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Personal and Professional Development Knowledge

University: University of Roehampton London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Explain Reflective learning.
  • Discuss about the personal development plan
Answer :
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Reflective learning helps in identifying own weakness and strength and to increase knowledge and provide different perspective to achieve objectives and increase skills effectively (Attard, 2017). This report provides a brief explanation of reflective learning which helps to increase efficiency of own self. In addition, report highlights Gibbs reflective cycle to demonstrate effective learning phases of personal growth and development. Furthermore, report provides effective explanation about internal thinking to get better perspective to understand personal strengths and weakness which helps to increase productivity of own.



I was assigned the task to prepare presentation on role of Mark Zuckerberg in success of Facebook. I had to work for my project effectively to gain better information. When I was working on this task I got to know that some points are good in me but I have also some lacking areas that need to be worked upon by me. I completed leadership project to understand what learnings have I gained from this project.


When I was working for my presentation then it was very essential for me to work. Individual spirit is very essential to complete any task (BELINOVA and et.al., 2017). If person is unable to coordinate with personal knowledge ans skill it will decrease the efficiency to archive task effectively. I was feeling under confident because I had never worked before in alone on any project. I was feeling little nervous when I had to coordinate with my knowledge on this leadership project. It helped me to understand importance of communication, in learning as it helps to provide transparency to understand and send messages effectively (Lopatovska and et.al., 2017). Communication skills also helped to make display my thoughts in class and make them understand my vision in form of written and presentation communication. I was feeling ineffective in communicating due to lack of proper guidance which reduced the effectiveness of myself. It was very easy for me to use computers in making presentation as I have good information and communication skill. Problem solving skill increased the quality of my work and efficiency to achieve task (Girvan, Conneely and Tangney, 2016). I was feeling very confident in doing research about CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg as it provided information which helped me to develop my personal skills. I am feeling more sound in making decision and understanding other behaviours. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

From thisporject I have understood that transformational leadership helps Mark Zuckerberg to improve and enhance employability skills to innovate and achieve core competency (Abrahams and Singh, 2019). It also provided me ability to challenge myself to gain better confidence in making decisions and promoting my quality of work. I gained knowledge from Mark Zuckerberg that only one leadership approach is not effective to become successful I have to learn all leadership styles like Mark Zuckerberg to implement it when it is required to attain maximum output from my available resources. Using information and communication technology helps me to gain better information about all factors to make effective strategy and achieve my objectives effectively (Waltz, 2019). Effective leadership style provides better interpersonal skills which helps me to understand emotions of other and increase my experience effectively.


I realized before making the project that why it is essential to have leadership skills if the person is not effective. I also realized that how Mark Zuckerberg influence people to complete their work effectively. This also helped me to understand that traits and characteristics of a person helps to make them effective leaders but then I was wrong as there are many live examples like Mark Zuckerberg who were not born leaders and does not have any skills but became leaders with proper knowledge and skills. Communication skills, innovative skills, problem solving skills, work all this helps to support leadership styles to be successful in real life (Sekarwinahyu and et.al., 2019). I have learned all the skills and understood the importance of the knowledge which I gained by reading and from internet platform. It was very difficult for me implement my skills to achieve study and employability skills due to lack of proper experience. While implementing communication skills it was difficult for me to make objectives clear and understandable as I did not have proper knowledge. So I formulated some activities which involved self-management and time management this helped me to become more efficient and understand the information more effectively.

I have also learned that it is very essentials to understand people around you to make effective decisions as good leader always thinks of other feelings and also their benefit to make them satisfied and efficient in doing their work (Gould, 2016). I learned that leaders the person which have personality which increases followers and leaders inspire people. I have to become effective and increase my knowledge to inspire people and provide better learning environment to them. I have learned that Mark Zuckerberg have the ability to increase the potential of their co-workers. It also provides me understanding that I have to believe in myself to achieve my desired dreams. I have also had to make my routine systematic to utilize time effectively and divide my work properly to reduce stress of workload.


I have witnessed the change in my knowledge as I was very determined to learn and understand about all the information in my project effectively. Due to lack of piratical knowledge and experience it was difficult for me to relate and implement the knowledge and skills in real life and this also made me ineffective. I think the reason I have not adopted my skills in my daily activities as I am unknown to the fact that leadership skills need to be integrated with my personal skills and personality to gain efficiency in becoming an effective leader. Order assignment help from our experts!


I have learned from Mark Zuckerberg leadership project that it is very essential to improve skills and knowledge of our-self (Bruno and Dell'Aversana, 2018). I have learned that communication skills not only improves study skills but also helps to increase my potential to attain effective career. I also gained knowledge how information technology helps to gain better skills to be effective leader and influence me to achieve my tasks. With help of ICT it made very easy for me to delver my thoughts very efficiently. It also helped me to increase my learning speed with various videos on internet and video conferencing. From the completion of this report I think that work helps to increase efficiency in achieving objectives in business, and at educational institutions. Work increases shared values to address common goals (Cathro, O'Kane and Gilbertson, 2017). This also helps to reduce disputes and motivate me by increasing skills and knowledge.

I have gained information about this which helped me to develop myself and increase my ability of decision-making. By achieving employability and study skills I have also developed disciplined routine by time management which is very essential. Time management is a systematic procedure of performing any action which reduces efforts and improves output (Huisman, Kiviaho-Kallio and Lyon, 2019). It also helped me to reduce my stress and depression from workload. Self management helped me to understand my limits and pushed them to increase my potential to do any work effectively. This also helped me to learn my own strengths and weaknesses which decrease my efficiency in performing activities. I have also learned that problem solving skills helps to improve decision-making process and reduced time to think and about right and wrong. Due to increased knowledge and experience I am more efficient to make effective decisions for my career.

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Action plan

After the completion of Mark Zuckerberg leadership project I developed some strategies which will help me to increase the efficiency to gain knowledge and skills. I will improve my thinking capacity by gaining experiences from accepting difficult challenges and push my strengths further to my capabilities. This will help me to become more productive in a business organization as manager or employees. With the help of self assessment like teacher-students interviews, reflection logs, I will increase my potential to attain all skills which are required to become a good leader and support my organization to achieve its objectives effectively. By doing effective research on the topic to gain better perspective before making any decisions and also take responsibilities of my decisions (Gould and Taylor, 2017). I will improve my communication skill by writing every day and recording my voice to understand my issues and try resolving it with proper guidance of my mentor. I will use information and communication technology to enhance my engagement and motivation to increase my knowledge. I will be more efficient with more stored information to increase my knowledge and motivate myself to become good leader. I will focus more on leadership styles by experiencing live examples like Mark Zuckerberg to understand the techniques to use in reality and achieve study skills and leadership skills.

I will have to improve my work skills by understanding thought process of myself and setting objectives which can match to my objectives (Brockbank, McGill and Beech, 2017). From the above process I will also improve my interpersonal skills which will help me to understand people while decision-making process effectively. It is also important to follow the guideline and be sincere to attain all the objectives and learn better information from everyone around me. I also need to develop skills to become confident while collaborating with my experience and achieve objectives effectively. Ask for Academic Writing Service from our experts!


This reflective journal provides a brief description about personal learning and development of individual. It helped to improve the quality of work by increasing efficiency of skills which are required in becoming a leader or effective student. Journal also provides reflective description of Gibbs reflective cycle of learning to understand the details of skills and knowledge which were required by individual to adopt in order to become effective and increase its potential. This also provided support to understand importance of communication skills, research skills, work skills, time management self management, problem solving skills to achieve employability and study skills.





Time frame


I will develop this skill by online courses which will helps to increase my knowledge.

I will take online test and also apply the skills practically to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

1 Month

Work Skills

I will improve my work skills by improving shared values and coordination between me and my thoughts to think as a perspective.

I will measure mywork skills by analysing performance of my efficiency and my contribution in to achieve goals.

3 months

Research Skills

By learning to proper plan of activities which I need to do. By making schedule of my activities.

I will use balanced scorecard method to identify my efficiency of research skills.

5 months

Problem Solving Skills

By reading books and communicating to different people will increase my knowledge to make effective decision and solve my problems effectively.

I need to give myself challenge and also participate in more activities to test my decision-making frequency.

8 months

Time management

By setting up deadlines, being punctual in every work will helps to increase my self management and time management skills effectively.

By keeping track of my performance and time in which I am finishing my work will help me to measure this skill.

2 months

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