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MN5F11FB Employability Skills and Professional Development

University: london metropolitan university

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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • State aims and objectives of portfolio and Highlight the areas of constant professional development.
  • How the CPD plan helps in career development of an individual and what are the learning processes.
  • Provide a reflection on your own CPD portfolio and also state some changes that is required for improvements.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Employability skill is defined as skill which is transferable in nature acquired by person in order to make them employed for work performance (Andrews and Russell, 2012). This is significant for working employees to possess proper skills having good understanding, technical knowledge and so on. Similarly, professional development is referred as way of learning for maintaining as well as earning professional qualifications in terms of informal learning, gaining opportunities, formal coursework, attending conferences and so on. It is also called intensive and collaborative phase of learning new things in best manner. For working in organisation, individual should possess professional development and employability skills to achieve effective results. In given scenario of report, local organisation chosen is Marks and Spencer that was founded at London, United Kingdom in 1884. Main purpose of assignment is preparing continuous development plan for improving and enhancing capabilities, skills and knowledge in order to attain objectives of business in effective manner.



Personal Development Plan (PDP) has prepared in first assessment which focus on providing information in context of skills as well as abilities that are lacked by individuals and methods or ways to improve or overcome them (Bilsland, Nagy and Smith, 2014). PDP is referred as procedure which assist in establishment of aim and objectives of person that identifies where individual want to go, achieve and see themselves in career life. It also assist in identification of knowledge, competence and skills for both personal as well as professional development and growth. The PDP plan has prepared through which Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan will be prepared in order to improve and enhance abilities and skills within stipulated time period to achieve goal and objectives.

Aims and Objectives

The presented portfolio represents CPD plan prepared by human resource manager of Marks and Spencer business. The various skills are lacked by individuals that has to be improved through hard work in order to work in organisation and attain set goal and objectives in best possible manner. The main aim as well as objectives prepared for CPD are described below:


To enhance my various types of skills in order to perform my allocated duties at workplace for attaining set goal and objectives in better manner.


  • To improve my communication skills for interacting with each and every members who are working in organisation.
  • To enhance my management skills in order to accomplish all the task assigned to me in an appropriate manner.
  • To enhance risk as well as complaint handling skills in order to reduce uncertainties.
  • To improve my decision making skills in order to take best decisions as per the situations.


Continuing Professional Development is referred as process of tracking and documenting skills, experience and knowledge that are achieve from in formal as well as informal manner (Continuous Professional Development (CPD), 2019). It is also called record that represent about what has learned, applied and experienced by person. In this case, professionals are liable for developing and enhancing abilities, skills in most appropriate manner. It also helps in making learning to be conscious and proactive nature. CPD is assembling of various methodologies in terms of programs, e-learning, events, conferences, training, workshops, best practices and idea sharing which mainly focus on improvement for enhancement of both professional as well as personal development and growth. This is also known as ongoing procedures in order to maintain, documents and develop professional skills of people. Here, individuals can learn skills by taking training courses as well as watching others in appropriate way. Such plan is prepared after preparation of professional development plan which helps in providing to enhance and improve lacked skills. This is career area which need professional qualification to work at business place. Individual who are engaged towards CPD possess academic and practical qualifications that does not allow person to become obsolete as well as out dated.

CPD provide helps to overall business, individuals, organisations for keeping their skills and knowledge up to date (CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers, 2019). It assist enterprise to become knowledge bank for stakeholders at business place. This is liable for training courses, workshops, professionals in order to learn and enhance oneself as per requirements of marketplace. It also provide help to people for becoming professional and competent at business and accomplish desired outcomes. CPD focus on providing training as well as learning to people which leads them to enhance their level of capability, confidence and compliments for their career success and growth. It also helps individuals in adapting dynamic environment in positive manner which is occurring at workplace or industry and indulging themselves according to environment. This shows commitment in transparent manner towards professionalism and self development for identification of gaps and resolving in proper way. Similarly, on other aspect, CPD assist business to enhance brand perceptions, recognitions and so on. This encourage, promotes and motivate healthy learning culture at workplace and fulfilment of employees requirements. For meeting requirements of working force, training as well as development programs and sessions are conducted to gain positive results. Whenever any issues, problems and challenges are arise at business place, they are solved through CPD learning and attainment of goal and objectives.Get help from essay writing services UK to score higher!

Continuing Professional Development plan is designed to identify own needs and development. The procedure of CPD starts from identification of plans that goes from activities of learning, reflecting own learning, applying those and ending with sharing them with other. This is significant for person to improve, develop and enhance their learning, skills and knowledge in order to sustain, survive and grow at marketplace. It assist in growth and success of personal and professional development of individuals. Moreover, CDP has prepared for improving various skills within stipulated time period that is provided from PDP in given project work or assessment. The prepared development plan has helped me to identify lacked skills such communication, management, risk and complaints handling skills and decision making which need to be improved. CDP plan is given below in order to improve myself in effective manner such as:

Continuous Professional Development(CPD)Plan







Identifying learning needs

Define expected learning outcomes

Identify learning activity






Communication skills

From this outcome it has expected that communication is important for dealing with every problems and understand other. By enhancing communication skills I will easily be able to communicate with other and satisfy the people.

For improving my communication way I need to involves in debates, seminars, competition and other activities where I can put my views and increase my knowledge

In order to improve this skills I will start to communicate with manager, supervisor, employees, customers and others where I can share my knowledge and get new one which will help to improve communication skills

I have decided to improve my skills in months.

The time scale for this 20th December 2019 – April 20th 2020.

For improving such skill, I m using oral and written communication which will help me to improve skill and also will help to gain knowledge and views. Moreover, online courses, interpersonal communication skills, reading books and other will help to improve and maintain effective way.

CPD is prepared by me for improving own skills which is needed to evaluate. To evaluate the communication skills I required to take part in competition, seminars and debates where in can analysis my skills and improve better.

Management skills

From expected outcome it has expected that to enhance Management skills there is need to have proper planning, organise, direction and controlling the activities which can helps to manage all activities properly and increase the organisational productivity moreover, paying attention on each activity is another way which helps to improve the management skills.

This learning activity I have analysed that by making a strong plan which is required to focus to complete the project or task effectively. With the help of this I will be able to work properly and maintain the work effectively.

The resources which is required communication, organisation, education, knowledge and strong planning which is required to improve the management skills which can helps to complete the project on time and make higher profits.

Time is required to improve my management skills is 6 months.

1 December to 30th may which will help to set a schedule and make plans accordingly.

For improving management skills I will understand the all problems and issues properly, share with all employees and will set a plan which will help to improve the business performance by maintaining proper management. With the help of effective management plan and strategy in can improve my knowledge and skills which will helps to manage all work.

For getting improve in manageme4nt skills I have evaluated that understanding problem s and finding optimum solution which will help me to improve my management skills.

Decision Making Skills

From this skills it has learned that decision are important for every business organisation and personal development which helps to perform well. As I m weak to make decision effectively, I need to improve my skills. For making decision I need to set the organisational goals and objectives.

For improving y decision making skills I required to get decision making training, leadership and effective communication between all which will helps to understand what action I should take and how it can be effective .

In order to improve my decision making skills I need to focus on various learning and resources which can helps to make fast and right business decision. Such as I needed collaboration, cooperate learning, active listening, communication and data gathering resources which will help me to make decision effectively in firm.

Time scale to improving decision making skills is decided as 4 month that is 1st January to April.

For the purpose of improving decision making skills in business organisation I will focus on both oral as well as written strategy which will help to get positive results and long term benefits by completing task and attaining business goals.

Continuous development plan will help me to make right decision by solving all problems and completing task on specified time period.Get dissertation help from our experts!

Risk taking/ problem solving skills

The outcome which are expected from this skills is handing all complaints and risk by taking effective initiative which will help to improve the business activities. By improving my risk taking and problem solving skills, I need to listen complaint from customers and and understand what risk can occurred at the time of running business activities.

For solving or improving risk taking skill I need to include in taking part in seminars, technical training, sharing will all, and maintaining trust among all people that will help to get solution and complete the task effectively

Risk taking and complaint handling risk will be improve by me through taking advices from mentor, senior, leader and manager who will assist me how I can manage risk systemically and make and can enhance the organisational productivity.

I will improve my skill in 3 month . 1 January 2019 to 30 march 2020.

For solving risk taking and complaint handling skills I will focus on strategies whether oral and written that will help me to learn more and solve the problems effectively.

CPD plan will help me to evaluate my skills and also suggest me what to do for improving risk taking skills and complaint handling skills. This plan will give me positive results by evaluating risk and will also help to grow or develop own self.


This is all essential for me to prepare skills audit plan to determine or identify my strengths as well as weaknesses. The professional development plan has helped me to classify my strong and weak points of mine which has to be improved and enhanced in proper manner. My strengths includes leadership, problem solving, technical and empathy skills. Here, I am good at leadership skills as I can guide and lead my team and members in proper manner. This help them to work in appropriate way and achieve business goal and objectives. Problem solving skills is defined as way of solving issues and difficulties arise in business. As I am good at problem solving skills and provide appropriate solution to arise issue and grab business opportunities in best manner. While working in team, several problems arise in front of me which requires positive solution so that it would not arise in future time period. My technical skill is used when technical work is assigned to me such as creation of web page, working on computer and so on. I have learned technical skill from coaching, reading books and applying in business for effective results. For empathy skills, I keep myself in respective situations for solving other issues in best possible manner.

Similarly, on other hand, my weaknesses includes communication, management, decision making and risk handling or problem solving skills. For improving such skills, I have prepared continuing development plan. I have to focus on improving my weaknesses for accomplishment and achievement of desired goals as well as objectives. In order to enhance communication skills, I have to participate in different activities such as public speaking, debate and so on. This helps me to interact with team and members so that I can improve myself. For management skill, I have to make plans, policies and strategies so that I can easily coordinate and manage assigned work. This helps me for managing of given work and attain set objectives. In order to improve decision making skills, I have to observe and learn from other while they make any decision for organisation. It is very important skills as each and every step, decisions are required to be meet for business in order to attain positive results. The last skills which should be improved by me is risk handling or problem solving. There are various types of risk that are faced by business need to be solved by me in best possible way.

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PDP is prepared with help of it, CDP is prepared to improve weak areas and achieve positive outcomes. It is essential for me to develop and enhance myself for better work performance and achieve set outcomes. I have to focus on weaknesses and improve those areas to avoid future issues and problems. Thus, I should keep on learning new things and improve myself in best possible manner.


From the above report, it can be concluded that in business environment there are many organisation which are running by individuals and group of people who works in organisation by using their skills grows it effectively. It is important to individual to recognise own skills in which they are weak and make efforts to improve by making a effective plan which helps to attain the organisational goals and objectives. As a human being, this was crucial for me to know about employees and complete the goals. Personal development plan is a framework which is used by individual to identify their weakness and get improve them. Decision making, management, complaint and risk handling and communication skills have improved by PDP plan which help to attain organisational goals.

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