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Research Analysis Report

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
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Question :

 This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Examine and evaluate decision-making systems and techniques in the Australian national University.
  • Australian National University is a top public university in Canberra. Select at least three decision-making tools and technologies in the organisation.
  • Reflect on key themes in individual and group decision-making processes.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Decision making process is consider to be most essential part of each organisation as the success of each project or activity depends upon the accuracy of decision that has been taken. It is basically a step by step approach which go through evaluation of several information related with particular thing, event or issues, its evaluation, determining alternative and getting over a particular action to be taken (Slavin and Schoech, 2017). This report is based over The Australian National University which is a national research university which compasses of seven teaching and researcher colleges to impart the educational services to the students for better career. The institution is planning to organise 2 Day Expo for students where they will get knowledge on different courses along with its importance in future. The main challenge associated with the situation is to conduct an effective and worthy event for the all within limited budget. This report make use of several decision making models such as rational decision, decision-support system in order to form better decision for organising an Expo event for the students.

Overview of scenario

The Australian National university is organising an 2 days Expo for its students. In this all the activities associated with the Expo was organised by Business Development Officer who has two executives that is marketing manager and accounts managers. Here, marketing manager of this institute will develop worthy marketing strategy and accounts manager will perform effective allocation of budget for the event so that every activity can be executed in rightful manner. In this, 10 staff members will be coming to the same expo where they will provide detailed knowledge to students regarding their respective courses. The main challenge associated with this event was limited budget and Business Development Officer has to manage every thing and take decision associated with the same in the same budget. These decisions will be taken on the basis of destination, travel timing, medium of travelling, budget allocations, all activities for 2 days.

a) Select and Evaluate the usefulness of a range of decision-making tools 

As being Business Development Officer of The Australian National university it is required by me to select range of decision making tools and techniques in order to take effective decision for their 2 Day expo event so that it can become successful. The main decision making tool chosen for the current case includes Rationale decision, Decision support system and PARETO Decision Making Tool. All of them are explained below in rightful manner (Alfandari, 2017).

Rationale decision

The rationale decision making model is consider to be one of the most prominent model for analysing the data and processing it in appropriate manner to reach over a specific decision. This model is mainly used by managers within businesses in order to form up better decision by performing step by step evaluation of the information so that appropriate decision can be taken to deal with a particular situation (Elgendy and Elragal, 2016). Being a business development officer it is crucial for taking up the right decision so that success of particular project can become possible. In order to organise the expo for students it is crucial for arranging each and every activities in effective manner. Hence in order to formulate plan effectively and organising all the activities, the procedure of rational model will be followed which consist of several steps.

Hence in order to organise the Expo event in effective manner a meeting will be arranged with the marketing as well as accounts manager where a discussion regarding the number of activities to be performed will be first determined. After listing all the activities next step is to set up the decision criteria where the activities are being arranged in a systematic manner so that nothing remain unnoticed. After decision criteria will be decided where the decision regarding the arrangement for the number of people arrive at place, making the essential stationery available to staff members who are coming to deliver the lecture will be performed (Kuznetsov and et. al., 2017). In addition to this the decision regarding the sources through which marketing fro the event perform will also be decided along with the money required fro the same. For performing marketing related activities the benefits related with each sources and alternatives will be evaluated so that most effective and reasonable source will be selected to perform the promotion and making the information available to larger number of people.

Decision support system

In order to organise the Expo program in effective manner that brings out to be successful event, it is crucial to keep a backup plan or the sources that can be used in order to resolves the issues that may be faced while performing the operations for the arrangement of event or during the execution of program. For the Decision support system can be used during the planning as well as execution of this Expo program from students (Mosavi, Rabczuk and Varkonyi-Koczy, 2017). The Decision support system is basically a kind of computer based program which is used to support in term of determining the course of action and judgement to deal with the particular issues. Under this the larger amount of data is being analysed, compiled within computer in order to suggest the course of action to be taken into consideration in order to resolve the issues.

Hence, in order to perform the operation of Expo event in effective manner the data regarding the type of activities to be performed, resources required and other information can be enter into it which then evaluate or access and presented with the set of alternatives actions that could be taken in order to perform operations in more effective manner. Apart from this any issue or deficit while performing work can be determined with the help of decision support system by evaluating all the financial information as per the activities that has been performed so that reason behind gap can be determined. After evaluating the cause behind the difference in the planned and actual performance, it can suggest the actions to be taken in order to resolve the issues and taking the project back to the track so that success can be achieved from this project.

PARETO Decision-Making Tool

It is identified as the statistical technique which is mainly used to take decision on the some specific limited tasks that places higher impact on overall performance. It is also identified as the 80/20 rule which depicts that by performing only 20% of work company can attain or generate 80% of profits. Also, in many situation 80% of problems mainly develops because of 20% of causes. With reference to the current presented scenario, it can be said that 20% of promotional activities for this event will help them in attracting 80% of students belonging to the same region that will enhance footfall ratio of students for the same event (Pole and Gera, 2016). The main promotional tool that can be used business development officer are alternative college tours, social media promotions, Live videos, by getting visuals etc. Among them all it can be said that alternative college tours and social media are considered as the 20% of activity which will place 80% impact on students and attract them effectively towards the 2 days expo in positive manner.

On the the basis of overall described decision making tools, it can be said that as being business development officer I will make use of all these tools in order to take effective decision for the same event. With the use of these, it would be easier for me to take right decision related to the activities for the 2 days of event, travelling time and budget. As a result, with the help of this I will be able to organise an effective event that will be knowledgeable for all.

b) Compare, contrast and critically evaluate sources of data as influences for decision-making in a range of business contexts

With reference to the present stated scenario, I have made use of numerous of data sources for gathering maximum information for the same in rightful manner. For collecting information on the respective tool I have used mobile devices, social media pages, websites passive etc. Among them, I have identified that social media is the best method that will support me me in gathering maximum number of information. On the contrary usage of websites of college was not worthy for me as I was not able to find detailed information on it. Usage of social media have provided by detailed information but at the same time it has also helped me in attracting more number of students towards the 2 day expo in college. Selection of this promotional medium will help them out in making their event successful.

c) Examine and evaluate decision-making systems and techniques to engage group decisions and analyse how these can enhance sustainable outcomes

Decision making is identified as an effective aspect that provide support to every company in taking rightful decisions in every situation that could be managed effectively (Shahmoradi, Safadari and Jimma, 2017). With reference to the current given scenario, it can be said that as being business development officer I often make use of several decision in different situation and on the basis of requirement of the time. Here, I have to conduct effective 2 day Expo in the University that will include students, external tutors, parents and many other people who will deeply discuss about different courses available for students. For this, I will make use of two techniques such as Force Field analysis and process diagram, whose explanation is provided below in effective manner.

Force Field analysis: This technique is mainly consist of two components like restraining and facilitating factors of situation or event that are explained below along with the application with the current case:-

Facilitating Factors are mainly associated with the external and internal environment that facilitates that whole event (Si and Bell, 2016). In context of The Australian National University, its business development officer analysis has analysed that facilitating factors for current event includes positive support of in house students, effective usage of technological tools etc. On the contrary restraining factors for the Expo Program might be same of event in other institutions, non effective communication among marketing and accounts manager, non effective guidance to students and other 10 members who are coming to provide effective information to all students related to the courses.

Process Diagram: Process diagram is often scene as the effective decision making technique that is helpful for the one who is going to take decision towards the particular event or situation. For present given case, it can be said that business development officer of this University will make use of this technique in order to take rightful decision towards the same. It will also allow them in making effective use of available financial funds so that each and every activity could get accomplished in effective manner (Process improvement basics - Know the current state first, 2019). As a result, it will become more easier for them to take right decision for the 2 Day Expo and organise effective event for all.

Figure 1: Process Diagram
(Source: https://www.rallypoint.com/shared-links/career-tip-process-improvement-basics-know-the-current-state-first)

d) Critically examine emerging tools and technologies for decision making

The continuous changing time, has also evolved decision making Business development officer as well. This is because, they can take effective decision without facing much problem towards the same. From the detailed study, it has been analysed that there some emerging tools and technologies associated with decision making that could influence interest of Business development officer while taking decision in the respective decision in the near future (Wang and Liu, 2016). These tools are Geographical Information System and Google Analytics. Both of them are identified as the best option available at marketplace among the other decision making tools and technologies.


From the above mentioned report, it has been analysed that every business managers are required to take several decisions at workplace so that they can easily obtain their respective goals in rightful manner. Usage of Rationale model, Decision support system and PARETO Decision Making Tool are considered as the main tools that are supportive for business managers in handling the situation and making right decisions towards the same. In order to meet up with the evolving time it is essential for them to emphasise on making use of latest technologies like Google analytics and GIS for enhancing process of decision making effectively. Take online assignment help UK Now!

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