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Race of Ethnicity and Migration Concept

University: Nelson College London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Race and ethnicity.
  • Discuss about the Concept of race and ethnicity.
  • Discuss about the causes and pattern of Asylum seekers and refugees.
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Race and ethnicity are major concept within society and its working. Race is defined as physical differences among different types of cultures, groups prevailing in social structure of country. On the other side, ethnicity is referred to as shared values and beliefs of different cultures like practices, languages, values, attitude, ancestry and many other (Dwyer and et.al., 2016). For a country to be good and developing there needs to have a balance among different types of cultures and races so that every type of person has good and cordial relation with one another. Thus, with this there will be peace within the society and will promote country for better. Thus, present report will discuss asylum seekers and refugees in context of UK and some solutions to this issue.


Concept of race and ethnicity

Within a country there is diversity to a great extent where diversity is defined as different people belonging or coming from different cultures to some other country. They may come to other country to earn some living or to follow some aim or personal objective of person itself. Race is defined as a category of human kind which possess some distinctive traits from other people. In other words, it can be defined as a group involving large number of people who are grouped on basis of some common characteristics like background, cultural, religious, racial and many other different types of related concepts (Kang, Tomkow and Farrington, 2019). In contrast to this ethnicity is defined as person belonging to a particular group which are similar and have some common characteristics which binds the people together. Migration is defined as act of going to some other country in order to wither earn a living or for some other reason necessary for living of person. This migration can be forced or not wherein forced migration is that where person is compelled to move to other area or country because of some political or religious reason.

Asylum seekers and refugees

Asylum seeker is the person who moves form their home country and enter into a new country and applies for right to international protection in that country (Black and et.al., 2018). In context of UK an asylum seeker is a person who left its country of origins and as applied to get in asylum in other country but whose application has still not passed. On the other hand, refused asylum seeker is one whose application has not become successful and has no claim for getting protection in other country. Now these people either voluntarily goes to their home country or are forcibly sent to their home country.

On the other side, refugee is a person who has come from another country has applied for asylum in that particular country and has granted permission then they are termed as refugees (Tomkow and et.al., 2019). These are the person who left their original country either for escaping form war or some natural disaster or persecution. For being named as refugee it is necessary for person to get acclaimed and permission by the government in which they have applied and seeking for asylum. Get Assignment Examples ? Talk to our Experts!

Also, for becoming a refugee the person needs to undergo a legal process undertaken by government of country or UNHCR which is United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They work in direction of determining the fact that whether person who is seeking for international protection must be considered as refugee under law or not. If they find the person suitable then they accept person as a refugee and provides equal rights as citizen of UK is having.

In addition to this migrant are a person who goes to other countries in order to improve their standard of living and develop their career. They either goes for finding employment and work or for purpose of higher studies and for many other reasons. These people can return to their home safely at any point of time that is whenever they wish to go.

Causes and pattern of Asylum seekers and refugees

There are many different types of reasons for which a person leaves the country in which they have born. There are many difficulties and problems being faced by a person then only they will leave their origin country to other country. The major causes are as follows-

The major reason for people becoming either asylum seeker or refugee is war taking place within their country or area of stay. The war may occur because of many different reasons and this affects the whole of country to a great extent. Thus, this poses many different problems for people living in that area so they try to go to other countries by way of refugee or asylum seekers.

Another major cause behind the people seeking asylum and becoming refugees is the cultural differences (Louvier and Innocenti, 2019). In many countries there are people who neglects or boycott some particular type of culture and does not involve people belonging to that particular group. This builds a feeling of inferiority among that particular group and they try to escape from that area.

In addition to this another major cause for people going for option of asylum seeking or becoming refugee is the natural disaster or climatic changes taking place in the area of origin of person (Kirkwood, 2017). If in country where the people are living it is hit by some natural calamity like flood, droughts, hurricane, fire and many other natural calamities restrict the working of that country and affects its operations. Thus, the earning of people and their living is also affected to a great extent and because of this think of going to some other country.

Moreover, another reason of people becoming an asylum seeker or refugee is political pressure on a particular community or people belonging to a particular race. This is majorly because of the reason that many political parties have their own preference or biasness for a particular group of people and this ignores other section of society. This is majorly because of the fact that here political party try to uplift their favourite community and this keep aside development of other communities (Fennell-Wells and Yusuf, 2020).

One more reason for people going in other country as a refugee or asylum seeker is that religious and social discrimination. In a country there is large number of different religions which are being followed and a variety of races and cultures. All these are unique and different form one another. In many cases the majority of religion try to dominate the other religion which are low in number. Thus, here the people of low religion community try to move out of place so that they do not have to face the discrimination which is done by majority of religion or group.

Thus, it can be said that there are many reasons for which a person wishes to enter into a new area or country and this involves other reasons as well. But it is very important for country to find some solutions to these problems so that people do not move to other cities and countries.

Theories in reducing the social problem

The major theory here used is providing of training and guidance to the people of country and this will motivate the people to not go and leave the country. This training and guidance will assist government of country in order to control the movement of people to other countries (Spring and et.al., 2019). This is pertaining to the fact that this will assist government and higher authorities to train the people within the country to work in betterment of country and its development at times of crisis rather then moving to other countries and nations.

Another theory that must be used by countries in order to maintain and motivate the residents to not go to other countries is that they must also provide for health care that is better medical and educational facilities to people living in country (Khanom and et.al., 2019). This is necessary because of the reason that if people will get more growing and proper opportunities relating to medical assistance and education and learning then they will not go to any other country. Thus, this will limit the number of people going to other countries.

Statistics relating to asylum seekers and refugees

For the year June 2018- 2019 the maximum of asylum seekers came from Iran that was 4208, from Iraq it was 3180, in Albania it was 2801, from Eritrea it was 2239 and from Pakistan it was around 1872 (Facts about refugee, 2016). There is a high number of refugees and asylum seekers in UK and UK has till date offered grant to 18519 people in June 2018 till June 2019 and out of it around 25 % are children. As per reports of UNHCR in 2018 there were approximately 126,720 refugees along with pending asylum cases of around 45244 people and 125 people who were stateless. With the study it was found that there were many different causes behind people either going for asylum seeking or becoming refugee. For the year 2019 June asylum applicants were 32693 which is lower then the peak period of 2002 when the applications of asylum seekers was 84000.

The government of UK has major power in detaining person who have applied for becoming refugee in their country. This applying for refugee is also done many a times by children as they go out from their country of origins and this make them to enter into a new country either as asylum seeker or refugee to other country. With latest data it is estimated that since last 12 months approximately 24441 people have been put in detention from becoming a refugee or asylum seeker in UK. Also, in last 12 months almost there was 3546 applicants who were single or unaccompanied children that is without any of the personal support and were of very young age that is under 14 years (Asylum in the UK, 2020). This number of applicant of children was 27 % more as compared to last year data. Out of all the children 63 % of applicant were granted permission and became refugees in September 2019 which was 48 % in the last year data. Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Expert Now!

As and when the asylum seeker receives acceptance on their seeking they get relieved from the fact that now they will not have to go to place of their origin. Also, this will make the refugees happy that now they are part of UK only and now they will not send back the people to their original country that is form where they come. Also, from data it was ascertained that out of large number of refugees almost 1 % of world refugees are resettled in any place. This means that they have a very uncertain and risky life as they have not yet gathered the permission of living in that country for longer (Bakker, Cheung and Phillimore, 2016).

Relevant solution to problems

If people of a country will leave one country that is country of origin and shifts to another country then this is not good form both the countries. This is majorly because of the reason that residents of one country will leave and go to another country and this will not be good for both the country that is from where person is leaving and country to which it is going. Thus, for this there needs to taken many different measures in order to manage and stop people from leaving one country and going to another (Mayblin, 2019). As discussed above there are many various causes for which person try to change its country so that they can live a better life. Thus, for this some solution to the problem of asylum seeker and refugees are as follows-

The first action needs to be taken by government of country from where the people are going to different countries. This is because the government will try to maintain a good situation in the country so that the people do not go to other countries.

Another action is that country must provide all its citizen equal rights to work in that particular country. The major reason underlying this fact is that this will motivate the resident of country to live and earn their working in their country of origin only. This will help people in being connected with their origin country and also the country will grow. However, the major reason for this is that when people will not leave their country then they will earn living in that particular country only and this will add to the country's national income and the economy will grow.

Another measure which can be taken by government of countries in order to attract their resident to not leave country is using equitable and diversified policies for every culture. It simply means treating all communities and religions of a country equal and justified. This will motivate every resident to add their efforts in direction of upliftment and betterment of country and its developments (Murphy and Vieten, 2017).

Also, in addition to this another measure is enhancing legislations and regulation in administering all the activities taking place within country. All these rules and legislations will provide a framework to its residents that how they have to work for betterment of country and themselves. Also, this will develop among residents a sense of feeling that country is taking care of its residents and they will get attached to their country.

Another solution to reduction of asylum seekers and refugees is improving opportunities for capacity building within country (Hufton and Raven, 2016). This will provide opportunity for residents to work and grow themselves and earn a high living for them in their own country. Thus, the residents will not get diverted to other countries and will not go.

Moreover, one more solution is to improve relation with other countries so that they do not allow people coming from that country as refugee or asylum seeker. Also, this collaboration will bring in many different new opportunities for country if they have collaborated with a developed nation. Hence, residents of developing country will get opportunities in their own country and will not have to go to other country and leave their family.

However, another solution is that country must build good and cordial relation with every other country so that they never have war in between them (Blumell and et.al., 2020). Hence, this maintenance of good relation with all other countries will reduce the risk of entering into war with any country. Now this is a helpful solution because if war will not take place the no destruction will take place in country. As a result of which no people or resident will leave the country and go to other in form of refugee or asylum seeker for safety.

Also, if people come as a refugee or asylum seeker within the country then also some measures are to be taken. This is because if they have come to another country then it is the responsibility of other country to take of the people coming. This is majorly on the basis of moral and ethical practices that country must take care of people from another country. Thus, for this after proper analysis of person and their background the people must be provided with access of living in the other country. This is necessary as if other country will also not provide any access to the person then where the person will go and how it will earn a living and will survive.

This can also include motivating the refugees in to adapt to the culture and practices going in the country where they have been accepted as a refugee. This will help both the person and the country who has granted permission to stay in other country. The benefit to person is that they will get a source of earning and living in new country (Phillimore, 2017). Whereas country will be benefitted by the fact that person will live in that country and will spend its money by purchasing goods and services of that country and this will add on to the GDP that is Gross Domestic Product of country.

For instance, if some people have come from Syria to UK in order to seek asylum there. They got permission in accordance with all legal requirement of becoming a refugee and now thy will get and enjoy all the rights which a normal citizen of UK will get (Parker, 2018). Now the people coming from Syria will work in UK and will now add income to the national income of UK. Also, if any expense will be incurred by these people it will add to the income of UK only. 

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From the above study it can be inferred that race and ethnicity are major concept which every person needs to take into consideration. This is necessary because of the reason that if race and ethnicity are not considered then this will impact negatively impact the working and goodwill of country. Thus, present report discussed about race and ethnicity and in that a social problem of asylum seekers and refugees was discussed. With discussion it was outlined that asylum seekers are people who left their country of birth and moved to some other country because of a variety of reasons.

On the other side refugees are person who has been agreed by other country as their citizen. Also, with the help of report some causes of people going to other country was highlighted like war, persecution, religion or cultural discrimination, personal reason like source of earning, higher education and many other causes. In the end some solutions were provided for country to decrease the number of people going to other country by improving the state of the country itself and providing better opportunities within country itself.

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