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A Case Study Of Mcdonalds Restaurant in UK

University: Wembley High Technology College

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 4 / Words 958
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: N/A
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Generate the initiatives which managers should implement in order to deal with the employees from different cultures.
  • McDonald is a fast food chain. What is the strategy that McDonald implemented in respect to generate competitive advantage?
  • What ethical issues are followed by McDonald in their working.
Answer :
Organization Selected : McDonalds


Overview of research

The success or failure of a business mainly lies in the hands of employees, who give their efforts and contribution in achievement of goals. Therefore, human resource is considered as the main assets of business, whose impact highly affect organizational performance. As today, mostly all companies focus on expanding their business operations at large level, on global market (Driskill, 2018). So, it increases diversity at workplace, where employees of different background and culture work in collaboration. But it arises a number of challenges in front of management of a firm also, such as conflicts, disengagement among workers and more. The present research is based on this concept of diverse culture within an organization, including manner in which management handles the same for managing positive working environment. To explore this area, McDonalds is chosen because it operates business nearly in 100 countries and serve millions of customers daily. So, conducting research would become easy on this company, which deals in fast food chain restaurant and consider as second largest employer in private sector.

Aims and Objectives

Aim: To determine the way employees of different cultures are managed within an organization. A case analysis on McDonalds restaurants in UK.


  • To analyze the impact of different culture of employees on organizational performance of a company.
  • To identify the way managers of McDonalds deal with different culture of its employees.
  • To recommend the best strategy to management of McDonalds for dealing with different culture.

Significance of research

By conducting a study on given topic, will help researchers in analyzing how different culture of employees affects the business operations of a company. For addressing the main objectives, a number of case analysis needs to be done, that give opportunity to researchers in enhancing their research skills and other abilities, for completing future project more effectively.Get essay writing services UK to achieve better grades!

Literature Review

Under this section, secondary resources are used like books, articles and others, for collecting relevant data on a given topic. This would help in addressing research problems through viewpoint of various researchers in following way -

Impact of different culture of employees on organizational performance

As per belief of Lourdes Fernandes (2018), it has been evaluated that to gain competitive advantage at global level, it becomes essential for every company to increase diversity at workplace. For this purpose, they hire workers of different culture and background, to gain their contribution in achievement of corporate goals. But this would impact on organizational performance in both negative and positive manner (Massimino and Turner, 2018). For example - McDonalds is one of the largest organization that runs a longest chain of fast food restaurants worldwide. So, millions of workers of different culture are given their contribution in meeting the demands of its customers. By having the diverse culture of workers, inspires creativity and innovation with opportunity to enhance personal and professional growth to them. But integrating the multicultural team at workplace arise challenge in terms of negative cultural stereotypes for its managers also. Get assignment help to get higher scores!

How managers of McDonald deal with different culture of employees

According to Ayega and Muathe (2018), it has been evaluated that different culture of employees provides a number of benefits like offering high quality of products to meet customer satisfaction and more. But it arises challenges also like employee disengagement, conflicts and lack of collaboration among workers of different background and more. Therefore, to handle the different culture at workplace and retain talented employees for longer period, a number of strategies are adopted by managers of McDonalds. It includes people centricity, individual learning, organizational learning, diversity and inclusion (Melkman, 2018). Hereby, organizational culture of respective company prioritizes the needs and development of employees, under which core values and business standards emphasize more the importance of giving supporting to people. For this purpose, in order to ensure that employees of all culture get equal support, the organizational culture of McDonalds encourages them to engage with management and participate in decision making process (McDonald's Organizational Culture Analysis, 2017). Similarly, both organizational and individual learning techniques give opportunity to employees to enhance their personal and professional growth equally, so that collaboration among them can be maintained.  

Research Methodology

In order to gather information on chosen topic i.e. how different culture of workers within an organization can be managed, both secondary and primary sources of information will be taken. In this regard, under literature review, various articles and journals will be utilized. While for primary information, self-questionnaire survey will be conducted on 50 respondents of McDonalds who are being selected randomly from large number of its stakeholders.

Ethical Considerations

As outcomes and relevancy of any research can be obtained if entire investigation is done in ethical manner. Therefore, while gathering secondary information, data will be taken from authenticate resources only. Similarly, during primary analysis, consent form will be signed through entire respondents for ensuring that any personal information without their permission will not be revealed.

Literature review

  • Selecting techniques for research
  • Determining Budget
  • Data Interpretation and analysis
  • Evaluating results and findings
  • Presenting conclusion and recommendations

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