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Personal and Professional Development - Reflective Journal

University: University of Suffolk

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1652
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Gibbs reflective cycle?
  • What is 6 stages of Gibbs reflective cycle?
Answer :
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The reflective journal is about the presentation made on topic of Corporate social responsibility and the skills learnt at time of making and preparing for presentation. This will be discussed in form of Gibbs reflective cycle as below-


With the assignment on corporate social responsibility I gained a lot of knowledge relating to the topic of CSR. In addition to this many different skills were developed in order to make the presentation with superior quality (Waltz, 2019). Firstly, I learnt and developed my researching skills because for making presentation I had to have proper knowledge of CSR and because of this I learnt how to do in depth research on a topic. For this I read many different articles and journals over different websites and this also improved my reading skills. Further after reading so many different articles it was very difficult in deciding that which data or content must be used in order to complete the task. Order assignment help from our experts!

Thus, it was very confusing to use which set of information but then with help of my critical thinking skills I was able to select the best information which was relevant to the presentation topic. Also, in completion of above task and whole module I gained a lot of subject knowledge which was very helpful for me in order to gain good position in module. This was because of the fact that with good researching skill I was able to gather and collect good set of information and data and this helped me in gaining good position and marks in the module. Further I also think that this skill of researching will also help me in my employment or professional life as research is required in every field of profession. Thus, this task on CSR has also built my employment skill as good research will assist me in having good employability skills.


With help of this module and task I felt that my communication skill also increased as during this module I effectively communicated with many different people to know their views on CSR. Thus, this enhanced my both written and verbal communication skills (Hilliard, James and Batt, 2017). This is majorly because of the reason that in order to collect information I also talked to many people to know their views on CSR and this was done with direct face to face communication and also with help of written questions in form of questionnaire. Also, the communication helped me in developing more communication skills as I communicated with a variety of different people of different cultures and values. Thus, with help of this I learnt that communication is only key for getting success in area of life.

This is majorly pertaining to the fact that with communication only the concept and theories of CSR was helpful in ascertaining role of CSR within business (Tanaka, Okamoto and Koide, 2018). This is because of the fact that this role was ascertained by communicating with employees of various company that what role is played by CSR in development of business. Also, with help of this task and module I felt that my time management and self- management skills also got improved. The major reason underlying this fact is that the module was to be finished on time and for this presentation task was also to be done on time. Thus, this helped me in completing my project on time. Also, with this I learnt that time management is very essential for the proper working in life and getting success. This is the major employability skill which need to be more developed in me and needs to be managed and evaluated in time.


With help of this module I was able to evaluate myself in order to assess my strengths and weakness and skill which I need to develop more in order to become successful (Gilbert, 2016). This is necessary for me to time to time evaluate all skills inherited in me as the competition is very high and I need to be updated with all the latest changes taking place in environment.

This will help me in developing myself so that I can have some competitive advantage. This will be helpful for me at time of going for employment in future and here I will get opportunity to stand different from other people coming for the same job. With this I also evaluated and inferred that team work is also a good skill which needs to be developed a little bit more. Though I have these skills but then also there is a little need of developing a bit of team work. This is because of the fact that I am not much good at dealing with different people. However, this is majorly because of the fact that work cannot be done in isolation and it is very necessary for me to work in group. Also, in further employment phase of life working in team will be very frequent and for this I will be requiring good team working skills. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!


With help of personal evaluation of me I was able to analyse the fact that I have some skills which are good but some skills are such which needs to developed to a great extent (Oham, Pestano and Allen, 2016). With this personal analysis I learnt that communication skills, research skills and time management skill are good in me.

But I need to work in some areas that is my weakness where I lack some skills. With thorough analysis I learnt that the skill which I need to develop is problem solving skill, team working skill and interpersonal skill. This is necessary because of the fact that if I will not develop these skills then it will reduce my competency and this will affect my overall personality and capabilities (Emery and Chang, 2017). This was evident from an example, at time of carrying on the task I encountered the problem of which data to be used for researching on CSR but I was not able to work effectively in choosing the source of information. thus, this incident helped me in analysing the fact that I am not good at dealing with problems and need to develop problem solving skill.


In the end it can be concluded that at time of making presentation over CSR and the whole module I learnt many different new and advanced things relating to CSR. Along with increasing the subject knowledge I was able to also learn many new skills with help of this task and module. With this I learnt that having a variety of skill and excelling in different areas is very necessary to get employment within professional and highly competitive world (Li and Peng, 2018). During the whole module many different problems and areas were addressed and many skills were increased. Also, this module helped me in analysing and evaluating my flaws and weakness and to take some measures in order to improve these skills so that I get some competitive advantage over others.

Action plan

In the end after complete analysis and evaluation I was able to infer that I need to majorly develop problem solving skill, proper use of ICT and interpersonal skills. These skills are need to be developed because of the fact that if these skills will not be developed then I will lack in competition and other student will get ahead of me and will grab opportunity. Thus, for this I need to develop these skills so that I excel in these skills and gain competitive advantage. Thus, for developing skill of problem solving in me I will try to apply some strategies into some problems already encountered by some other people. Get assignment help london from our experts!

This will help me in analysing the fact that whether I was able to manage the problem in effective way or not (Tesh and Kautz, 2017). This is majorly because of the fact that the solution provided by me can be compared with the actual solution with which problem was solved. Also, for developing proper utilization of ICT that is Information and Communication Technology I need to first get theoretical knowledge of these technologies. This is necessary because if I will not know that how these technologies need to be applied then how will I practically use these technologies.

Further in end interpersonal skills also need to be developed so that good work can be done by communicating with other people effectively and in clear manner. These interpersonal skills are necessarily to be developed and this can be developed by taking some steps like communicating with others in effective manner, learning management tactics, takin of responsibilities, developing awareness of changes taking place in business environment and many other steps (Gibbs' reflective cycle, 2016).

In the end it can be said that the reflective journal on presentation of CSR was very useful in analysing the personal strengths and weakness. Also, it was outlined that the development of skills in academic and professional world is very necessary. This is pertaining to the fact that if these skills will not be learnt and adapted then the person will not be able to face the high and intense competition.

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