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Psychology Assignments

University: St Mary's University, Twickenham

  • Unit No: 14
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Self Reflection Paper

The article on "Mindfulness and self-regulation: A comparison of long term to short term mediators” is effective in enhancing my professional as well as educational decision in the future course of time. It has been assessed that mindfulness is the means through which negative impact on mind can be regulated. Concept of mindfulness reflects the observation of mental phenomena in a manner that is non-judgmental. In my professional life, such phenomena are effective in regulating the stress or anxiety. The technique is suitable in offering self-regulatory skills that would assist me in carrying out my work effectually. It can be stated that with the hep of this technique, I can avoid facing situations such as high level of stress. This has a huge impact in controlling impulses in me so that I can carry out my job related with work with greater effectiveness. The present article has increased my knowledge regarding the concept of mindfulness. Thus, this can be employed in the professional life which will result in bringing quality outcomes. Under mindfulness, there is existence of exposure theory that assists in me in several manners. Apart from this, it can be also expressed that mindfulness can enhances one’s awareness of present movements.

This is being assessed that the activities related to mindfulness is effective in increasing the capability of mind to monitor the progress in relation to desired targets. This explains that I would be able to pay high attention in monitoring the work in terms that whether it is being carried out in the right direction or not (Kabat-Zinn, 2009). This is effective in bringing improvement in work so that personal as well as professional targets can be achieved in an effective way. There are several interventions based on mindfulness that assists me in increasing my ability to make decision. In situations when t mind is relaxed, it can be asserted that mind is able to take more effective and result oriented decisions. The results of such activities can help me in carrying out my work in the right direction. Thus, it leads to the removal of barriers that emerges while making decision in the organization. Tolerance of negative aspect by the means of mindfulness helps in the development of decisions that are related with education It is effective for the children in context of their personal growth and development. This is being not known regarding the manner in which the adults continue towards developing self-regulatory skills (Cash and Whittingham, 2010). The role of mindfulness is significant in terms that it allows the client in perceiving transitory as well as non-binding nature of the mental phenomena which can be considered as an obstacle in the attainment of goal (Meiklejohn and et.al., 2012). There is promising means which is referred as mindfulness training that assists in the development of ability towards overriding. With the knowledge of same, I can gain skill of self-regulation that can assist me in carrying out the work with greater effectiveness. This would enhance my capabilities in content of achieving better opportunities for growth and development. The practice of mindfulness has effectiveness in self-regulation that can lead to better growth in life. This is being assessed that technique of mindfulness motivates people to take the best possible decisions Mindfulness results in increasing the self-regulation. These valuable skills can bring improvement in the professional life. It has a great impact on my work which enhances my ability to take decision and work in an appropriate manner with lesser mistakes.

This type of information can be applied in the everyday lifestyle. Mindfulness on the basis of intervention is comprised of several components that includes relaxation, breathing practice, mental imagery as well as body mind awareness. It vary in terms of methods, quality as well as dosage. This assists in enhancing the attention, emotion regulation as well as social relationship. Thus, with the assistance of such technique, one can carry out day to day activities in effective manner. It has been assessed that mindfulness is the practice of purposely laying emphasis on existing moment and accepting the same without making any kind of judgment. Mindfulness is being examined in a scientific manner and it has been considered as the key element that offers greater happiness to an individual (Schonert-Reichl and Lawlor, 2010). Mindfulness possesses ability to bring improvement in the wellbeing. With the help of this, one can be supported with several attitudes that are contributing towards leading a satisfied life. Thus, it acts as an aid in carrying out the routine life in an appropriate way. Having an attribute such as mindful creates a sense of satisfaction among individuals. Further, it assists in fully engaging within the activities and making creation of greater capacity in order to deal with the adverse events that take place in routine. By the means of focusing, people can avoid stress and tensions which affects tier day to day life very badly. For example the regret which one has of his/her past experiences or activities This is lesser preoccupied with the concerns that are associated with success as well as self-esteem and are better able to develop deeper bond with others.

By implementation of the same in everyday life style, several issues in relation to physical health can also be improved. It assists in relieving the stress. Thus, with the same, person can live with happiness for entire life (Coffey, Hartman and Fredrickson, 2010). Along with this, it is effective in treating heart diseases. Moreover, it has importance in reducing chronic pain as well as lowering the blood pressure. This technique is highly effective in improving the condition of person to a great extent. Therefore, better support is being offered in terms of bringing improvement in everyday life to a significant level. Mindfulness tool can be used in enhancing the overall quality of sleep. Further, it is also effective in terms improving the gastrointestinal difficulties. Therefore, it proves to be highly helpful in improving the health of a person to a great extent (Cullen, 2011). In the present scenario, psychotherapists have turned towards mindfulness meditation as an essential tool that assists in effectually dealing with variety of problems. This is comprised of depression, substance abuse, eating disorders as well as couple conflicts. Moreover, the role of mindfulness in treating the anxiety disorder to a significant level is major. Thus, this has brought improvement in the life of an individual.

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Obsessive compulsive disorder is another kind of mental illness that can be treated by the means of self-regulation as well as mindfulness. This has been believed that mindfulness works towards assisting the individual in accepting good and bad things happened in life. This includes accepting even the painful emotions rather than reacting towards them and harming ourselves. Mindfulness can be developed by the means of mindfulness meditation which is a systematic method that focuses on the attention of an individual (Benefits of Mindfulness, 2016). There is greater significance of mindfulness in enhancing both physical as well as psychological symptoms along with positive changes within health attitudes as well as behaviors. There is existence of more than one way towards practicing mindfulness but its goal is towards achieving the state of alert, focused relaxation through paying attention over the thoughts as well as sensations without any judgment. Thus, it has an important role in bringing stability in an individual’s life.


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