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CSR Practices for Organisation

University: London School of Commerce

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1521
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This sample will let you know about :- 

  • Discuss about the Gibbs reflective cycle by Graham Gibbs.
  • Explain about the CSR.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


CSR practices is very much important for organisation, it covers the sustainability, social impact and ethics to remain competitive in business environment (Cappella and Godfrey, 2019). It is related with the development needs of an individual as well as group of individuals to identify or evaluate key personal and professional managerial or leadership skills. Respective section of report based on the reflection regarding employability and study skills by describing own learning during the whole process.


To apply best CSR practices it is very much important to frame strategies and tactics in order to gain desirable outcomes (Choy and Chua, 2019). While CSR practices implies within the organisation there are some challenges faced by organisation, in that regards organisation needed to frame potential framework to overcome from issues. Study on the CSR activities and their importance on the organisational development and enhancement proved very beneficial for me to enhance my employability and study skills positively. The learning process of mine during the whole module can be illustrated properly by using Gibbs reflective cycle which starts from the description and continuous clockwise to feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and ends to action plan to access the learning of an individual potentially. Take Coursework Help Now!

Gibbs reflective cycle by Graham Gibbs:

Step 1: Description: During respective stage, the whole situation is described in greater detail without drawing any conclusion right away. In respective module I can be able to gain knowledge regarding the Corporate social responsibility and its important for the businesses in order to gain desirable outcomes. So while commencing respective project and collect necessary knowledge and information regarding CSR that helps in enhancing my research skills. I collect some important learning too that data should be both quantitative and qualitative in nature so that accurate data should be collected. While collecting knowledge and information by giving roles and responsibilities to each and every individual by framing teams. To acknowledge about CSR and its importance time and self management plays very much important role. It enables to develop the problem solving skills as while dealing with the people some problem arises so that enhance by thinking process in right direction in order to optimise the results very positively.

Feelings: In respective stage of Gibbs model feelings denotes about the feelings during the event triggered as well as thoughts of an individual (Lofthouse, 2019). The main intention is not to discuss the feelings on it directly. In context of respective project I feel great by acknowledging my skills and capabilities to manage and solve the problem of people in order to gain the desirable outcomes during the project. Due to the team work I can be able to collaborate with people in most positive manner as it is crucial to gain desirable outcomes. Sometimes due to the gap in culture of people not able to communicate in the proper manner that hinders the self interest in accumulating potential outcomes. So during the project I feel that in some areas needed to work and some are already strong. Get Assignment Examples ? Talk to our Experts!

Evaluation: In respective stage of the Gibbs cycle that reflect the learning and development by evaluating oneself in order to gain desirable outcomes to further improve the performance (McDonagh and et.al., 2019). The necessary steps and approaches to improve the level of performance positively. In order to conduct the proper evaluation it is very much potential to examine each and every activity in proper manner and reach at verifiable end results. During the respective module while accumulating knowledge regarding CSR activities and its challenges on organisation in feel that with the collaboration of members is very much important. Communication within them is very much important by choosing the hierarchy in moving towards the definite path to enhance understanding about CSR practices and its relevance for business positively. The problem solving skill that required primarily to solve queries of people, but due to people come from various backgrounds hinders the self interest of organisation for gaining potential outcomes. In that regards my crucial contribution is to assist people in the changing situation. Initially people feel resist to adopt changes by delivering the potentiality of changes in the life of an individual as well as for organisation in order to achieve potential outcomes. The contribution make by people in completing the whole project is that they use one of their best skills and capabilities as per the requirement of project. So contribution of each and every individual is very crucial for organisation to achieve desirable outcomes.

Analysing: In respective phrase of reflection which denotes about learning of an individual during the situation, event or activity and its usage in future (Philipsen and et.al., 2019). To analyse the whole situation it is potential to write down the level of experience about each and every event and analyse individually. It is essential for people to learn from their own mistakes. In context of respective project I analyse that taking risk is very important for an individual to gain growth in career and develop the understanding about important subject matters. While I decided to collect necessary information about CSR activities and its usage, automatically develop the confidence that is positive symbol in gaining success. During the project the positive thing that all people clear about their goals and objectives and ready to give one of their best efforts that positively helps in achieving potential outcomes. The people communication process is very much important to deliver one of potential information to the ultimate consumer base in order to reap important results. So the positive thing that all people in organisation work collaborate with one another that give strength to the coordinator of the whole team. The negative thing that people become anxious while they not gain solution of their problem that create dissatisfaction within them and hinders the self interest of people. While building the team all people quarrel with one another that create chaos and takes huge cost with time. So managing all the attributes properly in the organisation plays very much important role by eliminating the negative effects.

Conclusion: In respective stage an individual take step back and look own performance to improve the results and use it future to remain always competitive (Rønnestad and et.al., 2019). In respective stage the collected information is very much valuable that helps to reach at valid conclusion in order to optimise best results. From the respective project the potential outcomes collected that knowledge and information should be collected after using various tools so that validate results should be incurred. The positive outcome gained from that it enhance the knowledge which potential for individual as well as for organisation to implement the CSR activities within the organisation.

Action plan: In the last stage of Gibbs model of reflection which includes actions that are most suitable for the gaining potential future outcomes (Steinert, O'Sullivan and Irby, 2019). In it an individual by deeply analysing own performance and make promise from oneself to continue with it in future by not making any kind of mistake. In respective project the most effective approach is change management and deliver the roles and responsibilities to each and every individual in proper manner. Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Expert Now!

So it is very much potential for an individual to before initiate the work, evaluate each and every activity in proper manner so the errors should be minimise and effective results should be incurred (Weller, 2019). With the help of gibbs model an individual can be demonstrate the positive as well as negative attributes to improve the performance in near future and use it properly.


From the above report it has been concluded that for an organisation CSR activities is very much important for an organisation as it enhance the brand recognition and bring innovation in marketplace. It is very important to analyse the significance of CSR activities for organisation as well as individual with challenges faced by people. With the help of reflection an individual can be able to access their own performance and by taking lessons can improve performance so that potential outcomes can be achieved. Reflection enable to improve the present performance with future performance of an individual.

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