ rights in America
  1. How did public opinion influence the Civil War in America?

Civil War Topic Ideas

  1. What is the role of the Civil War on the American economy 
  1. Do you think the Civil War could have been avoided through compromise?
  1. Discuss Clara Barton's role in mobilizing women in the Civil War
  1. Why was the South adamant against the abolition of slavery? 
  1. The Civil War can be considered a "war of ideologies" - Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

 Intriguing Questions about American History

  1. How many phases did the Feminist movement go through in the US?
  1. How did the Beatles revolutionize, the way music technology was being used in the US?
  1. What role did the Abolitionist Movement play in sparking the Civil War?
  1. Do you think there is a relationship between fashion and politics in the US?
  1. Would you consider John F. Kennedy a better president than George Washington?

American History Topics Ideas on World War I & II

  1. Policies that the US adopted to prevent food shortages during the World Wars
  1. America become a true superpower after World War II
  1. The role American women play in World War II
  1. The effects of World War I on American domestic political affairs
  1. America drops an atomic bomb on Nagasaki after the devastating bombing of Hiroshima

American History Research Topics

  1. Explain how the Great Depression affected the American economy.
  1. What was the role of America in the Cold War?
  1. The complexities of the diplomatic relations between America and Iran
  1. The political and economic significance of the Compromise of 1850
  1. Significance of the railway system in revolutionizing transportation in the US
  1. The Impact of Social Media on Political Activism in Contemporary America.
  1. Immigration Policies and Their Effects on American Society in the 21st Century.
  1. Black Lives Matter Movement: Evolution, Impact, and Future Implications.
  1. The Rise of Populism and its Influence on American Politics.
  1. Climate Change and Environmental Policies: Shifting Narratives in American History.

Hopefully, you have selected American history topics for research paper. However, if you still haven't found one that is captivating and could match your interest, don't panic! Seek Assignment help by hiring our outstanding experts. Moreover, to know more about it, let's read the last part and get an instant solution for your query.

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