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QAB020X602A A Case Study On Vodafone Uk Retail Department

University: University of Roehampton London

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  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: QAB020X602A
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Generate in-depth knowledge of business and management and what is the impact of management in wider organisation.
  • Vodafone is a telecommunication company. What is research integrity and research ethics and how it is crucial in generating information.


Answer :
Organization Selected : Vodafone


Overview of research

As business environment has becoming more and more dynamic thus, every organisations is having a move or shift towards technological development and implement various emerging technology is its organisations to have better efficiency in operations and meet economies of scale. Emerging technology is having both positive and negative impacts on the employers at a workplace. The positive impacts includes the improvising of efficiency of employees through making them free from burden of tedious work and repetitive task through providing a more efficient and simply technology (Malik and Islam, 2019). Apart from this effective communication system through making use of Internet and a better way to provide, share and transfer relevant knowledges is a positive impact of emerging technology. Beside these positive impacts various negative influences are also lead by emerging technology which includes the threatening headlines of newspapers like “ Robots will take over the jobs”, etc. The emerging technology has gave a boost to use of AI (Artificial intelligence) and other robotics and computer based system that has created a negative implication on the minds of employees and also reduce their moral and motivation level through creating a risk of job security in their mind.

Overview of organisations

To get better understanding and perception about the various negative and positive impacts of emerging technology and other innovations on performance and efficiency of employees, following research is conducted. The organisation for accomplishing this research is Vodafone which is a which is a well known multinational British telecommunication company having its headquartered in London, UK. A great efficiency and effective use of latest technology is necessary for this organisation especially by its retail department as it business operations are extended in more than 47 countries of world which include various locations of Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania (Kim and Gatling, 2019). Thus, this research is mainly focused on the impacts created by emerging and new technology on employees of Vodafone working in its retail department.

Significance of study

The topic of this research report is evaluation of impact created by emerging technology on the mind set and performance of employees which is very significant to understand the overall implications of technology advancement on success and growth of organisations. In today's modern era, a business organisation or firm can not operate or work properly without adequate use of technology and innovation in its operations. Thus, technological advancement and innovations become a necessity for all organisations therefore to it also become essential to have a deep understanding about affects and implication of these emerging technology on the performance and work productivity of employees. Thus, this research is having a significant role in developing understanding about this current phenomena i.e. impact of technology on performance and efficiency of employees (Shujaat, Rashid and Muzaffar, 2019). Beside this, this research will also enhance and boost the knowledge of researcher about the various aspects of technology and its implications and influence on productivity and performance of employees. Along with this, this research is related with a current topic and also signifiant for the educational background of researcher thus, it will lead to a boost in career and personal development of researcher which further add on to the significance of this research.

Research Aims

The aim of this research is, “to evaluate and investigate the impact of emerging technology on performance of employees”, a case study on Vodafone UK retail department.

The main aim and focus of this research is on understanding the impact created by changing technology and other innovations over the performance of employees so that a better evaluation can be made by an organisation to keep a balance and coordination among the positive and negative impacts of technological changes to have better success and efficiency in its operations. With the help of this investigation, a more clear picture is provided to reader and researcher about the impacts and influence of technology on overall performance, success and growth prospective of a company which is the main aim of every organisation (Kok and Munir, 2019).Need help from essay writing services UK? Talk to our experts Now!

Research Objectives

it basically defines of describes concisely that what research is trying to achieve. It summarize the accomplishments that a researcher wishes to achieve thus, provides a directions and guidance for project and set a target for measurement and evaluation of research success. The main targets and objectives of this research conducted on Vodafone are as follows:

  • To study the factors that are the main reasons and causes behind the emerging technology in organisations.
  • To evaluate the positive impacts created by emerging technology on performance and efficiency of employees.
  • To investigate the negative impacts lead by emerging technology on overall performance and morale of employees (Jain and Gupta, 2019).
  • What are the main reasons and causes behind the emerging technology in organisations?
  • What are the possible positive impacts created by emerging technology on performance and efficiency of employees?
  • What are the negative impacts lead by emerging technology on overall performance and morale of employees?


It is that part of the research or report that yield a discussion and provide a critical evaluation of various published sources or all other available literature for a particular or specific research topic (Sahakiants and Festing, 2019). The literature review is one of the important and crucial part of a research report as it provide a comprehensive summary and detail about the specific topic on the basis of various books, scholarly articles, online websites and also includes analysis of all other relevant sources of literature the is associated and related with that particular research. The following literature review and analysis is made for current research topic that is associated with, “Investigating the impact of emerging technology on performance of employees”, a case study on Vodafone UK retail department.

Main reasons and causes behind the emerging technology in organisations

The main factors and reasons that are causing pressure on organisation to adopt and implement emerging technology within the organisations are the competition, rapid changes and improvisation in technology and meeting objective for increasing productivity and efficiency of an organisations to achieve and meeting the objective of cost efficiency and economies of scale. As per the view point of Seth Robinson, 2019 the main reason of emerging technology in organisations is related with maintenance of high level of quality as the product manufactured and created with the help of technology are more concise and properly build with better features and reduced chances any loopholes. Use of machines and automated technology ensures that all the products are identical and chances of errors are also minimised. Thus, organisation are encouraged to adopt latest and emerging technology to attain and maintain high standards of quality which has influenced criteria of job design and product development. Beside this the another important factor that lead to implementation of emerging technology in an organisation is recent increasing concern for workplace safety and occupational health thus, this obligation has lead to adoption of better and new technology (Belkhamza and Abdullah, 2019). Machine guards, good lighting and air quality, and concerns about protection from noise, lifting and stretching, fatigue and attention span, and legibility of signs and displays are all long-standing human factors issues which can be solved only through adopting a better and more innovative technology to ensure proper control and check on health and safety of employees working in a business premises.Get dissertation help from our experts!

According to Oneil Williams, 2019, adoption of emerging technology is necessary for an organisation to have more efficiency in operations and to achieve the target of better productivity so that the demand of customers can be meet on time. Use of technology has improve the way of doing business and also provides a mush easier way to interact with customers and also simplify the distribution and supply network thus, encourages various organisation to adopt emerging technology. Vodafone is a multinational organisations that operates in various countries of world thus, for its retail department it become necessary to adopt and make use of latest technology to ensure proper supply to its customers (Zhao and Zhang, 2019). Beside this the main reason behind the adoption of emerging technology by Vodafone is it facilitates easy way of shopping through providing facility of online shopping which has provided a convenient and simplest form of buying and selling a product. Latest technology also provide better technology for marketing and promotion of products thus, provide a unique and identical positions in the market. Thus, organisations are ensured to have adoption of emerging technology to have better marketing positions and remain ahead of its customers through providing better quality product and also helps in maintaining cost efficiency through keeping check on production process and is helpful in reducing wastage of resources.

Positive impacts created by emerging technology on performance and efficiency of employees

The emerging technology has created many positive impacts on performance of employees through enhancing their efficiency and productivity. Technology also facilitates an easy way to provide timely training and information which sharpen their skills and talents also provide a greater level of motivation to employees which further enhance the performance of employees. As per the view point of Grant, 2019, the biggest positive impact of emerging technology on performance of employees is that it enhance speed and efficiency of workers. This positive impact of technology is seen on employees of every sector and function of organisation from manufacturing to effective communication. In Vodafone also, emerging technology gas improved the rate of production and also enhance the speed of communication. Use of technology has improve the efficiency of employees as the work which takes hours to perform now can be done or complete in just minutes. For retailer department of Vodafone, communication with various clients, suppliers and other related party has become easy and speedy as messages and mail can be sent instantly to colleagues, clients and customers across the world and apart from this payments and proposal can be transferred more easily and almost immediately in seconds of time.

Apart from this, on the basis of opinion of John-Carlos Lozano, 2018, incorporating emerging technology is improving the way of learning and development of employees through transforming the nature of learning and training and providing efficient tools for facilitating better learning experience (Kamble, Gunasekaran and Dhone, 2019). Emerging technology has paved the way for more dynamic learning opportunities as the traditional Learning Management Systems was more complemented thus, emerging technology provides a range of tools that more effectively support performance and improvement of skills and creativity of employees. Thus, emerging technology lead to better transformation of employees through providing a design cutting edge learning experience to employees thus, improve skills and efficiency and productivity of employees and also motivates them through providing continued professional growth. Take online essay help to get better scores!

Negative impacts lead by emerging technology on overall performance and morale of employees

Emerging technology provide a pool of better opportunity and ensure better performance of organisation but beside its positive impacts certain negative influence is also created by emerging technology on moral and performance of employees which includes lacking of desired level of skills required for mangling that and using that technology apart from thus risk of job security is also a negative influence that hamper the performance and motivation level of employees. As per the view point of Paul Mason, 2015, emerging technology has lead to many challenges and issues which include higher costs for organisation to keep a phase with random technological changes going on in business environment. Beside this lack of significant skills and talents in employees to manage the new technology is also a hinder which is adversely affecting performance and efficiency of employees. In Vodafone organisations also some issues are faced by its employees in managing latest technology which hammer their moral.

Beside this, Ivan V. Danilin, 2019 is having a view point that with emerging technology challenges related with maintaining security of data and issues related with increasing frequency in cyber crimes are also increased. Thus, emerging technology has created a mush more pressure on employees to maintain the safety of data related with personal information of employees and customers. Some issues are also faced by employees regarding the safety of personal information of customers related with their credit card, debit card, etc. made at the time of online shopping and online payment which has created an extra pressures on employees to ensure safety of their information which has lead to reduction in their moral thus, crested a negative impact on performance of employees.


A set of specific techniques and procedure are provided by research mythology which are used by a researcher to effectively achieve and meet the research objectives. Research methodology provides an effective means to researcher to determine, identify, procure, select, process, analysis and evaluate a set of information and data required for developing an understanding about a research topic so that an effective decision can be made. Basically research methodology provide a description that how data and informations is gathered and interpreted by researcher to reach a conclusion and outcomes of research (Malik and Islam, 2019).

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Research Philosophy

It provides a belief about the way and phenomenon in which data should be gathered, analysed and used by a researcher. The two most commonly used research philosophy are as follows:

Positivism- This philosophy of research believes that reality is stable and can be easily described form an objective viewpoint. Under this research philosophy predictions are made on the basis on some previously explained and observed realities and interrelationships thus, Positivism is having a long and rich historical traditions. Positivism philosophy is also considered as a scientific method as it is not much influenced and impacted by behaviour and values of researcher thus, it is a highly structured method (Kim and Gatling, 2019).

Interpretivism- This research philosophy is concerned with subjective interpretation and intervention of reality through study of a phenomena in their natural environment. Use of this philosophy is made by those investigator who are more concerned with gathering and collecting in depth, rich insight, subjective and detailed information and data for having a better generalisations of research.

For this research work use of Interpretivism philosophy is made as it provide better and in-depth information thus, facilitates effective understanding and also enables researcher to meet and counter changes going on the environment.

Research approach

These are the plans and the procedures used for conducting research and involve the span and steps from broad assumptions to detailed methods of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Research approach are basically of two types which are explained as follows:

Deductive- A deductive approach basically involves resining from the particular to general. This approach includes developing a hypothesis based on some existing theory and after that designing a research strategy to test and analysis that hypothesis. Therefore, the main focus of deductive approach is on testing a set theory or approach (Shujaat, Rashid and Muzaffar, 2019).

Inductive- The main focus of this approach is towards search for pattern from observation and the development of explanations theories for those patterns through series of hypotheses thus, it doses not involve applying of theory whether it is focused on generation of a new theory on the basis of evaluation of collected data. Inductive theory provide a logical process for conducting research and includes multiple premises and assumptions combined with drawing a specific conclusion.

For this research use of deductive approach is made as it ensures to measures concepts quantitatively and also explain casual relationship between concepts and variables thus, provide better generalisations to research findings.

Research method

It basically provides a systematic plan for conducting a research and meeting the targets and objective of research in a proper and more efficient way. The most commonly used research methods are as follows:

Qualitative research- Use of this research is made by an investigator when a in-depth, detailed and a subjective form of data is required to have a better understanding and evaluation of attitude, nature and behaviour of respondents to meet the complex objectives of research.

Quantitative research- It is a research method in which data is collected in for a numbers and statistical or arithmetical form is collected with the aim of getting a perception or thought about the behaviour of respondents in brief (Kok and Munir, 2019).Get assignment help from our experts writers!

For this research use of Quantitative data is made as it provide a data in terms of numerical or statical form that can be easily and effectively present in form of frequency charts, tables, graphs, etc. thus, provide better presentation of collected data.

Source of data collection

There are two main sources of data which are as follows:

Primary source- It provide a first hand data collected by researcher through making its own efforts and mainly use of surveys, polls, questionnaire, experiments, etc. are made to collet data from this source.

Secondary source- it represent the pre exists and already recorded and gathered data which can be collected by researcher from newspapers, literature, books, old records and other online sites and sources (Jain and Gupta, 2019).

For this research use of both primary and secondary sources of data is made as primary data provides most authentic data while secondary source provide a support for findings of primary research. Use of questionnaire is made to collect primary data while secondary data is collected through various authentic online website.

Sampling -It is a method which is used by researchers to achieve cost efficiency in its work through selecting a pre determine number of units from a large population. For this research work use of the random sampling method is made to eliminate the Biasness in work.

Research ethics

Ethics basically represents the moral and principles that must be followed by a researcher while conducting and performing any research. It basically involve maintaining research integrity through performing right things and task at right time also include providing respect and due importance to feeling of all participants. It is essential to follow all ethical principles and laws and should not hurt (psychological or physical) or harm  feelings and sentiments of any living or dead person. It is the responsibility of a researcher that questions asked during the research and other activity and task performed while conducting the research should be after due consent of respondents and individuals (Belkhamza and Abdullah, 2019) Beside this safety of collected data and security of other relevant information of respondents is also a ethical responsibility of researcher thus proper safety and control measure for protection of data are also adopted.

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