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Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes Impact

University: New College Durham

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the psychosocial impact of living with diabetes.
  • Discuss about the different types of diabetes.
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Diabetes refers to a condition that impairs capability of human body to process blood glucose and consume It includes different types of diabetes based on its causes such as diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2 and gestational diabetes. In context of this assignment, it is based on the case of Anna suffering from type 1 diabetes present an emergency with problem of hyperglycaemia and confusion. This report will focus on psychosocial impact of living with diabetes and the way of depression & anxiety affecting given patient. It will also include understanding of psychosocial aspect of diabetes by health professionals for improving condition of selected individual.


Discuss the psychosocial impact of living with diabetes in case of Anna

Psychosocial impacts can be described as an effect that is caused by biological and environmental components on psychosocial or social aspects of an individual. It is observed that an individual is mostly get affected when they are suffering from any type of mental health disorder whereas they also have impact of patient having physical health problem. Basically according to the case of Anna, she has number of health problems such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, joint pain, hyperglycaemia, personality disorder, EUPD (emotionally unstable personality disorder) and overweight condition. She has a habit of smoking and alcohol intake which impact negatively on her mental and physical health. However, presence of several mental health disorders along with diabetes is severe condition which is required to be treated very carefully by considering impact of several psychosocial factors while living with a health issue. Thus, some of them are explained here. Order assignment help from our experts!

Social support: When an individual is suffering from an health problem whether it is psychological or physical then social support plays an important role to make them well-being. It includes the benefit of societal positive behaviour towards patient which helps them to overcome with specific health problems quickly. However, in case of Anna, she is moody person due to which sometimes she makes friends and remain very close to them whereas she used to remain alone and cut off with her social relations. Moreover, this will impact negatively on her psychological and diabetic condition. Anna needs someone who take care of herself because she used to miss her appointments and dosages of medications.

Loneliness: The loneliness makes an individual hopeless and helpless which affect their ways to look after themselves that develop complication in health condition. As per case of Anna, it has been analysed that she was shifted at her child hood to her grandmother because her mother has severe psychological problems then she will get separated from her grandmother too. This situation makes her feel lonely that impact of her daily living.

Marriage status: As per the case, Anna is an unmarried 17-year-old female. She is quite depressed and anxious as she got no support of her parents and being left alone in her early childhood days. However, being a patient of diabetes and suffering from such mental illness she needs a support who care for her and look after her.

Social disruption: This can be refer as a word that is used for alteration as well as social life break down. Social disruption is a sociology team which implies the transformation or modification in order to accrue something new. As per the case, Anna is socially disrupted because she is suffering from mental illness due to some serious consequences happened in her past life. It is mandatory for Anna to get a social life so she can involve in activities of social world. It could help her to face depression and anxiety in an effective manner.

Bereavement: This can be describing as state of being bereaved as well as handling a situation strongly. Bereavement is considered as a normal phase of an individual life and it has been manifested into several parts. Anna was bereaved because she was going through an ill mental health and she has no parental support of her parents.

Work environment: This can be defining as an environment of an organisation or company. Work environment is a condition or a surrounding in which employees are condition business operations. Environment of work and business will lead to have major impact on personal as well as professional’s life of an individual. Work environment of Anna was not positive as her mother was depressed. It causes the work environment of Anna quite disturbing and pressurised.

Social status: It refers to the position that is hold by an individual in a society. Social status will represent he image as well as value of a person in its social surrounding. Status of a person is helpful in measuring the importance in societal aspects or social groups.

Social integration: It is a process in which minorities or newcomers are incorporated in social structure of society. In context to Anna she was socially integrated as she doesn't want to interact with the society.

Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of how depression and anxiety may affect self-management of diabetes in Anna's case

Management of diabetes is basically a lifelong process. Self-management is a process which leads to occurrence of good outcomes for the individuals suffering from diabetes. In context to the given case, where a 17-year-old female Anna get failed in managing her diabetes as she is going through some depression and anxiety because of lack of parental support. Anxiety and depression are the factors which leads to stress and thus leads to improper balance of blood glucose levels. Stress is a major barrier for effective control of blood glucose level as hormones of stress such as cortisol has a direct impact on glucose levels. Such stress hormones allow cells to store energy like fat or glucose in order to take body out of danger zone. In context of the given case where Anna who is a patient of diabetes since eleven years has been diagnosed with depression and care workers found that she is overweight. Anxiety and depression could result in cause of obesity also as stress hormones cause cells to store energy in the form of fats which eventually make a diabetes person overweight. Poorly managed depression or anxiety stimulate appetite of an individual and results in being overweight and cause difficulties to loose extra ponds. Thus, it will eventually lead to failure of self-management of diabetes due to rise in blood glucose levels in the body. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Considering history of the case, demonstrate how an understanding of psychosocial aspects of diabetes by health professionals improve Anna's condition

Psychological aspects of diabetes include complex social, behavioural, environmental and emotional factors that has a major impact on individuals living with diabetes by attaining satisfactory outcomes and psychological well-being. In context of the case study, Anna is suffering from type 1 diabetes which results in induced stress level in her. Anna is also going through depression and anxiety due to lack of parental support. Thus, it is necessary for her healthcare professional to understand all psychological aspects of her case. A clear understanding of such aspects will help the care practitioners to deliver a better quality of care. Individuals experiencing diabetes are prone to develop diabetes distress. It is majorly associated with low level of self-management behaviour and fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Thus, care professionals are required to consider screening for anxiety and depression in Anna, in order to develop some strategies for coping with her behaviour. They can bring a healthy conversational skill with Anna in order to eliminate the impact of anxiety. It will result in improvement of health conditions of Anna. They must indulge her in social activities so that she gets to interact with other individuals and get distracted from her current situation.

Healthy communication is the key to eliminate the risk of anxiety and depression which is the ability to communicate without presenting any undesirable or hateful responses. Care professional should provide some knowledge and training about health life choices to Anna so that she can adapt them in her life and improve her health condition in future also. Care professional must motivate Anna for self-management of her diabetes by introducing some physical activity in her routine, intake of healthy diet and self-monitoring her blood glucose levels. They must monitor psychological factors which is impacting on her personal self-management. They could provide her training to learn some self-care skills and to use various tools to measure the level of diabetes when complications arise. Healthcare professionals must do assessment of her life circumstances which is effecting her physical and mental health outcomes and their impact on intervention strategies. As Anna has a history of depression which is consider as a major reason for development of diabetes. Thus, it is the responsibility of her healthcare professional to develop some personal plan of care to minimize her depression and to improve her overall condition. Ask for Academic Writing Services from our experts!


From the above report it can be concluded that, Diabetes mention to a status that lowers the ability of body to metabolise blood glucose level as well as the way it will be consumed. It has determined that an individual is largely influenced when they are facing any kind of mental health issue or illness, such people are also affected by the physical health problems. Social support, loneliness, marriage status, social disruption, bereavement, work environment, social status, social integration has been explained with respect to the case study.

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