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Top 35+ Policy Speech Topics | Instant Assignment Help

35+ Easy and Interesting Policy Speech Topics and Ideas 2024

27 Mar 2024

11 minutes


A policy speech consists of a persuasive speech on some specific issues. Delivering your views is a grabbing opportunity to share practical knowledge and have a lasting impact. The challenge is to describe the problem and convince the audience to seek a resolution. It is necessary to choose a current and engaging policy speech topic to enhance your skills.

Selecting a topic is a hectic task, and it brings challenges because there are thousands of topics to choose from. For all your stress and worry, we are here to help you. You are going to know the policy speech topics for college students for an adequate presentation, along with a brief overview of the subject. 

Understand the Concept of Policy Speech

A policy speech is quite similar in structure to a persuasive one. It tests the student's research, analytical, and delivery skills. It involves the proposal of a plan by the team to enact the policy. For an impactful presentation, you must choose a vigorous and productive idea. You must be aware of crucial guidelines before selecting unique topics for speech. The ideas can be about public issues and your views about effectively addressing them. You must remember and follow; if you want to excel in your speech, it should be done with knowledge, not only passion. 

Speech plays an essential role in academics and helps you to excel in your skills, Also, you will get to know the advantages that will enhance your learning by selecting easy policy speech topics, which are: 

  • Time-saving
  • Suitability
  • Immediate feedback
  • Motivation and control

It will help you form a perfect speech, and you can score high grades on your assignments. Also, if you are having difficulty framing it, you can go to an assignment helper for innovative ideas. 

What Is a Format of Policy Speech?

Policy speech is part of public speaking and helps enhance your presentation skills. You must know the brief format to outshine your abilities, among others. So, let's understand the structure in brief:

Specific Purpose: Here, you have to explain the topic and notion you come up with to the audience.

Thesis statement: It includes the points that you are going to discuss in the speech.

Pattern of Organization: The list of sequences in which you have decided to present your speech.

These were some minor details that needed to go through before the speech. These can affect your exam performance and you may lose grades. So, it is better to seek online exam help for better results and ideas to enhance your skills. Let's go through the detailed format of the speech:


Remember to start your policy speech with a compelling opening. As such, it is necessary to hook the audience's attention from the start. You can use quotes, rhetorical questions, and statistics related to your topic. Try to clearly state the purpose of your policy speech ideas so the mentors can address them carefully. Also, give a brief overview of the points you are going to discuss in your presentation. 

Background and Need for Action

It is mandatory to describe the issues related to current affairs or the topics you come up with. I just proposed the aims and ideas you want to address in the presentation. Provide context, background information, and relevant sources to illustrate the importance of the issue. Also, explain the consequences of not implementing the suggested policy. Try to highlight the negative impact on individuals or society.

Policy Proposal

In this section, you must state the objectives of the proposed policy and what specific changes you can hope to achieve. Present your views thoroughly related to the implementation of the topic. Provide reasoning to support the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed policy. It is similar to a thesis statement in that you must state your views. Moreover, you can also use a thesis statement generator to ease your stress. 

Addressing Opposition

Acknowledge the potential the audience may have come up with regarding the policy speech. Provide specific counterarguments to address the concern of the dissent, and then strengthen your ideas and points. Counter the misconception if needed to understand your points. It is better to address the questions to clear up the ideas between you and the listener.

Call to Action

Try to inspire the audience to get involved and address the issue. As such, they will understand and represent the issues. It will bring responses to your speech. From this, awareness can be spread, and some of them will support the policy. It is a magnificent step that could bring about change in society, and people will follow the lead. 


You have to summarize and tie all your facts together. Restate your points made in the policy speech. The ending must have a strong closing statement, as it will leave a lasting impression and reinforce the urgency of the issue. Also, the audience should be satisfied with your ending arguments. By following the format, you can effectively organize your points and arguments.

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List of the Latest 35+ Policy Speech Topics and Ideas

You must go through policy speech examples to make sure the subject area will inspire the audience to resolve the issue. Selecting a good topic for a policy speech may feel overwhelming. Your topic must have adequate research and data to back up any argument. To help you out, here is a list of policy speech topics ideas: 

Policy Speech Topics for College Students

1. Agriculture subsidies are bad. People in African countries are different.

2. This article contains norms and principles about censorship in the arts.

3. It should be illegal to race cars in areas with high pollution levels.

4. Rest Periods

5. Censorship of Music and Its Impact on Kindergarten start times for school

6. Protocols for Handling Customer Complaints

7. The term "climate change policy" is broad and encompasses many different kinds of programs.

8. The company's policy regarding computer use

9. Observing the transportation fairs

10. The modern economy is driven by bribery and corruption.

Easy Policy Speech Topics 

1. Are school uniforms mandatory or not?

2. Guidelines for using the Internet as a sensor

3. The responsibility of educating their children about sexuality should remain with the parents.

4. Pictures of sexist women ought to be forbidden.

5. What adjustments should be made to our jail system?

6. The Rules and Regulations for Skateboarding

7. The same care should be given to smokers as to drug addicts.

8. Social Security Reform

9. The state and the church ought to cooperate.

10. Keeping regular work hours and avoiding two-hour lunch breaks

Good Policy Speech Topics

1. Laws controlling the application of safety equipment

2. It should be required for the curriculum to include physical education.

3. Requirements for Recycling

4. Maintaining Order on the University's Campus

5. Medical professional examination

6. Teachers of Merit Should Get Paid

7. Laws under the National Tobacco Settlement prohibit obstructing the course of justice.

8. Our constitution should protect hate speech.

9. Priorities for our foreign policy at the UN

10. The legislation says that parents should be responsible for their children's behaviour.

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Persuasive Policy Speech Topics

1. There should be restrictions on terms in the House of Commons.

2. Lowering the legal gambling age is a good idea.

3. Regulations Regarding Global Warming

4. Measures to Avoid Harassment

5. Policy and Administration of Health Care

6. Guidelines for Personal Hygiene

7. Financial assistance for students

8. The legal gambling age should be reduced.

9. Expanding oil and gas drilling

10. Why are election reforms needed?

These attention-grabbing speech topics will help you select appropriate and relevant ideas for your policy speech. Also, if you want to make your speech error-free, you can use the free grammar checker tool to enhance your speech.

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Selecting appropriate topics can be challenging. But we hope our assistance has helped you choose a particular idea. Now that you have the list of policy speech topics, you are ready to give your data-driven performance. In case you are struggling to choose an appropriate point or draft an excellent topic, Instant Assignment's Help writers are here to help you. They can also provide exam help with 100% plagiarism-free content. So, what are you waiting for? Avail our services now! 

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