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10 Interesting Contemporary Issues in Nursing

10 Trending Contemporary Issues in Nursing Practice and Study

23 Feb 2024


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You must be thinking that the job of nurses is an easy one because they just need to work as a helping hand to the doctors. But, the truth is that they face contemporary issues in nursing. They need to work day and night to have a smooth run of a hospital. Other than this, they also work as a mediator between the doctors and the patient. They look after all the responsibilities from the treatment, medications and patients.

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Why Is It Challenging to Be a Nurse? Let's Have a Look

Being a nurse is the most valuable profession, however, it also holds a lot of challenges. Do you know what it is? Let's address the difficulties that they deal with. The most frequent concern that emerges is time management. They usually have to do their duties for long hours, which leads to high level of stress. Moreover, they have too many responsibilities, from taking care of patients, preparing the reports, being a bridge between doctors and the patients and more. 

Additionally, they need to provide emotional support. Many training students also bear issues because they cannot handle the clients easily. Despite everything, after the pandemic, people have understood that the complete nursing department is the strength of the healthcare sector. So, these are a few of the reasons why we say that being a nurse is not so easy. Now that you have understood this, it is time to delve into the next part, where you will get more detailed knowledge of the current issues of contemporary nursing. Why wait now? Let's read further and gain all the insights.

You all must be wondering why is it said that the job of nurses is so difficult, so our experts will help you with this too. Moving ahead, let's now read in detail about the top 10 issues in nursing.

Here's a List of 10 Current Contemporary Issues in Nursing

A nurse plays a vital role in the hospitals. They take care of the patients, keep all their records and give emotional support to them. Moreover, in between this, they face many contemporary nursing issues. So, it is necessary to shed light on such challenges. Here, in the next section, we will have an explanation of the top 10 difficulties in nursing.

top 10 contemporary issues in nursing

1) Staff Shortage

At hospitals, it is necessary to have a good number of nurses to handle the patients and get all the requirements done within the time. Besides this, one of the contemporary issues in nursing UK is the staff shortage. The reason behind this is the unequal distribution of the workplace. It gets frustrating for a nurse to spend most of their time at work, resulting in low productivity and chaos.

2) Health and Safety

Many training nursing students have to juggle in multiple things. Therefore, due to the unplanned shifts, busy schedules, seeing the death of a patient and working continuously. In between all of this, they lack to take care of themselves. They do not have enough time for themselves to do exercise and meditation, to get enough sleep and in the end, they suffer from illness and a lot of health problems. Also, getting out of such an environment becomes difficult for the sensitive one. 

3) Long Shift Hours

Long working shifts have been a current issues in nursing. The nurses sometimes have to be in the hospitals 24/7 to take care of the patients to complete all the requirements. These hours affect them badly and create an unnecessary nuisance. Most of them suffer from a deficiency in the body that results in getting drained. If this happens regularly, it is stressful and exhausting for them to work several times without rest.

4) Technology Advancement

Technology has covered the healthcare sector by setting up new machines, but it has become a new challenge for nurses. Using the machines needs expertise to make it work without any problem. Moreover, the nurses are not well-trained in how to use it, which creates a lot of difficulty for them. So, it seems a waste for them because they do not understand the basic skills of it.

5) Physical & Mental Stability

Everyone knows what is contemporary nursing and what it takes to study and practice it. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good sleep so you can work better. However, due to the long working hours, nurses do not get enough sleep, creating trouble and it creates a disturbance in their mental stability. It also affects the physical state because they cannot give all the effort in the workplace. However, it creates an unstable working for them.

6) Nursing Education

Many students work at clinics and hospitals to practice and understand the workings of the real world. So, in this case, when their basics are not clear, they face difficulties in dealing with it. They usually get stuck at the conceptual working due to a lack of educational clarity among the pursuing scholars. It creates massive chaos in their working process. In such cases, it is best to read contemporary nursing practice examples

7) Difficulty in Handling Patients

Patients need a good amount of care because they already suffer from a lot. But, it lacks somewhere due to insufficient staff. Apart from this, many patients become difficult to handle. Therefore, due to this, the new workers need the help of senior staff every time they come across such a situation. It becomes challenging to handle because they cannot understand what they need.

8) Work-Life Balance

Students who work as trainers often face contemporary issues in nursing because they have to manage both work and their studies. These young minds have to spend so much time that they have no time to spare to go out with their friends and families. During their exam time, they still have to be at the clinics, which affects their academic performance.

9) Violence at Workplace

Violence is one of the biggest contemporary nursing issues. They are being abused and sometimes unintentionally harmed by the patients. Due to this, they are physically and mentally disturbed. According to the National Institute of Health, it has studied that in the nursing sector, there is 57.6% verbal abuse, 33.2% threats and 12.4% sexual harassment.

10) Overworked & Less Paid

Nurses work day and night at hospitals and clinics, which becomes hectic for them. Regardless of such long shifts, they also get fewer incentives. Due to this, they do not get motivated to work. Therefore, because of the low amount paid, they face difficulty paying their charges. Many stay away from their homes and cannot have a good lifestyle.

We hope you understand the current nursing practice issues that they go through in their daily working hours. So, now it is time to jump into the next part. You will read about the easy tips that can assist you in overcoming these issues. You can use this in your shifts in the hospital to avoid such a problematic environment.

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6 Easy Tips to Overcome the Contemporary Issues in Nursing

In the above section, you have read about various challenges nurses face in their working areas. So, now let's delve into the essential tips that can assist you in overcoming such issues and getting rid of disastrous difficulties. However, in case of difficulty in solving these issues, it is best to seek nursing dissertation help or any other related assistance from experts.

Tip 1: Ensure to follow all the safety and health protocols. While working in the hospitals, you should wear a mask and gloves. It will help you to stay away from the hazardous diseases.

Tip 2: Adapting technology is one of the contemporary issues in nursing. Nurses lack in learning new skills for using the machines efficiently. To avoid this challenge, you can take training and get your basics clear. 

Tip 3: You need to be responsible for your job, but at the same time, you also need to keep yourself at the priority. Therefore, have enough sleep and make time to relax. You should go out with friends once in a while.

Tip 4: Nurses often face the problem of dealing with some patients. Therefore, it creates a burden for them. You can try to meditate and exercise to get yourself released from the stress.

Tip 5: Many nursing students have to work at hospitals to get real-life experience. However, it works as the best contemporary nursing practice examplesHowever, it is better to seek assistance from experts, peers and professors to get their concepts clear.

Tip 6: Do not take work as a stress instead, you should try to build good relationships with your peers. It will create a better and more supportive environment around you to have good learning hours. 

These are the helpful tips that might have given you an insight into how to avoid the challenges and have better work so that you can take good learning from it. Apart from this, many of you face difficulty in writing nursing assignments. So, to solve this problem, read the next section, where our experts will provide you with guidance on it.

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