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Human Behaviour Theories

University: David Game College

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Table of Content

Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the behavioural approach.
  • Discuss about the process of Stakeholders in criminal justice.
Answer :
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Psychology is the study of science, human mind and their behaviour. This discourse analyse psychological views. Furthermore, it also help to find out the effects of social influence on Human behaviour and also theories and causes of criminal behaviour. Additionally, it assesses how psychological perspectives are applied in public services and it examines the James Bulger murder.

This report has been covered brutal murder of 2 years old child James Bulger which was done by 2 youngest killers Robert Thompson and Jon Venable. This report has been described two psychology theories to explain human behaviour. It will also define how group influences to human behaviour and their affect on human behaviour. The investigation of the theories of criminal behaviour and causal factors will help to undersatd the Physiology and it has been link with the case study of James Bulger's murder. This Report has been asses how Psychological prospectives applied in public services. In the end of this report has been analysed the effect of social influence on human behaviour and how it can create criminal thinking in human mind. Henceforth this report emphasis over various stages involve in criminal justice process. Involvement of various stakeholders in the justice process will also be specifies in this report. Effectiveness will also be specifies in this report about involvement of all the respective stakeholders in the criminal justice. This report also focus over various methods to evaluate about the effectiveness of criminal justice process.


Psychology today do not accept that there is one correct way to study the way people behave or they think. There are various schools and institutions of thought which evolved throughout the development of Psychology which also continue to give shape the way Psychology investigate human behaviour. This schools teach people about the Human mind and how it reacts in different situations.

Human behaviour is an approach to the Psychology which helps to study the forces of the Psychology underlying emptions, human behaviour and sensitivity and how this is related to the advance childhood occurrence. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

The Behavioural approach -This is an approach of the Psychology which was emerged in the 20 Th century as a consequence to the human behaviour theory According to this theory behaviour of the humans can be described properly without recourse either to the inner Psychology events in the human's life such as beliefs and thoughts. There are two methods of group influence and both the factors affect on the human behaviour . Conformity and obedience are methods of group influence. This can affect on the human mind and change their thinking and their lifestyle. This can be reason behind the murder of James Bulger. Both the children can be influence by the group of their friends or forced by their friends to do murder. It is a action of the any group of people and adopting their lifestyle. For example most of the persons drinks alcohol because their friends used to do, or their friends can be assumed that it can be safe to do.

Obedience is the action I which person listen to the group of people or it can be order by them to do it. This can also be a reason behind that murder. Both the children was very young, they were not knowing what they are doing, so it can be order from their friends or any group of people to beat that child.

Analysis and knowledge of Psychological theories and the social determinant is applicable to the public work because These theories explain that nature of human and how their mind can think like “Prejudice is an attitude negative emotional response to a particular group of people resulting from intolerant, unfair, or unfavourable attitudes towards that group”. However, “discrimination refers to specific behaviours towards members of a groups that are unfair in comparison with behaviour towards members of other groups”. There are many factors which influence people to do crimes.

Theories of criminal behaviour and casual factors There are some criminal behaviour theories which helps to explain what factors effect the human mind to do crimes. It can help to know what factors affect on the Robert Thompson and Jon Venables minds attempting cruel murder. How they started thinking like a criminal. Psychological approaches have been developed to define the behaviour of the people Any of which are obstinate in this text. For example, behaviourists are concerned with whereas psychological feature psychological science concentrate on the way human beings' procedure message - insomuch as how thought processes affect the way people behave.

Social learning theory that can be engaged in either criminal or non-criminal behaviour and it is founded on the social surroundings about the human that people particularly influence by how people model or reward behaviour. According to this theory vicious behaviour are learned and it can be hold in by processing a social surroundings in which criminal behaviour of the person is not normalized. Social environment was the factor which influence both children to attempt murder. Their parents play major role to influence their children to change their mind and think like a criminal. They used to beat them and their parents was not behaving good with them and in the age of 10 they were suffering from negative environment around them.

There are some major factors which may contribute to the criminal activities and make people do crime. There were few factors which affect both children's who have done murder of James Bulger and there are some criminal theories which will help to explain this case in better way. Here are factors responsible for criminal activities- Anti social personality This threat often include atypical behaviour conducted prior to the younger age group who are between 10 and 15, this includes , skipping schools, lying, fighting or damaging property. This factor was involved in this case because both children was having record of absenteeism at school, and both were involved in thieving and violent incidents. This thinking was developed due to inappropriate behaviour from those children's parents. This factor includes lack of family support , emotionally and otherwise. Robert Thompson and Jon Venable's family were not supporting them and to torturing them regularly and both the child was not able to express their feelings to any other.

This was real crime which was done by 10 years old boys in Britain. Both children kill 2 year old children without any reason. They were the youngest killers in Britain for nearly 300 years. There were some factors which encourage them to do this or those factors create their mind think like criminals. Psychological factor was one of them, they were not getting support from their family and it was hard for them to explain their problems to someone else. They were just 10 year old, and they were suffering from the mental touchers. Mother of both the children was having habit to consume alcohol, and she used to beat them and same like their factor was torturing them. This kind of behaviour from parents is showing that both the child was not able to explain their pain and it makes them habitual. Somewhere this thing affect their mind, and they wanted to take out their angriness on that 2 year old child. There was some other factors can have contribution to change them into the criminals. They used to absent and not attending class properly and which can be because of their friends encourage them to do it.

Psychological perspective can help people to understand what is human nature and how this affect on the people both positively and negatively. People who are suffering from the depression or mental problems need someone who can understand. This prospective can used to aware about what are factors behind mental problems. Psychological to reduce criminal behaviour - Proper study of the Psychological can helps people to prevent more crimes from happing in the future. Understanding the mind of the criminal is the best way to reduce crime so it is important for people to understand why they are doing crime and what are the factor which influence to do crime. Job of the police is to arrest criminals, but they can not prevent form committing the same crimes, or even worse crimes, in the future. It is important for the people to understand and there is both positive and negative impact of the Psychoanalytical. In the positive way it can help to create positive impact on ability to cope with stress it also impacts on person immunity and their overall well-being. Negative pact can change the mind of people and it can make people think like a criminals so it is important for them to talk with the other and share their things to other person, so they can get positive solution of their problems, and they can overcome from stress.

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Criminal justice process is expressed as the range of actions involved by the court in order to provide justice to the innocent person (Brandon and O'Connell, 2018). Various stages involved in the criminal justice process that can be specifies in the following ways.Investigate is the first stage of criminal justice after the report being reported by the police about the case. Investigation involve researching about the case and also to collect suitable evidences in order to provide justice to the deserving person.

Arrest: Based on the investigation conducted by the police all the suspected people get arrested in the second stage of criminal justice (Burkhardt and et.al., 2017). Arrest involve taking all the suspect people in the police custody.

Prosecution: Prosecution is a third stage involve in justice process. Prosecution involve implementing legal proceeding over the guilty suspects involve in the case investigation by the police.

Indictment: Indictment is a crucial stage involve in the justice process. Indictment involve proceeding legal allegation over the guilty person based on the information and evidences collected by the police during investigation.

Arraignment: Arraignment is a process in which the defendant brings in the court and enter plea against the allegation. Majorly the plea involve guilty or not guilty.

Pretrial Detention: Pretrial detention is specified as the period involve in the temporary custody before before the trial.

Trial: Trial is an examination of evidences by the court from the guilty suspects. Trial has the strong implication over the sentence of the court as this stage enable the guilty suspect to prove himself non guilty.

Sentencing: Sentences is a crucial stage involve in the justice system. In case the suspect is found guilty based on all the investigation and trial process then court give sentence against the guilty suspect to provide justice to innocent person (Drawbridge, Taheri and Frost, 2018). Sentence involve providing probation, jail, prison, fine and any other process of justice based on the case investigation.

Appeal: Appeal is a process in which the guilty person based on the sentence given by court challenge all the aligation involved in the sentence in the upper court. If the appellate court get something to reverse the decision then the back to trial court for the retrial. In case the guilty person fails to prove any strong evidence again the aligation then the sentence remains the same.

Punishment: Punishment is the final stage involve in the justice process. Based on the sentence given by the court the further punishments are provided to the guilty person in the punishment.

Stakeholders involves in criminal justice process involves the following.

Police: Police carry the special place in criminal justice system. Police enable the law enforcement in the country (Werb and et.al., 2017). Police involvement in the criminal justice started from the reporting about the case and it ends till the justice not executed to the innocent person. Police carry the authority to investigator the whole case and collect evidence based on the investigation so that court can provide sentence based on the evidences. Police also involve in bringing suspected people to the courts for the trials.

Court: Court holds the special power in the entire criminal justice as all the stages of criminal justice control by courts. Court investigate the entire case based on the evidences collected by the police and based on the evidences court give sentences to implement the justice. Court also issue many orders to police and other associated body's involved in the justice to process further in criminal justice.

National Probation service: All the high risk offenders are sent to National Probation Service centre in order to supervise such offenders. Centre also support the court by investigating with such offenders about the case (Duke, Thom and Gleeson, 2019). Centre also take support from the police in order to brief about the case and its related evidences to further investigate based on the court's orders.

Prison service: All the guilty peoples involved in case keeps in prison to punish. Based on the court's orders to implement the justice all the guilty people stays in the jail or prison. Jail authority ensure fulfilment of all the sentences involved in the justice. All such authorities work together in order to provide justice to innocent people or entity's.

Process evaluation: Process evaluation is an impactful method to assess the stages involved in criminal justice. Process evaluation also involve assessment in respect to time consumption involve in each stage of justice. This method also involve critical evaluation about the stages like investigate, trial involve in criminal justice process. This method guides the government and legislative body's to take steps towards removing the associated negative aspects to better implementation of justice in the country against the crimes (Forrester and et.al., 2018). Comparative analysis with the legislative process of other country's is also involved in the process evaluation so that can positive aspects of legislative structure of other country's can be implemented in the legislative systems for the betterment of the justice system of country. Get Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Impact evaluation: Impact evaluation involve assessment of the impact of the justice system over general people in the UK. This method also involve the satisfactory aspect from the justice system or from the justice. Impact evaluation simple inspect the effect of justice over the society and the innocent entity involved in the case. This method also review about either the legislation of the country capable enough to provide enough justice to the people or not. Impact evaluation is more like a satisfactory aspect of the innocent entity of the case in respect to criminal justice.

Case: Person A belongs to UK. A is a thief. A got arrested by the police while doing one robbery in the house.

Effectiveness of stakeholders in the caseVarious stakeholders will get involve in order to provide justice.

Police: Police will play a role to arrest the A and also to further investigate the case. Police will also present A in-front of the court time to time as per the court's orders. Police carry the huge involvement in collecting proofs against the A so that innocent person can get justice. All the court's proceeding towards the case in implemented only on the basis evidences collected by the police. Police also assure the law and order in the country so it play the major role in reducing re-offend in the country.

Court: Court will involve in further investigation of the case based on the evidences collected by police (Gelsthorpe and Dominey, 2019). All the judgements in regarding to the case will be implemented by the court. Understanding about the case and its associated evidences will play a crucial role in the judgement given by court. Court has the huge effect in reducing re-offend in the country as the court carry the authority to give justice. By providing the effective justice to the innocent person involved in the case in a satisfactory time court can reduce the re-offended in the country.

National Probation Service: National probation service carry the huge involvement as all the high risk offenders are sent to the probation (Mogavero, 2016). The system can reduce the re offended by setting examples of respective treatment with such offenders as per the legislation of the country. Treatment related to the high risk offenders is also strict in law so that quality justice can be provided. A is a thief and National Probation Service must also serve the quality treatment so that A not get involve in offending the law nest time. It will also set an example for other's to not get involve in such actions against the law.

Social learning theory of criminal justice: This theory involves various social factors to deal with the criminal justice. Society carries the huge influences over the criminal mindsets. Most of the times criminals entertain crime due to any social factor that causes bad experiences to the criminal. This theory also involves such negative factors that suffer the peoples which further resulted into criminal activities. Attitude of peoples also play a huge role towards dealing with criminals. Many times while the case is in court peoples claim the victim as a criminal. All such elements are a crucial part of the social learning theory in respect to criminal justice process.

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As per the report has been analysed case study of James Patrick Bulger Murder and it has been described two psychology theories to explain human behaviour. It has been defined how group influences to human behaviour and their affect on human behaviour. This report also has been investigate theories of criminal behaviour and causal factors and it has been linked with the case study of James Bulger's murder. This Report has been asses how Psychological prospectives applied in public services. This report concludes about various stages like investigation, arrest, trial involve in providing justice. Involvement of various stakeholders like court, police in order tio provide criminal justice to the innocent person has also concluded precisely in this report. This report also concludes about how all such stakeholders work together in investigating about the case to provide justice. This report also concludes about methods like process evaluation and impact evaluation for measuring the effectiveness of the criminal justice process. Effectiveness of stakeholders like court, police in order to reduce re-offending has also concluded in this report.

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