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Psychology Assignment

University: University of Sunderland

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Part 1 The diverse nature of Psychology

Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology's major concepts

The concept of diversity includes biological, learning, cognitive, psychoanalytic and sociocultural perspectives. Diversity, on the other hand, is the concept in which variety of aspects are included for managing social, cultural and human prospects. Both psychology and diversity have association with each other in which they change the behavioural and social aspects of the people (Goldbeck-Wood, 2017). Cultural diversity and ethnic minority psychology seek to advance the psychological science of culture, ethnicity and race. With the help of the concept of diversity, people can develop an understanding of issues related to culture, race and ethnicity; henceforth accordingly better relationships can be developed among people. These issues might include developmental processes, family relationships, intergroup relations, disparities in mental health and intervention.

Hence, regarding influence of diversity, it can be contended that diversity helps people to change their thinking and understanding for people and this can also enhance value and respect for people (Sabolová and Pabišta, 2017). At the same time, cultural values can be strengthened through the same in which specific attention should be given to minority people for safeguarding their interest in the society. Moreover, diversity can also transform the biological concept of psychology which states that human beings differ to each other; but then every human being belongs to a same race and community. Therefore, it can be articulated that due to diversity management, the psychological perspective of people can be changed. This is highly significant for the purpose of reducing disparities among people in the community (Koppes, 2014).

Identify examples of sub-disciplines and subtopics within psychology





A person getting aggression without listening to others and as a result, he is showing abusive behaviour towards other (Sabolová and PabiÅ¡ta, 2017). Psychology states that aggression changes the mind-set and mentality of thinking and this also leads changes behavioural aspects of the person in different ways.  


Emotional distress

People usually face many issues at the time of emotional distress wherein they give support and empathy to the victim (5 Popular Psychology Sub-Disciplines. 2017). However, regarding psychological thinking, they assume numerous conditions behind the distress. This changes attitude, behaviour and cognitive thinking.   




A person who always cheats on others like family and friends often depicts different behavioural changes. In this case, people interpret behavioural changes as a source of cheating, fraud and misinterpretation (Perkins & Schensul, 2017). According to people's psychology, they assume every situation according to behavioural changes in the person. Usually, cheating seems to be a bad practice which is not acceptable; hence it creates differences among individuals who exist in the same.



In this concept, people usually avoid each other due to several beliefs and values. Cultural becomes the major restricting factor that leads people to ignore others (Radcliffe, Comfort and Fawcett, 2017). The concept of motivation states that people avoid others by several terms which are yet another cause that generates a difference in people. Moreover, this also creates more differences among people and as a result, hampers the overall psychological process.  

Application of sub-disciplines and sub-topics to other disciplines and venues in contemporary society

Cognitive psychology states the perspective of mental processes which depicts the way people learn and comprehend information. Thus, this practice can be applied in the field of health, and social care wherein practitioners have to consider the mental ability of patients while treating them. Cognitive psychology aids in analysing the mental capability a person; hence through this changing attributes in the behaviour can be identified (Sabolová and Pabišta, 2017). Another instance is- school psychology in which a person analyses the different concept of learning and development; however in the same situation, the person has to experience a lot of struggles in attaining success. Hence, apart from learning, a person can also change the way of dealing with others.

Another instance is - operational psychology which has revealed itself a predominantly psychological concept wherein government agencies employ psychologists and behavioural science expert who perform duties similar to operational psychologists. Although psychology has been applied to non-medical areas for many decades, still the nature of these applications and the frequency with which they occur has increased significantly (The Diverse Nature of Psychology. 2016). Each field of psychology represents a specific area of study that is focused on a particular topic. All the sub-fields in the psychology are required to have proper study and practice because the concept is constantly growing and evolving in different fields.

Relate the sub-discipline and subtopics to theoretical perspective

Sub-disciplines include cognitive psychology that studies the mental processes of a person, and it is also useful in investigating how people learn and understand information which has the influence on common mental conditions. Further, it also involves development psychology which studies physical and cognitive development over the course of the human lifespan. From a theoretical point of view, it includes how social factors and emotional influences affect development at various stages (The Diverse Nature of Psychology. 2014). The framework is also useful in deriving knowledge about clinical psychology which covers a broad spectrum of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. For example -while working in a private medical setting, clinical psychologists need to use the principles of psychology and information from psychological research for the purpose of assessing patients. This is also essential regarding providing best possible treatment to the patients (Major Subfields of Psychology. 2016).

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Conclude your psychological contribution to society in the area of work, education, health and leisure

I have the understanding of diversity and the implication of the unique perspectives of theories that allow me to indulge in the conceptual framework of human motivation and behaviour. I believe that psychology is an ever evolving discipline that often lacks unification which means that one theory cannot explain all the questions within the field (Koppes, 2014). Due to the evolving nature and lack of standardisation, I understood the actual role of psychology. According to me, Psychology is a broad discipline that consists a large sub-discipline theories. I have acquired knowledge regarding the major concepts of psychology which is indulged in the actual diversity of the discipline. According to me, psychological concepts are important to consider so that I can comprehend the belief and attitude of people as per the situations. While considering psychological attributes, I believe that it is vital to comprehend the sub-discipline of motivational psychology to understand human behaviour and behavioural theories.

While working in the area of psychology, I considered that people consider various aspects while dealing with others and that changes their way of comprehending things. I used to work in health care sector and there I came to know due to psychological beliefs, there are numerous people that do not communicate properly with socially backwards people (Brown, 2016). This not only creates differences among people; but also changes the way of considering social and cultural values. Individual's values and beliefs should be considered in all domains so that proper attention can be given. Further, psychological concepts are also important in the area of tourism and leisure such as- luxury services are provided to only those people who have the capability to show it. For instance- a customer who comes in a big car with luxury lifestyle gets a prominent greeting in a hotel. This happens as people know that the person is capable of paying for the luxury services; hence this can also be considered as the impact of psychological beliefs (Sabolová and Pabišta, 2017).


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